Monday, July 22, 2019

Update on Tracie Hunter. Justice is finally served when she is dragged off to jail.

After a 5-year long battle in the Ohio legal system, a convicted Democrat was finally sent off to jail to serve a six month sentence. This was no ordinary Democrat. This was Tracie Hunter who up until her conviction was an elected Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge. And in a final act of defiance Tracie Hunter had to be literally dragged out of the courtroom this morning after losing the last of her numerous appeals.

I have been following the career of this woman since 2010 when she lost the election in Hamilton County to a Republican until after she won a federal lawsuit that required some previously uncounted votes to be counted. When they were counted, Hunter received enough votes to vault her over John Williams and win the election.
In the years following Tracie Hunter, a Black woman, began to demonstrate racial bias and favoritism toward Black defendants and I began to keep a record. But it was only after a Grand Jury indicted Tracie Hunter for 8-Felony counts of abuse in office was she put on trial for her crimes. The jury verdict was hung on 7 counts but convicted her of one and she was sentenced to six months in jail.

Watch the video of this disgraced former judge being dragged from the courtroom this morning. Justice is finally served.