Thursday, August 8, 2019

Evil never sleeps and neither do Liberals trying to change America.

The liberal mob has been working overtime for decades to redefine our society. They have a unique talent for coining hot words that get embedded into our vernacular and live on forever. 50 years ago in N.Y. the liberals wanted to ban "Saturday Night Specials" supposedly a cheap, sometimes home made, device that was able to shoot bullets. When the law was finally written it included dozens of name brand expensive revolvers and pistols.
Today, sporting guns often imitate the appearance but not the function of military weapons. So the liberals coined a new scary term, "Assault Weapon", a term the military doesn’t even use.  And any rifle that isn't made with a wood or plastic stock and is black in color is now described as an assault weapon. And liberals don’t even know what they’re talking about. Watch this video on CNN about the “fully semi-automatic” assault weapon.
There are two points about the 2nd Amendment that everyone needs to understand. First, the purpose of the Amendment was: “necessary to the security of a free state” that is, to arm the public to stand against a tyrannical government. Second, when it was written, the public was allowed to own the same weapons that the military was using. 

A long time ago someone described the gradual loss of our liberty as the Salami Principle. If that group wishing to deprive American citizens of their freedom sliced off a large chunk it would be made immediately clear and civil war would result. But if the salami was whittled down, one thin slice at a time, no one would notice.

Such is the case with The Right To Keep And Bear Arms. At one time prior to the Second World War it was not illegal to own a fully automatic sub-machine gun. Today any modern weapon that looks anything like a military weapon is scorned as an Assault Weapon. The goal of the Liberal mob is to disarm American citizens and they are patiently trying every little sneaky tactic they can think of. They claim they want enhanced background checks but wrap that around gun registration. Once our guns are registered we stand to witness a repeat of confiscation as happened in pre-WWII Germany. Now they have dreamed up something new, the Red Flag laws. 
A few years ago, during the Obama administration the anti-gun liberals managed to change the law affecting older recipients of Social Security. They decided that anyone collecting Social Security who used a family member to pay their bills was incompetent to handle their own affairs and shouldn't own guns. Luckily, this rule was cancelled when Donald Trump became president.
The SH!T is about to hit the fan.
Weak-kneed Republicans are now leaning toward RED FLAG laws. Like any new law passed with good intentions, anti-gun fanatics will find a way to abuse it. So be very aware of the Red Flag Laws. The theory sounds good, a family member alerts police of an older relative that has signs of emotional problems so they go get a court order to remove that person's guns. But then the law gets misused and it becomes a friend or neighbor or a stranger that complains to the police and there is no burden of proof before they take away your guns.
The comments from the anti-gun mob prove only one thing, being Liberal is a mental illness. And you cannot win an argument with a Liberal by using facts. They have never offered a concise rational rebuttal to the simple phrase: "When all guns are outlawed, only outlaws will own guns." I am not referring to the logic that law-abiding patriots will become outlaws when they refuse to surrender their guns, I am referring to the simple fact that criminals today, by virtue of the fact that they are criminals, would not be expected to give up the tools of their trade nor would they be impeded by any proposed gun laws any more than they are impeded by existing gun laws.
 My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides