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From Kenya via Australia: Kenya Mosque Raid: Police Surprised That Koranimals Shielded Themselves Behind Children and Infants

Winds of Jihad, Australia
Kenya: Police raid mosque, find AK-47s, machetes, stun guns, jihadi flags, recording calling for jihad war, info on “Muslim traitors”
When police  burst into the mosque, they came under gunfire.
Police surprised  that ringleaders shielded themselves behind children and infants
Police chief surprised:  ”the first time he had seen such a tactic used.”– (Not. This  MO is basic Mohammedan warfare. Mohammedans count on the  humanity of infidels to deceive them. (Here it is:   Tamaskan tatamakan = “Show a victim’s face, and you will take over”, or”act the victim and you will take over.”)
Police seized black banners emblazoned with jihadi slogans, laptops and DVDs during the raid. Outside the mosque shoes, teargas canisters and spent bullet cartridges were strewn on the ground. . . Kenyan security officials say the Masjid Mussa mosque is a hotbed of militant activity, in particular recruitment into local Islamist networks and al Shabaab in Somalia.
“Kenyan police find trove of evidence in Mombasa mosque raid,”
from Sabahi via Hiiraan Online, thanks to JW
Kenyan police have recovered a trove of documents and other evidence from Mombasa’s Masjid Mussa, which they estimate will take two months or more to review, Kenya’s The Standard reported Tuesday (February 4th).
Items recovered include an AK-47 rifle, machetes and other iron implements, jihadist flags, stun guns, hundreds of textbooks, maps, registers, pictures, information on alleged spies and “Muslim traitors”, and terrorist training manuals.
One recovered document reportedly lists the names of militants across East Africa, with references as far as Burundi.
Police also found an audio recording calling for Muslim volunteers to carry out attacks on countries oppressing Somali Muslims, understood to mean countries contributing troops to the African Union Mission in Somalia, and they seized more than 200 compact-discs and memory cards with pictures of jihadist training camps in Somalia and Syria and audio instructions on light weapons use, combat and doctrine.
“We will need two months to go through these CDs and documents,” said Mombasa County Police Commander Robert Kitur.
Also among the items recovered were three laptops, which have been sent to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Cybercrime Unit for analysis.
Mombasa CID Commander Henry Ondiek defended the raid on Masjid Mussa, which some Muslim leaders decried as desecration of a holy site.
“If you look at the penal code and all other legal literature in Kenya, there is nowhere [that says] police are barred from entering a place where crimes like terrorism are being committed,” he said. “We shall continue storming mosques and anywhere where serious crimes such as planning mass attacks on innocent people are being planned.”
Added note: U.S. troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan also encountered mosques being used for ammo and weapons storage and were frequently attacked from within these places until Barack Hussein Obama, the Muslim-in-Chief, ordered our troops not to return fire on them. Another favorite place used by the Muslims to attack American soldiers were schools and hospitals. So the tactic is not something new or unique to Kenya. 


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