Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why can’t loyal Democrats question their own party like they question everything else?

Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are both criss-crossing the continent trying to energize the party faithful to get out and vote on election day. Recent polls suggest large number of those lifelong Democrats are already so disheartened they will stay home, instead, but for different reasons. Some Democrats are unhappy that Obama hasn’t turned America into a Socialist Republic yet so they feel cheated. Some Democrats are shocked out of their minds that Obama came so close to accomplishing that change. And some Democrats are scared silly at the overwhelming success of the Tea Party. Any time a grassroots movement can get 2-million people to travel across the country at their own expense to join a protest in Washington as they did on 9-12-09 you are bound to feel shock waves no matter what you believe in.

Now if only the mainstream Democrat faithful would get the notion out of their heads that Obama was some sort of superman or savior like the leftist news media made him out to be and start looking closely at what he has been doing, maybe they will understand what has awakened the sleeping giant. Obama has been systematically bankrupting our nation with trillion-dollar deficits and his bailout plans. Whenever the core value of large industries plummet as they are now, there is great opportunity for foreign interests to come in and buy them up. We may wake up one day and find out we no longer own our own country if we don’t remove control of our government from the clutches of the Democrats.

Obama turned a third of General Motors over to the United Auto Workers union after he forced the auto maker to reorganize. Unions have always been his biggest supporters. He has enriched the financial industry, his big ticket supporters, by allowing them to hand out huge bonuses to their top executives which in turn are now making huge campaign contributions to the Democrats.  His $787 billion stimulus packages have gone to strengthen Democrat strongholds. And not the least of Obama’s attack on America is his $500 billion cut in Medicare for Senior Citizens. He visited Islamic countries and proclaimed America a Muslim nation then he aided our enemy by hobbling our fighting men and women with his Rules of Engagement by ordering troops not to carry loaded weapons into combat and not to fire them until they are fired upon and he has allowed some of those soldiers to be court marshaled on trumped up charges. He has destroyed the dignity of our once great nation by bowing before Muslim Kings and other heads of state. He has taken the sworn enemies of our country who were captured in combat and turned them loose. He has gone overseas and bashed the reputation of our country. So why haven't the Democrat faithful gotten curious about this?

We must keep that awakened giant alert until November 2nd if we want to succeed in Taking Back America. If we don’t our country will slide into chaos.

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