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The Western Center For Journalism: Obama Is Preparing the Military for Martial Law

Video presentation from The Western Center For Journalism.

The one thing that makes a magician good at his tricks is his ability to create smoke screens and distractions. As long as you are not paying attention to what he is doing, he gets away with it. This is happening right now right under our noses.
You all heard about the controversial provision Obama wanted inserted in the National Defense Authorization Act FY2012, the part about suspending the Constitutional Rights of American Citizens and giving the U.S. Army the authority to snatch off the streets anyone they want and hold them indefinitely. Well, some people began to doubt that such a Police State atmosphere could ever exist in the United States of America. Sorry to have to bust your bubble but the U.S. Army has already listed on their web site some new job openings for what they call Internment/Resettlement (I/R) Specialists. Read it below.

The following Careers & Jobs is the complete text taken from the U.S. Army web site
The mast head illustration from the GoArmy web site. "A World Like No Other" says it all.

Read it carefully and then consider the controversial sections 1031 and 1032 of the National Defense Authorization Act FY2012 (Senate Bill 1867 just passed in the Senate that grants authority to the government to detain indefinitely without trial any American it considers to be a threat.

A portion of the text from the GoArmy web site that describes the new job classification:
“Internment/Resettlement (I/R) Specialists in the Army are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility. I/R Specialists provide rehabilitative, health, welfare, and security to U.S. military prisoners within a confinement or correctional facility; conduct inspections; prepare written reports; and coordinate activities of prisoners/internees and staff personnel.”

Of course, now that we know there really are Internment Camps built by FEMA, someone has to run them. The following video details the contents of a 325-page Department of Defense document entitled "INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS" or FM 3-39.40. See my blog post for details:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in US to be Used for Political Dissidents

British legal system doesn't understand what Islam is all about. Jihad Watch does. Just read the Qur'an and find out.

UK: Jihadi tells judge that Rigby murder “not a betrayal of Islam. You don’t know what Islam is.” 

Robert Spencer
Feb 27, 2014 at 8:45pm reported here yesterday that when Mr. Justice Sweeney sentenced Mujaahid Abu Hamza and Ismail ibn Abdullah (or as the media insists on calling them, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale) for the murder of Lee Rigby, he told them that what they had done was a “betrayal of Islam,” whereupon they became enraged and started a fight. This story gives more detail: they told him that their murder of Rigby was not a betrayal of Islam, and said that the U.S. and Britain would “never be safe.” It would be refreshing now if there could be a serious public discussion about whether or not their murder really was a betrayal of Islam, and what implications the answer to that question might have for domestic and foreign policy. But there won’t be. To have such a discussion would be “Islamophobic.”

Lee Rigby murderers sentenced to life in prison,” by David Barrett and Claire Carter for the Telegraph, February 26 (thanks to Pamela Geller):
The Islamist killers of Drummer Lee Rigby erupted into violence in an Old Bailey courtroom as they were sentenced for murder.
Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, had to be manhandled out of court by security guards after being told by Mr Justice Sweeney that their crime was a “betrayal of Islam”.
Adebolajo screamed at the judge as he was manhandled down the dock stairs in the historic Court No 2 but, in scenes lasting several minutes, his co-defendant was held to the floor and cuffed before being carried downstairs head first….
Angered by the judges’ comments about Islam, Adebowale stood up and shouted: “That’s a lie. It’s not a betrayal of Islam. You don’t know what Islam is.”
The struggle erupted as the murderer yelled: “I swear by Allah that America and Britain will never have any safety. Allahu Akbar [God is Great].”…
 And, what is Islam all about, you ask? It is about this.

Nigeria: Muslims murder 37 in three jihad attacks, one at Christian college

NigeriaattackThese attacks are now coming in such rapid succession that it is clear that the Nigerian government cannot stop the jihadis. They can commit mass murder wherever and whenever they wish to. Would Glenn Greenwald say that these jihad murderers were being framed by the Islamophobic British government? “‘Boko Haram attacks’ kill 37, including at Christian college,” from AFP, February 27:
Kano (Nigeria) (AFP) – Suspected Boko Haram gunmen killed at least 37 people in three separate attacks in northeast Nigeria, including at a theological college, a local government official and residents said on Thursday.
The coordinated attacks in Adamawa state late on Wednesday came just a day after Islamist militant fighters were blamed for killing 43 people, most of them students, as they slept at a boarding school in Yobe state.
The chairman of the Madagali local government area in Adamawa, Maina Ularamu, said “a large number of militants carried out three separate attacks on Shuwa and Kirchinga in my local government area and on Michika in neighbouring Michika (district)”.
“The gunmen divided themselves into three groups and separately attacked the three locations,” he told AFP.
He had earlier put the death toll in Shuwa, part of Madagali local government area, at 17.
But he later told AFP that eight more bodies were recovered in the village, including three from a Christian college, confirming the account of a resident about the three burnt corpse found in the seminary.
“The death toll in the Shuwa attack now stands at 25 after eight more bodies were recovered, including three discovered under the burnt debris of the theological school,” Ularamu said.
In Shuwa, several buildings were burnt, including a Christian theological college and a section of a secondary school.
In Kirchinga, Samuel Garba said the gunmen were all dressed in military uniform — a tactic frequently employed by the militant fighters in previous, similar attacks.
“The gunmen… killed eight people in our village and burnt many houses,” he added.
“Four people have so far been confirmed dead in Michika,” said Abdul Kassim, who lives in the village.
The dead were a young boy who was trying to run away and three security guards, he added.
In a statement, the military confirmed the attacks on multiple communities in Adamawa but said that only one soldier and three civilians were killed. Troops repelling the raids also killed six suspected Islamists, according to the statement….
In case you didn't understand the message, the Qur'an commands Muslims to kill Christians and Jews, "wherever you find them".

Nigerian students trying to escape college attack were “slaughtered like sheep” by Islamic jihadists who slit their throats 

Nigeria: Muslims murder Christian pastor, torch his church and five homes

Pakistan: Eight Christians burned alive

Pakistani Christian dies after being burned alive by police for refusing to convert to Islam

Central African Republic: 450,000 Christians flee from Muslim attacks

Nigeria: Muslim mobs murder at least 71 Christians

Sudan: Muslims declare jihad, loot church buildings, torture and kill Christians

And. ad nauseam 


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Obama's getting ready to create another Battleship Row just like at Pearl Harbor.

History repeats itself. Those that refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Others seem to use the failures of history on purpose to advance their hidden agendas. The Democrats are stuck in a rut and seem incapable of any new solutions to the crisis of ineptitude they live in and lie about every day. So they seemingly set the stage for war to repair our damaged economy. At the very least, they use conflict as a smoke screen to divert attention away from their other schemes. They have been called the party of death for no small reason. Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt had the same problem in the late 1930s and the same solutions. Some say he goaded the Japanese while enabling them to build an armada of ships using scrap iron the U.S. sold to Japan. Prior to 1940, 74.1% of Japan's scrap iron came from the United States. And it took a lot of scrap iron for Japan to build a fleet of ships to attack us with.

Barack Hussein Obama has taken the Democrats long history of failed economic fixes and their proclivity for war and has turned them into a strategy to weaken our country and destroy our military strength. Just as he weakened our military in past years when he changed the Rules of Engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan and recently fired over 200 senior officers. Obama's Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has proposed slashing our standing Army to levels not seen since before World War II. Our powerful Navy no longer has any battleships but the analogy is the same. FDR ordered all of the battleships in our Pacific Fleet to be moored in Pearl Harbor. And they were tied up in a neat row that presented an easy, inviting target for the Japanese. They called it Battleship Row.
Photo from

Fox News reported:
Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s proposed drastic cuts to the U.S. Army are “absolutely dangerous" and would cause long-term damage to the military.

Cheney told Fox News’ Sean Hannity the proposed cuts, which would shrink the Army to its smallest size since just before the U.S. entered World War II, would have a devastating impact on the ability of future presidents to deal with future crises.
And here:
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called Monday for shrinking the U.S. Army to its smallest size in decades, along with other cuts, drawing criticism that the drastic changes will hurt U.S. security. 
Hagel announced his Pentagon budget priorities Monday afternoon. The Army had already been preparing to shrink to 490,000 active-duty members from a wartime peak of 570,000. Hagel is proposing to cut it further to between 440,000 and 450,000.
There is something significant in comparing the numbers. It was pointed out yesterday that the new downsized Army will have a force equal to that of before the start of World War II. According to the 1940 U.S. Census the resident population of the United States was determined to be 132,164,569. The 2010 Census, is the most recent ... The population of the United States was counted as 308,745,538. That's more than twice the number of Americans in 1940. So if in 1940 we had a standing combined Armed Forces of 540,000 out of a population of 132 million citizens, that means the 540,000 combined number of our 2014 Armed Forces will be less than half the ratio of Americans that existed before World War II.
Why do I get the feeling we are being set up for something very bad. Maybe Obama can't line up the battleships all in a row but he sure is making us a target in a lot of other ways.
My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Democrats are getting desperate to stack the deck again. What else is new?

When the Democrats can't get their leftist, anti-American legislation passed or worry about their diminishing popularity among voters, they often dream up new plans to stacking the deck, either by adding a few million new voters or by adding a few more members to Congress. The sole reason behind the Democrats immigration reform is the assumption that most of the illegal immigrants already on American soil would become registered Democrats if the were granted citizenship for no other reason than outright gratitude. I wonder why Republicans like John Boehner haven't figured this out yet. Now we are reading about the Democrats plan to split California into six new states and Debra Bowen, the Democrat Secretary of State of California, has given the go ahead for the petition drive to gather signatures to get the plan on the state ballot. Of course the news media that covered the story never mentioned that if such a measure was approved it would add 10 more Senators to Congress and at least 6 of them would probably be Democrats. California already has two U.S. Senators who are both Democrats so the newly minted 5 new states would each acquire 2 new U.S. Senators. Since the membership in the U.S. House of Representatives is based on population, there would likely be no change in the number of Congressman.

This isn't the first time in our history that the Democrats have tried to stack the deck. Back in 1937 Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to pack the Supreme Court with extra Justices because he was having trouble getting his liberal laws upheld in court. Wikipedia has the full story here, but below is just a brief extract. It took an act of Congress to put a halt to Roosevelt's insidious plan.
The Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937[1] (frequently called the "court-packing plan")[2] was a legislative initiative proposed by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt to add more justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. Roosevelt's purpose was to obtain favorable rulings regarding New Deal legislation that the court had ruled unconstitutional.[3] The central provision of the bill would have granted the President power to appoint an additional Justice to the U.S. Supreme Court, up to a maximum of six, for every member of the court over the age of 70 years and 6 months.
In the Judiciary Act of 1869 Congress had established that the United States Supreme Court would consist of the Chief Justice and eight associate justices. During Roosevelt's first term the Supreme Court struck down several New Deal measures as being unconstitutional. Roosevelt sought to reverse this by changing the makeup of the court through the appointment of new additional justices who he hoped would rule his legislative initiates did not exceed the constitutional authority of the government. Since the U.S. Constitution does not define the size of the Supreme Court, Roosevelt pointed out that it was within the power of the Congress to change it. The legislation was viewed by members of both parties as an attempt to stack the court, and was opposed by many Democrats, including Vice President John Nance Garner.[4][5] The bill came to be known as Roosevelt's "court-packing plan".[2]
At least in 1937 we had enough people in Congress to acknowledge the limitation of the powers of the president and the fortitude to do something about it. Things were a lot different then in other ways, too, we didn't have a news media that was owned by the Democratic Party. And the Republican Party was entirely more conservative than it is today.
Barack Hussein Obama, always with an eye on the future, claimed he had already visited 57 states during his first presidential campaign while on a stop in Beaverton, Oregon in May 2008. Some say he confused the number with the 57 Islamic states due to his lack of experience with American culture complicated with his Muslim education in Indonesia. Now it seems Obama may have just been wishful thinking. The overall resentment toward the ObamaCare debacle has led many election forecasters to predict the Republicans will make huge gains in Congress after the mid-term elections and will take control of the Senate in November. And many Democrats are so afraid of the voter backlash from what their Great Leader has done that they want nothing to do with him in their campaigns. Maybe we will see some of the larger Democrat-controlled states also move to divide themselves so that they can have more representation in Congress.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Two Americas -- Divided by the differences in our efforts.

In early January 2014, Bob Lonsberry, a Rochester talk radio personality on WHAM 1180 am said this in response to Obama's  "income inequality speech" .  
Two Americas
The Democrats are right, there are two Americas.
The America that works, and the America that doesn’t.  
The America that contributes, and the America that doesn’t.  
It’s not the haves and the have nots, it’s the dos and the don'ts. 
Some people do their duty as Americans, obey the law, support themselves, contribute to society, and others don’t. That’s the divide in America.
It’s not about income inequality, it’s about civic irresponsibility. 
It’s about a political party that preaches hatred, greed and victimization in order to win elective office. 
It’s about a political party that loves power more than it loves its country. It’s not invective, it’s truth, and it’s about time someone said it. 
The politics of envy was on proud display a couple weeks ago when president Obama pledged the rest of his term to fighting “income inequality.” He noted that some people make more than other people, that some people have higher incomes than others, and he says that’s not just.
That is the rationale of thievery. The other guy has it, you want it,  Obama will take it for you . Vote Democrat. 
That is the philosophy that produced Detroit. It is the electoral philosophy that is destroying America. 
It conceals a fundamental deviation from American values and common sense because it ends up not benefiting the people who support it, but a betrayal.
The Democrats have not empowered their followers, they have enslaved them in a culture of dependence and entitlement, of victimhood and anger instead of ability and hope. 
The president’s premise – that you reduce income inequality by debasing the successful – seeks to deny the successful the consequences of their choices and spare the unsuccessful the consequences of their choices. 
By and large, income variation in society is a result of different choices leading to different consequences. Those who choose wisely and responsibly have far greater likelihood of success, while those who choose foolishly and irresponsibly have a far greater likelihood of failure. Success and failure frequently manifest themselves in personal and family income.
You choose to drop out of high school and you are apt to have a different outcome than someone who gets a diploma and pushes on with purposeful education.   
You have your children out of wedlock and life is apt to take one course, you have them within a marriage and life is apt to take another course.
My doctor makes far more than I do. There is significant income inequality between us. Our lives have had an inequality of outcome, but, our lives also have had an inequality of effort. While my doctor went to college and then devoted his young adulthood to medical school and residency, I got a job in a restaurant. 
He made a choice, I made a choice, and our choices led us to different outcomes. His outcome pays a lot better than mine.
Does that mean he cheated and Barack Obama needs to take away his wealth? No, it means we are both free men in a free society where free choices lead to different outcomes.
It is not inequality Barack Obama intends to take away, it is freedom.  
The freedom to succeed, and the freedom to fail.  There is no true option for success if there is no true option for failure.
The pursuit of happiness means a whole lot less when you face the punitive hand of government if your pursuit brings you more happiness than the other guy. Even if the other guy sat on his arse and did nothing. Even if the other guy made a lifetime’s worth of asinine and shortsighted decisions.
Barack Obama and the Democrats preach equality of outcome as a right, while completely ignoring equality of effort.
The simple Law of the Harvest – as ye sow, so shall ye reap – is sometimes applied as, “The harder you work, the more you get."  Obama would turn that upside down. Those who achieve are to be punished as enemies of society and those who fail are to be rewarded as wards of society. 
Entitlement will replace effort as the key to upward mobility in American society if Barack Obama gets his way. He seeks a lowest common denominator society in which the government besieges the successful and productive to foster equality through mediocrity. 
He and his party speak of two Americas and their grip on power is based on using the votes of one to sap the productivity of the other.
America is not divided by the differences in outcomes; it is divided by the differences in efforts.   
It is a false philosophy to say one man’s success comes about unavoidably as the result of another man’s victimization.
What Obama offered was not a solution, but separatism. He has fomented division and strife, pitted one set of Americans against another for his own political benefit. That’s what socialists offer.Marxist class warfare wrapped up with a bow.
Two Americas, coming closer each day to proving the truth to Lincoln’s maxim that a house divided against itself cannot stand.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Damn the purists and the self-righteous.

God made us perfect once and we screwed it up in The Garden of Eden when Eve ate the Forbidden Fruit. Yeah, I know, the comedians want to tell you, the Devil made her do it, but we have only gotten worse over time. So why do so many good people still try to be perfect and end up falling on their face?

I am one of those bitter clingers the liberals hate so much but apart from my strong belief in our Bill of Rights and our Constitutional Republic, I take a dim view of people who are so blindly immersed in their religion that they can't see straight. If you read my bio you'd know I am a life-long Baptized Catholic and I can trace my Holy Bible back to Jesus Christ not to King James. But some Christians seem incapable of getting beyond Genesis without using a calculator. Those would be the people who had nothing better to do than add up the ages and years mentioned in the Bible and reached the astounding conclusion that the Earth is 6000 years old. My guess is that if God has a sense of humor He would be laughing right now instead of playing a game of marbles with asteroids. I'm not going to come out and defend evolution because it has come to mean a lot more than you would think but I do believe that something happened on this planet before and after God created Adam and Eve that hasn't been given much thought. Hint: man did not walk with the dinosaurs. Hint: God doesn't wear a wristwatch and measure time the way we do today. Hint: the funny looking rocks in this photo are 500-million year old fossil sea shells that came out of my back yard. The University of Oregon told me these are both common brachiopod shells from Late Ordovician rocks of the Cincinnati region. The dark ones, laying on the lens cap from my camera for size, are named Platystrophia laticostata.
Lets get on with another subject. Politics rules our lives and also ruins it. Maybe devout Christians should stay away from it, at least some of them should, anyway. In no particular order let me start with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a staunch conservative Republican, who has rightly earned a commendable reputation for fixing the fiscal problems in his state. Recently we found out that back in 2010, when before he was elected governor, while he served as a Milwaukee county executive his office learned that a woman doctor who had been hired at the Milwaukee County Behavioral Division had once been a model posing in underwear ads. Maybe she used the income to pay for education, no one knows, but the mere suggestion, while "It isn't pornographic" wrote one of Walker's advisers, it was a problem. Walker ordered his aid to "Get rid of the MD asap." Maybe the self-righteous Republican should read his Bible, whichever version he has, about the story of Mary Magdalene.
Here is an impartial excerpt from Wikipedia. "Mary Magdalene is a religious figure in Christianity. She is usually thought of as the second-most important woman in the New Testament after Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary Magdalene traveled with Jesus as one of his followers. She was present at Jesus' two most important moments: the crucifixion and the resurrection. Within the four Gospels, the oldest historical record mentioning her name, she is named at least 12 times, more than most of the apostles. The Gospel references describe her as courageous, brave enough to stand by Jesus in his hours of suffering, death and beyond." Mary Magdalene was a prostitute before she met Jesus. She is considered a Saint in the Catholic Church and among her many patronage's she is revered by reformed prostitutes. 

The Pro-Life movement in America has become a powerful force within the Republican Party and their endorsements are coveted by many conservative candidates. The different Pro-Life groups usually rely on a 10-point questionnaire to rate the different candidates, both Republican and Democrat. Unless a candidate answers all ten questions correctly they do not get a Pro-Life endorsement. Not even if they answer just nine questions the right way. The 10th question that presents a serious problem to many concerns the abortion of an unborn baby for reasons of rape and incest. While many Pro-Lifers acknowledge that abortion is acceptable in a case where the life of the mother is at stake, I have never read any arguments that consider the life of the mother of a child conceived by rape or incest after being forced to carry it to birth. Pro-Life people view the life of the unborn child above that of the mother, no matter how young she may be. While I still consider myself Pro-Life, I would only get a ninety-percent rating.

When a political candidate is so concerned about offending the feelings of Pro-Lifers they can easily be coerced into making some ridiculous statements. Take for example the case of Todd Akin, former U.S. Representative for Missouri's 2nd congressional district, serving from 2001 to 2013. In 2012 he lost his bid to unseat U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat. His campaign was ahead in the pre-election polls until he said in a TV interview that women who are victims of what he called "legitimate rape" rarely get pregnant. He said, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Akin eventually apologized for the remark, rebuffed calls to withdraw from the election, and lost 54.7 percent to 39.2 percent. Todd Aiken meet Scott Walker.
On the subject of opposing gun control and supporting our Second Amendment rights I have been a big critic of the National Rifle Association because they have a senseless rule they use when handing out endorsements. For one thing, they favor incumbents over challengers and for another thing, they see nothing wrong with supporting the campaigns of so-called Blue Dog Democrats, the supposedly conservative politicians who buck their party's anti-gun agenda. Yeah, we have seen how well that works. For one thing, the NRA was instrumental in giving us the rabidly anti-gun Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House in 2008 after the NRA helped get 56 Democrats elected. By a simple majority of numbers, since more Democrats were elected to the House than Republicans, they got to choose the new Speaker and Pelosi got the vote. We remember Nancy for her famous remark about the ObamaCare bill, "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." It didn't matter whether or not 56 of those Democrats were supposed to be "conservative", it was their party affiliation that counted. Then, two years later, in spite of the wave of Tea Party opposition the NRA again endorsed almost as many Democrats but the revolution in the streets only allowed 26 to get elected or reelected. In 2012 at the height of Obama's anti-gun push, when the bill to create a national gun registry built around an enhanced background check, almost all of the Blue Dog Democrats who had been endorsed by the NRA voted for it.  Will the NRA ever learn anything? I won't believe them ever again until I read they have changed their rules. They also had a chance in 2010 of removing Nevada Senator Harry Reid as Majority Leader if only they had thrown their support behind NRA Life Member and Republican candidate Sharron Angle. Instead, they gave Harry Reid a lot of good publicity but chose to endorse no one in the Nevada race that year. The NRA knows a lot about firearms but not too much about politicians.
My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From the Noisy Room: Kim Jong-un Gives The Nazis A Run For Their Money

Kim Jong-un Gives The Nazis A Run For Their Money    

Posted on

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

A woman holds up a poster with photos from an internment camp in North Korea. (AFP)

The United States should be deeply ashamed of itself. Not just under Barack Obama, but Presidents who came before him have ignored the monstrous atrocities going on in North Korea now for five decades. Instead, our media focuses on celeb Dennis Rodman, who is absolutely nuts and has a serious bromance with the murderous NoKo dictator. Every once in a while, the Obama Administration will wag their finger and say, “Naughty, naughty!” to the regime and tell them to behave or we will really do something this time. No one believes it, least of all North Korea. And for those out there who have pummeled me with their shrill cries that China and North Korea are not connected – you can get stuffed. China has protected her monstrous proxy at the UN in every way possible, while claiming that the horrendous acts taking place there are not so. Who’s surprised? China is guilty of the same crimes and no one says boo to them. They are the global purse strings with military bite. North Korea has been at this a very long time:
“North Korea’s political prison camps have lasted twice as long as the Soviet gulags and five times as long as the Nazi concentration camps,” Sokeel Park, the Seoul-based director of research and strategy at Liberty in North Korea, told The Washington Times in an email. Liberty in North Korea is a nongovernmental organization that works with North Korean refugees.
Here are some of Kim Jong-un’s acts of tyranny:
  • North Korea forces women to undergo abortions and young mothers to drown their newborn babies. The abortions are induced by injection. These take place at State Security Department (SSD) facilities, where the mother or a third party is forced to either place a cloth over the unborn’s mouth and suffocate them, drown them or lay them face down to smother them. Abortions are mandated if the lineage is not ‘pure.’ Sound familiar? Any child that is not of pure North Korean descent is considered less than human and they are eliminated.
  • Hundreds of thousands have been executed at secret prison camps. After being starved to death or executed, they are burned and their ashes are disposed of in pots. It is considered the duty of prisoners in the camp to get rid of them.
  • Crimes against humanity include extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortions and other sexual violence, persecution on political, religious, racial and gender grounds, the forcible transfer of populations, the enforced disappearance of persons and the inhumane act of knowingly causing prolonged starvation.
To all this the UN feigns utter shock and they now have to let the world know what is going on. Right. Like they haven’t known all along. It has never been a secret – evidently, the UN is the last to know. In a 372-page report released Monday, the UN parallels the striking resemblance between North Korea and the Nazis. Kim Jong-un was warned that he could be tried for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. I’m sure he’s quaking in his jack boots.

Once again, the world does an Eddie Izzard stand up routine and points to the fact that it is their country and they are only killing their own people. It’s none of our business or concern, just like with the Jews. ‘Never again’ evidently is subjective and fickle. It’s almost as if when you kill hundreds of thousands or millions of your own people, the world applauds and says, “Well done!” In death or cake for tyrants, cake always wins out.

Never one to miss an opportunity to make it all about him and deciding he has no choice but to say something, Obama welcomed the ruling by the UN:
At the State Department, spokeswoman Marie Harf said the Obama administration “strongly” welcomed the report. She said it “provides compelling evidence of widespread, systematic, and grave human rights violations” by the North.
“The report reflects the international community’s consensus view that the human rights situation in the [North] is among the world’s worst,” Ms. Harf said.
All the reports and judgements in the world mean very little and do not stop dictators from wonton slaughter of innocents. As so many other weak gestures that have come before, this one will mean little as well. Until someone is willing to put on their big boy pants and take out the little tyrant and his sycophants, his reign of terror will continue apace. The same goes for all the other Commie regimes like China and Russia, and for the totalitarian theocracies such as Iran. This sanctions crap does not work. Peace through strength works. More listless platitudes are being issued by experts and leaders — all assured of failure:
Mr. Kirby, a retired Australian judge, said the international community must take North Korea to task: “We should be ashamed if we do not act on this report.”
Mr. Park said the international community has not paid adequate attention to the human rights crisis in North Korea.
“Twenty-four million North Korean people face one of the worst protracted humanitarian and human rights crises in human history, but the world’s focus has typically gone to Kim Jong-un, the nuclear issue and even [Dennis] Rodman’s bizarre visits,” said Mr. Park, referring to recent visits by the former NBA star to North Korea.
The international community must “increase support for multiple strategies to bring forward change in North Korea, including by working with North Korean refugees and people inside the country to accelerate bottom-up economic, information and social changes that are already happening in North Korean society,” Mr. Park said.
Mr. Kirby said his commission has “given the formula for change” with its report.
Nations cannot say they did not know the extent of the crimes taking place in North Korea, he said. “Now the international community does know. There will be no excusing a failure of action because we didn’t know.”
Many foolishly thought that when Kim Jong-un took his father’s place, that things would change. I mean, after all… he was educated and enlightened in Switzerland. By all accounts, he was incredibly bright, sophisticated and had a love of technology. Progressives adored him and hailed his ascension as a dictator. That illusion was soon shattered as the boy king took hold and proved that he was even worse than dear old dad. He had his uncle, who was the second most powerful man in North Korea, tortured and executed with extreme prejudice. Rumor has it his aunt has now earned the same fate. He had an old girlfriend and her musical group executed by firing squad for trumped up charges of prostitution and immorality. Whispers say her only crimes were Christianity and the new wife of Kim Jong-un being jealous. Best to wipe the slate clean. Then Kim tested nukes, cuddled with the Iranians, Chinese and Russians and threatened repeatedly to wipe the US and South Korea off the map. So much for change – something we have come to know and dread under Obama.

The UN is a joke. A deadly one. Now they are chastising the Chinese over North Korea, threatening to hold them responsible as well. The Chinese don’t give a rat’s ass about the UN. They are a nuisance to them and that is all. Even after all of this, the UN softens its verdict by stating that Kim Jong-un may not have committed all the atrocities, but he is to be held responsible. You guys are a bunch of idiots. Of course he knows what is going on and China knows too:
The UN panel has warned China’s government that it might be “aiding and abetting crimes against humanity” by sending migrants and defectors back to North Korea to face torture and execution. It said that Beijing had in some cases forwarded to Pyongyang “information about the contacts and conduct” of North Korean nationals, despite knowing that they would almost certainly face torture if repatriated.
China has hinted that it will use its UN security council veto to prevent the International Criminal Court indicting Kim Jong-un. However, a separate ad hoc tribunal could be convened.
While Kim Jong-un might not have explicitly sanctioned every crime committed by Pyongyang’s enforcers, the absolute power that he wielded meant he bore ultimate blame, Mr Kirby added.
“If you have the power to stop it happening, you have to bear a degree of responsibility,” he said, adding that “hundreds” of other senior officials – whose names were known to the investigators – were probably also culpable.
Nothing like stating the glaringly obvious. No ‘probably’ about it.

This is where Communism and tyranny lead – to gulags and dictators who have no pity, no conscience, no remorse… North Korea is an obvious killing field, but others are following down the same path. Kim Jong-un is giving the Nazis a run for their money. By allowing it to continue, we are guilty as well. But then again, Obama is lurching down the same Communist path to hell.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

From the NoisyRoom: The National Guard Targets Constitutionalists as the Enemy

The National Guard Targets Constitutionalists as the Enemy

Noisy Room & Gulag Bound | 2-12-2014 | 
Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Ohio National Guard 52nd Civil Support Team
Okay… before I get into the tyranny part of all this, can I just ask what the hell is up with this logo/badge or whatever it is? I get the three top symbols, but the horned goat head is just downright creepy and suggestive of Baphomet, which is just plain evil. If the National Guard there wanted to look edgy, why not a wolf, bear or something else fierce in nature? Did you have to go to hell to get your graphics done? Just sayin’. Maybe demonic visages are chic now and fitting.

I wrote an article last week that went viral, but was disparaged roundly in certain quarters: Idaho Opens the Door to Martial Law and Gun Confiscation – the Nullification of the Posse Comitatus Act. In the article, I point out the blatant militarization of our police and the use of the National Guard as a “privatized” military for the government. That was last week… Things just keep getting more and more alarming in the new and improved ‘reformed’ America.
The Ohio National Guard’s Civil Support Team practices in a May 2013 drill at Put-in-Bay
Remember this prophetic declaration by Obama?
“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” ~ Barack Obama
Well, he meant every word. In January of this year, the Ohio National Guard’s Civil Support Team conducted a drill that involved right-wing extremists committing acts of bioterrorism. The training depicted “anti-government” rightwing nut jobs as domestic terrorists. The National Guard is now actively training against American patriots who believe in the Second Amendment and the Constitution. This is going on all over the country and I have written on it multiple times.

This is the context on which the drill was based:
The make-believe scenario is timely. Two school employees who are disgruntled over the government’s interpretation of the Second Amendment, plot to use chemical, biological and radiological agents against members of the local community.
The ONG 52nd Civil Support Team training scenario involved a plot from local school district employees to use biological weapons in order to advance their beliefs about “protecting Gun Rights and Second Amendment rights.”
Portsmouth Chief of Police Bill Raisin told NBC 3 WSAZ-TV in Huntington, West Virginia that the drill accurately represented “the reality of the world we live in,” adding that such training “helps us all be prepared.”…
In the disaster-preparedness scenario, two Portsmouth Junior High School employees poisoned school lunches with mustard gas, acting on orders from white-nationalist leader William Pierce.
The ONG team discovered biological weapons being produced in the school, requiring activation of containment and decontamination procedures.
Participants in the disaster drill located documents expressing the school employees’ “anti-government” sentiments, as well as a note identifying Pierce as the fictional right-wing terrorists’ leader.
I’d laugh if this wasn’t so serious. Really? The production of bioweapons in a school? And exactly, how do you poison food with mustard gas? And because everything now has to do with race and we all know rednecks in flyover country are crazed, rabid, evil SOBs… we’ll just throw in the KKK for good measure. So, they made school employees into bioterrorists and racists with evil black guns. How very fascist of them. And why is this ‘timely?’ Has there been some rash of bioterrorism across America I was unaware of?

It’s hard for anyone not to see this for what it is now. The police forces are being militarized and the National Guard is being used as an extension of that police force and they have American patriots in the crosshairs. DHS and other agencies are buying up more and more ammo. The latest was the Post Office and now DHS is snapping up sniper ammo. Either they are trying to buy up so much ammo that it acts as backdoor gun control, or the government is prepping for something very, very nasty. Our Founding Fathers are screaming at us from the grave.

And don’t forget that while the Ohio National Guard practices taking ordinary Americans out, that a National Guardsman was caught there in January with 48 bombs in his car. There are dangerous people everywhere and in every walk of life, but the irony of this guy being caught during the time they were running this drill is not lost on me.

What bothers me most of all, is the police who we have trusted our whole lives are sanctioning and justifying these drills:
Portsmouth Chief of Police Bill Raisin told NBC 3 WSAZ-TV in Huntington, West Virginia that the drill accurately represented “the reality of the world we live in,” adding that such training “helps us all be prepared.”
I’d just like to ask Chief Raisin exactly how this represents reality? You are not addressing the true terrorist threat. Nope – you are going after those who criticize the government (and rightfully so) and those who want to keep their Constitutional rights and not submit to a dictator’s tyranny. This might help you be prepared, but it definitely helps us see whose side you are on and what we can expect. When cornered on explaining this drill, public officials scattered. They couldn’t get away fast enough. You all should be ashamed for betraying your countrymen. Instead of calling Second Amendment advocates terrorists, you should look to the enemies within and to Islamic terrorists. Terrorism at this point is much more likely to come from the Left or our government.

This is the second time the Ohio National Guard has done this. They participated in a similar drill involving Left-wing terrorists with Athens County first responders last year. Then they walked it back and public officials apologized for that training the next day in response to complaints from local environmentalist groups. But there have been no apologies to Constitutionalists, to gun owners, to the American people… and I wouldn’t hold your breath. The propaganda continues apace to paint conservatives as extremists and terrorists, eventually justifying their rounding up, imprisonment, reeducation and execution. It’s only a matter of time at this rate. All of America sees it coming, like deer in the headlights.

As the National Guard targets Constitutionalists as the enemy, why aren’t we actively exposing and going after the enemies within on both sides of the aisle? Some of us are as we gear up for the November elections. Trevor Loudon and I are getting ready to release a series of summaries on different Progressives running for office and their actions will be highlighted. They can be used in blog posts, passed out as fliers, mailed and splattered across the country. Time to clean House and Senate – time for true conservative Constitutionalists to ascend.

Update: I am told it is a dragon on the badge. I still think it is creepy and evil.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

From Bare Naked Islam: What took them so long to investigate whether or not the sniper attack on a California power station was a Muslim terror attack dry run?

What took them so long to investigate whether or not the sniper attack on a California power station was a Muslim terror attack dry run?


A sniper attack in April that took out transformers at a California power station near San Jose is bringing concerns that this was a “dry run” for terrorists. The video tape from the surveillance cameras at the station showed what looked like an organized attack as an attempt was made to take out certain transformers.

Examiner  NPR News reports that the attack on the power station happened last April, but the concerns were raised this week after the Wall Street Journal gave a long account about what happened in the 52 minute attack at PG&E Corp’s Metcalf transmission substation. This event received very little attention until this week.


The Wall Street Journal gives a synopsis of the events before going into detail just what occurred that early morning in April:

“The attack began just before 1 a.m. on April 16 last year, when someone slipped into an underground vault not far from a busy freeway and cut telephone cables.”
“Within half an hour, snipers opened fire on a nearby electrical substation. Shooting for 19 minutes, they surgically knocked out 17 giant transformers that funnel power to Silicon Valley. A minute before a police car arrived, the shooters disappeared into the night.”
“To avoid a blackout, electric-grid officials rerouted power around the site and asked power plants in Silicon Valley to produce more electricity. But it took utility workers 27 days to make repairs and bring the substation back to life.”

At least 100 rounds were fired and there was at least one high powered riffle used. While it is unclear if this was a lone attacker or a group, the reason behind doing this is not known. The person or people who did this sniper attack were never found. This attack seemed too synchronized to be just a spur of the moment idea. The police arrived and the culprit or culprits were gone, but they missed them just by a minute, the surveillance video suggests.


Power Plant Attack sparks terror fears about 3 other related incidents.

NewsMax  A recent report about the terrifying attack on a California power plant last April has raised suspicions about other troubling cases throughout the United States within the past year, Newsmax has learned.



  • On Jan. 9, more than 7,000 gallons of methanol leaked into Elk River in Charleston, W.Va., after a spill at a chemical storage plant operated by Freedom Industries. Nearly 300,000 people were left without drinking or bathing water, some for more than a week. A federal grand jury investigation has begun into the spill, CNN reports.
  • The following week, in Manapalan, N.J., a 26-year-old Iranian Muslim man, Asaf Mohammed, was arrested after being found trapped inside a 20-inch pipe outside a storage tank at a water-treatment plant owned by United Water. The plant supplies drinking water to 40,000 customers in the township, New reports.
  • Within a month after the Boston Marathon bombings last April, seven Muslims — from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore — were arrested in the middle of the night at the Quabbin Reservoir, which provides drinking water to Boston and several other nearby communities, the Boston Herald reports. Three locks had been cut to gain access to the reservoir.


The incidents, two of which received scant media attention at the time, now have authorities and legislators worried about the possibility of terrorist acts’ being committed against the nation’s power grid and other utility operations.

Those attack reports follow a report by The Wall Street Journal that a sniper assault last April 16, a day after the Boston bombings, knocked out an electrical substation near San Jose, Calif. No arrests have been made in that attack.

What Americans don’t realize is that we now have something called a smart-grid system, where our electric grid is linked to other grids over the Internet and by computers,” he said. “A major attack on one part of the grid could cause a devastating outage that could put tens of millions of Americans in the dark.