Friday, April 12, 2019

The real cause of the child sex scandal in the Catholic Church

It must be part of the mental illness that prevents liberals from accepting any blame for the mess they make. It happens everywhere they go, in government, in business and even in the Catholic Church, previously known for being the Rock of the Ages. I know a small part of this story from personal experience because I was there.

My wife Jacqueline and I were married in 1960 in St. Genevieve's a small Catholic Church in Roxbury, New York, the town she grew up in. When we moved back there in 1965 with our three small children we attended Mass every Sunday. Back then the Mass was totally different than it is today but it was already in the process of changing because of the edicts handed down from the 2nd Vatican Council in Rome a few years before.

In the last 20 or 30 years the Catholic Church has been embroiled in a worldwide sex abuse scandal involving children. Mostly young Altar Boys abused by homosexual priests. The abuses began years before but were covered up by homosexual Cardinals and Bishops and the stench took many years to reach the light of day. As a side effect of the scandals many church parishes were bankrupted by the huge civil lawsuits that followed.

When the liberal theologians convened The 2nd Vatican Council they turned the Catholic Church upside down. It literally turned the inside of churches backward when the altar, primary focus of the Celebration of the Mass, was replaced by a table and the priest who before was facing the altar, leading the congregation, was now facing the people putting on a display. The other big change in the Celebration of the Mass was to replace the centuries old Latin text that had always been used worldwide with whatever the colloquial language happened to be. These were only the outward visible signs of change. The unseen changes were directed against the role the priests played among their flock, they were becoming more secular.  It was the accumulation of all the changes that had a profound affect on the seminaries where young men studied for the priesthood. The seminaries were becoming empty. In a desperate move to attract more men the church lowered the standards for entering the priesthood. And it was then, in the late 1960s that homosexuals flooded into the seminaries.
Make no mistake and do not believe the liberal media that so often defends them, by their very nature, homosexuals are pedophiles and young boys are their secret desire.

Jump to the present day and read the story behind the Fox News headline:
Retired Pope Benedict weighs in Catholic Church sex abuse scandals, blames it on swinging 60s

You might almost think he got it right when retired Pope Benedict XVI wrote: "Absence of God, the sexual revolution of the swinging ‘60s and the formation of “homosexual cliques” in seminaries are to blame for the Catholic Church’s rampant sex abuse scandals."

The Catholic Church has always been by its very nature a conservative organization, always the historical bastion of civilization, which played such an important part in the development of the Western world. That made the Catholic Church a target in the mindset of liberals, progressives and Marxist-Socialists. As with other revolutions throughout history, just look at Russia as a prime example, it was necessary first to destroy the ruling organization to begin to tear down any civilization.
In the 1970s I met a young man who was attending a Catholic Seminary in Huntington, Long Island. His name was Clarence Kelly and he gave me first-hand accounts of what life was like back there. After being ordained he wrote a book, "Conspiracy Against God And Man"

Rev. Kelly and I became friends for many years when I still lived in New York. I bought a copy of his book in 1974 and he autographed it for me. You may be surprised to see what this book now costs on the link above.

Some useful reference can be found here:
Society of Saint Pius V
The Society of Saint Pius V (SSPV; Latin: Societas Sacerdotalis Sancti Pii Quinti), is a Traditionalist Catholic society of priests, formed in 1983 and based in Oyster Bay Cove, New York. The priests of SSPV broke away from the Society of St. Pius X over liturgical issues, and hold that many in the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church no longer adhere to the Catholic faith but instead profess a new, modernist, Conciliar religion. SSPV priests regard the questions of the legitimacy of the present hierarchy and the possibility that the Holy See is unoccupied (sedevacantism) to be unresolved. The SSPV is led by its founder, Bishop Clarence Kelly.
To be perfectly honest and candid there is one teaching of Christ I have difficulty understanding when He preached about how we should love our enemies. I do not consider myself a heretic in saying this but unless Jesus had a different meaning for the "love" he prescribed for our enemies, I think that left unchecked those enemies will ultimately destroy His church and the rest of our civilization. If that is the preordained climax that leads to the Book of Revelations in the bible and our Apocalypse then it is the Word of God but where does it say we good Christians should not rise up and protect our church and our civilization from its enemies?
Christians all over the world are being persecuted today, many are killed for refusing to deny Jesus. In America today Christian churches are firebombed and congregations are massacred. A few churches have resorted to placing armed guards for protection.
In the Middle East under the domination of Islam, Muslims still wage a 7th Century war against Jews and Christians because the Qur'an, their so-called holy book tells them to do so.  Christian homes are marked by the Arabic letter "N" which represents "Nasrani" the followers of the Nazarene.
I am a Nasrani.
My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Shame on FOX19 my local Fox TV station for covering up Democrats dirty deeds

Shame on FOX19 my local Fox TV station WXIX Channel 19. They just ran a story about some state legislators in Ohio proposing to award Ohio Electoral Votes to the nation-wide winner of the presidential popular vote - and did not mention the name or party affiliation of who wrote the proposal. Republicans are well aware that the popular vote is controlled by the liberal states of California and New York and eliminating the Electoral College would prevent a Republican from ever again getting elected president.
Most of the states use a winner-take-all method to apply the votes from their delegates while a few states allow the votes from the delegates on the Electoral College to be proportioned to the Election Day vote tally within that state. But this Ohio proposal would effectively disenfranchise every Ohio voter by giving their votes to another state. So if this amendment passes then Republican Ohio voters might just as well stay home on Election Day and let California and New York Democrats decide who will be president.
The Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution had the wisdom and foresight to balance the power of the smaller states against the power of the large states. That same Constitution has worked very well for 230 years so if anyone doesn't like it there is a formal way to adopt an amendment to change the U.S. Constitution. A ballot petition isn't the right way. The Democrats lost the presidential election because their influence doesn't extend beyond the liberal coastal states.
Recently, WXIX reported several stories about 5 Cincinnati City Council members who called themselves The Gang of Five and didn't remind their viewers these people were ALL DEMOCRATS. So when Democrats do dirty deeds their party affiliation isn't important enough to write about.

Here is a perfect example how unethical Democrats work and how the news media hides their party affiliation.

If you don’t live in Cincinnati, Ohio or the surrounding suburbs you probably haven’t heard about The Gang of Five, the self-named Democrat majority on the Cincinnati City Council.

It was discovered months ago these five Democrats, who held the majority of City Council votes, had decided to conduct city business among themselves in violation of the Open Records law. The investigation into their cell phone, text messages and emails has cost the taxpayers over one million dollars. 

In almost every newspaper story their Democrat Party affiliation is never mentioned. This is how the news media provides cover for Democrats.

Gang of Five: Democrat Wendell Young, Democrat P.G. Sittenfeld, Democrat Chris Seelbach, Democrat Greg Landsman and Democrat Tamaya Dennard.

Cincinnati City Council Members
Greg Landsman (D)
David Mann (C, D)
Amy Murray (C, R)
Chris Seelbach (D)
Tamaya Dennard (D) President Pro-Tem
P.G. Sittenfeld (D)
Christopher Smitherman (I) Vice Mayor
Jeff Pastor (R)
Wendell Young (D)

Party designations: C - Charter Party. D - Democratic Party. I - Independent / Unendorsed. R - Republican Party