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Obama’s secret plan for Gun Control “working under the radar”: It’s always quiet before the storm.

Barack Hussein Obama II learned his lessons well when he studied about Islam while in school in Indonesia. The Islamic tenet about Taqiyya teaches Muslims that "war is deceit" and that it is a good religious practice to tell lies to one group and tell the truth to another about the same subject. He told so many lies during the 2008 campaign that no one seems to know what he really plans for our country. But one big lie he told about was his support for the Second Amendment rights for American citizens has finally been revealed in a major newspaper. On April 11th a Washington Post reporter named Jason Horowitz wrote a story in the Lifestyle section of the paper about a White House meeting on gun control that was held on March15th and near the end of the story relates about a meeting between Sarah Brady, head of the lobbying organization called the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence formally known as Handgun Control, Inc., and White House press secretary Jay Carney. Here is how Jason Horowitz reported it.
Over a barrel? Meet White House gun policy adviser Steve Croley
By Jason Horowitz, Published: April 11
On March 15, two months after a deadly shooting spree in Tucson left a U.S. congresswoman in critical condition, the nation’s leading gun-control activists took seats in Room 4525 at the Department of Justice to push the Obama administration for more firearm regulation. In the hour-and-a-half-long meeting, Assistant Attorney General Christopher H. Schroeder, who has coordinated the government’s work on the issue, went around a long conference table soliciting views from representatives of the major advocacy and law enforcement groups.

But the official the advocates wanted to hear from most stayed mostly quiet.

The silence of Steve Croley, the White House’s point man on gun regulation policy, echoes the decision by Democrats to remain mute on guns as a national issue, even in the wake of the Tucson rampage. Croley’s keep-your-head-down approach is in keeping with President Obama’s preference for low-key wonks, but in this case, his reticence has more to do with political reality: Democrats have no plans for serious gun-control initiatives, and the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy, as heart-rending as it was, hasn’t changed their minds.
Then on the third page of his story, Jason Horowitz writes:
On March 30, the 30th anniversary of the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, Jim Brady, who sustained a debilitating head wound in the attack, and his wife, Sarah, came to Capitol Hill to push for a ban on the controversial “large magazines.” Brady, for whom the law requiring background checks on handgun purchasers is named, then met with White House press secretary Jay Carney. During the meeting, President Obama dropped in and, according to Sarah Brady, brought up the issue of gun control, “to fill us in that it was very much on his agenda,” she said.

“I just want you to know that we are working on it,” Brady recalled the president telling them. “We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”
So now we know the cat is out of the bag. Rumors have been circulating for months from gun groups that Obama has no interests in the last two Supreme Court decisions that upheld the Second Amendment rights of Ammerican citizens. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has given the US approval to a United Nation's small arms treaty and Obama has the White House working "under the radar" to take care of "a few processes" that they don't want anyone to know about right now. 
I recently read that part of the reason why Obama's popularity poll was dropping was because he had disappointed many of his left-wing supporters by not bringing about as many changes as he said he would. Well, I'm sure the Communist Party, USA and the Democratic Socialists of America will be very pleased when Obama gets around to announcing the results the processes he worked out on gun control. These groups were his biggest supporters in 2008. History shows us you can't take over a country until you first disarm the people.


Obama's father 'A slippery character', proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Thanks to Winds of Jihad for posting the lead to this informative story from the British newspaper, Daily Mail. Reading these stories convinces me how urgent it was for Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers to rewrite Obama's book Dreams of My Father.
UPDATE: Atlas Shrugs has two more stories with additional details on Obama Sr.  See them below.
'A slippery character': President Obama's father was a serial womaniser who had to be warned to stop his 'playboy ways'

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 10:38 PM on 28th April 2011
  • Obama raised by his grandparents and single mother
  • Documents relating to his father paint a picture of a serial womaniser who officials were trying to force out of the country
With a father like this, it is little wonder President Obama did not want to release his full birth certificate.
Though the proof that he was actually born in Hawaii may silence some critics, a new, rather more interesting side of his life has emerged - that his father Barack Obama senior was a serial womaniser and polygamist who government and university officials were trying to force out of the country.
Obama senior married Stanley Ann Dunham, a white student from Kansas, not only when he was said to have already been married to a woman in Kenya, but at a time when interracial marriages were still illegal in many parts of the U.S.
Documents obtained from the U.S. immigration service paint a picture of a man who 'had an eye for the ladies' and, according to his file, had to be warned several times to stay away from girls at the university.
Family portrait: A rare snapshot of President Obama with his father Barack Obama senior who, new documents reveal was a serial womaniser and polygamist
Family portrait: A rare snapshot of President Obama with his father Barack Obama senior who, new documents reveal was a serial womaniser and polygamist
Happier times: Barack Obama senior stands with the President's mother Stanley Ann Dunham at an airport in Hawaii
Happier times: Barack Obama senior stands with the President's mother Stanley Ann Dunham at an airport in Hawaii
Heather Smathers, a investigative journalist with the Arizona Independent, obtained the files through a Freedom of Information request.
A memo from a University of Hawaii foreign student advisor said that Obama senior had 'been running around with several girls since he first arrived here and last summer she cautioned him about his playboy ways. Subject replied that he would "try" to stay away from the girls.'
It also considered his earlier Kenya marriage as a grounds to deny him a visa extension but concluded that 'polygamy was not an excludable or deportation charge'.
He is further described as 'a slippery character', and his relationships with 'several women' are discussed and investigated, while questions about his 'marital problems' are repeatedly raised.
Another immigration memo, from June 1964, records that Harvard officials were trying 'to get rid of him' and 'couldn't seem to figure out how many wives he had'.

The documents also specify that he had a child - Barack Obama junior - while he was at the university on August 4, 1961.
The memo also notes that he be 'closely questioned before another extension is granted - and denial be considered'.
Other notes make reference to some kind of campaign to drive Obama senior out of the country and back to Kenya. The memo advised officials to withdraw his funding.
President Obama's mother met his father at a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii in 1960. At the time he was the first and only African student at the university.
When they married, she did not realise that he had a wife and child in Kenya. The couple divorced in 1963 and Ann Dunham struggled as a single mother to bring up her child, just as her estranged husband was at studying at Harvard and reportedly carousing after women. 
The last time President Obama saw his father was in 1971 when he was ten years old. Obama Sr was killed 11 years later in a car accident in 1982.
Atlas Shrugs:

Barack Hussein Obama Senior: Nightmares of my Father

The Arizona Independent newspaper published the Immigration and Naturalization Service file on Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. 
It is astonishing. Barack Hussein Obama's father's immigration file was just released under a F.O.I.A request, and what a ugly picture is paints. The BHO fairy tale narrative, made up out of whole cloth and sold to the American people, is blown to bits. BHO's impossible philandering, multiple wives and rampant bad behavior led to his removal from Harvard and the country. His polygamy is attributable to BHO Senior's Muslim faith. But at a time when America enforced her laws and immigration policy, Barack Hussein Obama Senior would be forced to leave Harvard, his visa not renewed.
He was a terrible man -- immoral and irresponsible. His treatment of women was incredibly callous and cruel -- not to mention the abandoment of his children and his multiple wives.

 Also Atlas Shrugs

UPDATE: Interesting factoid by Jack Cashill at the Thinker:
The Obama Lie That Drove the Birther Movement

Newly released documents from Barack Obama Sr.'s immigration file,  obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, justify "birther" doubts about the nativity story on which Barack Obama based his presidential campaign.

The problems, of course, go deeper. According to divorce papers filed in 1964, Barack Sr. and Ann Dunham married in Wailuku, Maui, on February 2, 1961.  One has to wonder, however, whether it was a marriage in anything but name or whether there was a marriage at all. 

The immigration authorities certainly wondered.  An April 1961 memo notes, "If his USC [United States Citizen] wife tries to petition for [Obama Sr.] make sure an investigation is conducted as to the bona-fide of the marriage."

The facts get more problematic still.  After the birth of baby Barry in August 1961, Ann left for Seattle as soon as the doctors cleared her to travel. Once there, she enrolled at the University of Washington, not Washington Sate.  Barack Sr. stayed behind in Hawaii.

... based on these documents, the union, if there was one, ended before Obama was born.
Here is the 55-page file from the Immigration and Naturalization Service on Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. thanks to Atlas Shrugs for providing the link.
Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Immigration File

Is it Racist to Criticize Islam?

From the web site CITIZEN WARRIOR.

Is it Racist to Criticize Islam?


Is Ayaan Hirsi Ali a racist? She was born in Somalia, from which she escaped to avoid an arranged marriage, and she eventually became a member of Parliament in the Netherlands.
She helped produce a film with Theo Van Gogh which criticized Islam's treatment of women. Van Gogh was shot to death by a Muslim in retaliation, and a note was pinned to his chest with a knife — a note that threatened Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
She made her way to the United States, and has since written two books critical of Islam: Infidel and Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations.

Is Wafa Sultan a racist? She was born and raised in Syria, and was trained as a psychiatrist.
On February 21, 2006, she took part in an Al Jazeera discussion program, arguing with the hosts about Samuel P. Huntington's Clash of Civilizations theory. A six-minute composite video of her response was widely circulated on blogs and through email. The New York Times estimated it was seen at least one million times. In the video she criticized Muslims for treating non-Muslims differently, and for not recognizing the accomplishments of Jews and other non-Muslims. The video was the most-discussed video of all time with over 260,000 comments on YouTube.

Is Ibn Warraq a racist? Warraq was born in India to Muslim parents who migrated to Pakistan after the partitioning of British Indian Empire.
Warraq founded the Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society. He is a senior research fellow at the Center for Inquiry, focusing on Quranic criticism.
Warraq is the author of seven books, including Why I Am Not a Muslim and Leaving Islam. He has spoken at the United Nations "Victims of Jihad" conference organized by the International Humanist and Ethical Union alongside speakers such as Bat Ye'or, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Simon Deng.

Is Tapan Ghosh a racist? The president of Hindu Samhati, he speaks all over India and the United States about the ongoing Islamic invasion of West Bengal.
In an article about him, a correspondent wrote, "A life of 25 years of relentless service has strengthened the resolve of Tapan Ghosh to unite Hindu masses to fight against injustice and the oppressive attitude of the authorities in the face of ever-increasing Islamist aggression."
Ghosh said, "As someone who has suffered enormously from the Islamist onslaught in eastern India, both after the partition of India as well as the partition of erstwhile Pakistan to form Bangladesh, Islamic terrorism has deeply affected my life and the life of millions in the Indian subcontinent. The horrific events of 1971 where nearly 3 million Bengalis, mostly Hindus were exterminated by the Pakistani military regime left an everlasting impression on me. Since then, I have worked relentlessly for the service and upliftment of people reeling under the scourge of radical Islam."

Is Seyran Ates a racist? Born in Turkey of Kurdish parents, and now working as a lawyer in Germany, Atest is highly critical of an immigrant Muslim society that is often more orthodox than its counterpart in Turkey, and her criticisms have put her at risk.
Her book, "Islam Needs a Sexual Revolution," was scheduled for publication in Germany in 2009. In an interview in January 2008 on National Public Radio, Ates stated that she was in hiding and would not be working on Muslim women's behalf publicly (including in court) due to the threats against her.
Ates is the author of the article, Human Rights Before Religion: Have we forgotten to protect women in our bid to accommodate practices carried out in the name of Islam?

Is Francis Bok a racist? Francis Piol Bol Bok, born in Sudan, was a slave for ten years but is now an abolitionist and author living in the United States.
On May 15, 1986, Bok was captured and enslaved at age seven during an Islamic militia raid on the village of Nymlal. Slavery is a standard feature of orthodox Islam. Bok lived in bondage for ten years before escaping imprisonment in Kurdufan, followed by a journey to the United States by way of Cairo, Egypt. Read more of his story here.
Bok's autobiography, Escape from Slavery, chronicles his life from his early youth and his years in captivity, to his work in the United States as an abolitionist.

Is Nonie Darwish a racist? Now an American, she grew up a Muslim in Egypt, the daughter of an Egyptian general whose family was part of President Nasser’s inner circle.
Darwish founded Former Muslims United with Ibn Warraq, an organization dedicated, in part, to helping Muslims reject the inherent intolerance, violence, and supremacism in their doctrine.
Darwish is the author of two books critical of Islam, Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law, and Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror.
And she is an outspoken critic of Sharia law.

Is Brigitte Gabriel a racist? She's an Arab, born in Lebanon. Gabriel watched her country become an Islamic state. Lebanon was a Christian country and "the jewel of the Middle East" when she was young. But the Muslims in Lebanon, supported by Syria and Iran, slowly became more militant until they turned the country into a war zone.
She made her way to America only to find, to her horror, the Muslim Brotherhood here in her newly adopted country, going down the same road. She decided to warn her fellow Americans about the dire results you can expect from appeasing orthodox Muslims, so she founded ACT! for America, a grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public about Islam's prime directive.
Gabriel is the author of two books, They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It, and Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America.

Is Mark Gabriel a racist? Born in Egypt, he became an Islamic scholar in the Muslim world's most prestigious university. Early fears by relatives that Gabriel would grow up a Christian because he had been breastfed by a Christian woman resulted in him being given a thorough Islamic education. So he grew up immersed in Islamic culture and was sent to Al Azhar school at the age of six.
By the time Gabriel was twelve years old he had memorized the Quran completely. After graduating from Al-Azhar University with a Master's degree, he was offered a position as a lecturer at the university. During his research, which involved travel to Eastern and Western countries, Gabriel became more distant from Islam, finding its history, "from its commencement to date, to be filled with violence and bloodshed without any worthwhile ideology or sense of decency. I asked myself 'What religion would condone such destruction of human life?' Based on that, I began to see that the Muslim people and their leaders were perpetrators of violence."
On hearing that Gabriel had "forsaken Islamic teachings" the authorities of Al Azhar expelled him from the University on 17 December, 1991 and asked for him to be released from the post of Imam in the mosque of Amas Ebn Malek in Giza city. The Egyptian secret police then seized Gabriel and placed him in a cell without food and water for three days, after which he was tortured and interrogated for four days before being transferred to Calipha prison in Cairo and released without charge a week later. He escaped Egypt and has since written several books, including, Islam and Terrorism.

Is Walid Shoebat a racist? He's a Palestinian immigrant to the United States and a former PLO militant. Shoebat was born in Bethlehem, the grandson of the Mukhtar of Beit Sahour, an associate of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. In 1993, Shoebat converted to Christianity after studying the Jewish Bible for six months in response to a challenge from his wife, initially trying to persuade her to convert to Islam.
After the September 11 attacks in 2001, Shoebat began to criticize Islam publicly. He has appeared on mainstream media around the world and has been an expert witness on a number of documentaries on orthodox Islam.
Shoebat argues that parallels exist between radical Islam and Nazism. He says, "Secular dogma like Nazism is less dangerous than Islamofascism that we see today...because Islamofascism has a religious twist to it; it says 'God the Almighty ordered you to do this'...It is trying to grow itself in fifty-five Muslim states. So potentially, you could have a success rate of several Nazi Germanys, if these people get their way."

Is Simon Deng a racist? He was born in southern Sudan. His village of Tonga was a peaceful farming community, despite frequent raids by the Islamic Sudanese army where they burned huts and scattered livestock. "One of the first things I was told as a child — if the Arab men come, just run for your life," Deng recalls. The history of Arab colonization of Africa is one of Islamization, wholesale slave trading, and genocide. One day the Muslims came, and Deng was captured and enslaved.
At the age of 12, he noticed a man from his village due to the man's "shilluk" — a series of raised welts across the forehead. It's a tribal marking Deng has also. The man summoned a distant relative of Deng's who happened to be nearby. With his kinsman's help, the boy was able to escape.
Having escaped slavery and emigrated to the United States, Deng travels the country addressing audiences which range from the United Nations to middle school students. His speeches focus on education and the anti-slavery movement. Deng is now a warner of the horrors of unchecked Islam and Sharia. "I was victimized in the name of Islam," he says.

Is Babu Suseelan a racist? Born in India, Professor Babu Suseelan is a Hindu leader, a human rights activist, a university professor, and a psychologist. He is also the Director of Indian American Intellectuals Forum, New York.
Suseelan is the author of several published articles on jihadi terrorism and cognitive psychology. He has been an invited speaker at international conferences on Islamic militancy.
He speaks around the world, trying to educate people about orthodox Islam and the danger it poses to the free world.

Is Walid Phares a racist? Phares was born in Lebanon, where he earned degrees in law, political science and sociology. He then earned a Master's degree in International Law from the Université de Lyon in France and a Ph.D. in international relations and strategic studies from the University of Miami. He emigrated to the United States in 1990.
Phares has testified before committees of the U.S. State, Justice, Defense and Homeland Security Departments, the United States Congress, the European Parliament, the United Nations Security Council.

His writings
expose the political nature embedded in Islamic doctrine, and seeks to find solutions to the problems that presents the West. His books include, The Confrontation: Winning the War against Future Jihad, and The War of Ideas: Jihadism against Democracy.

Is Zeyno Baran a racist? Baran is a Turkish-American scholar and Director of the Center for Eurasian Policy.
One of Baran's key areas of specialization is countering the spread of radical Turkish Islamist ideology in Europe and Eurasia.
Baran has criticized European and American governments for working too closely with groups or individuals that espouse an Islamist ideology. She argues that such engagement actually works against U.S. and European interests.
Baran recently wrote an article for The Weekly Standard on this very subject. In it, she advocates a kind of "litmus test" for deciding who and what type of Muslim groups the U.S. government should engage with. Baran argues that "the deciding factor must be ideology: Is the group Islamist or not?" She believes that the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizbullah, and Hizb ut-Tahrir fail her test.

Is M. Zuhdi Jasser a racist? He's the President and Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. A devout Muslim, Jasser founded AIFD in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the United States as an effort to provide an American Muslim voice advocating for the preservation of the founding principles of the United States Consitution, liberty and freedom, and the separation of mosque and state.
A former Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy, Jasser served 11 years as a medical officer. He is a nationally recognized expert in the contest of ideas against Political Islam and American Islamist organizations. On October 1, 2009, Jasser briefed members of Congress on the threat of Political Islam. He regularly briefs members of the House and Senate congressional anti-terror caucuses.

Is Magdi Allam a racist? Allam was born in Egypt and raised by Muslim parents. His mother Safeya was a believing and practicing Muslim, whereas his father Muhammad was "completely secular." He became a journalist and outspoken critic of "Islamic extremism."
In 2005, Allam published an article calling for a ban on building mosques in Italy. In a piece accusing mosques of fostering hate, he claimed Italy is suffering from "mosque-mania."
In a public letter to the editor, Allam stated that Islam was inseparable from Islamic extremism. Criticising Islam itself, rather than Islamic extremism, Allam argued: "I asked myself how it was possible that those who, like me, sincerely and boldly called for a 'moderate Islam,' assuming the responsibility of exposing themselves in the first person in denouncing Islamic extremism and terrorism, ended up being sentenced to death in the name of Islam on the basis of the Quran. I was forced to see that, beyond the contingency of the phenomenon of Islamic extremism and terrorism that has appeared on a global level, the root of evil is inherent in an Islam that is physiologically violent and historically conflictive."

Is Farshad Kholghi a racist? Born in Iran, he remembers the time before the Islamic Revolution, when Shah Reza Palahvi reigned supreme and the country was on a staunch Western direction, with extensive developments in infrastructure, industry, education, and health care.
Farshad Kholghi is a well known figure from public debates in Denmark. As is the case for most everyone debating Islam, he has been accused of racism (which, given his ethnicity, is ironic), and of presenting "right-wing" political views. Farshad rhetorically inquired: "Is it 'right-wing' to stand for womens' rights? Is it 'right-wing' to criticize religion? Is it 'right-wing' to defend freedom of expression? Is it 'right-wing' to defend the right of the individual over that of the ideology? If so, then yes, I present right-wing political views."
Farshad strongly encourages participating in public debate, to not fear religious fanaticism, but rather to ridicule them and their abuse of power through the application of the best of Western values, including open discussion, scrutiny of Islamic organizations and the healthy tradition of satire and ridicule of hypocritical, corrupt and exploitative religious leaders.

Is Bassam Tibi a racist? Born in Syria, Tibi is now a German citizen. He is a Muslim and a political scientist and Professor of International Relations. Tibi is a staunch critic of Islamism and an advocate of reforming Islam itself. In academia, he is known for his analysis of international relations and the introduction of Islam to the study of international conflict and of civilization.
Tibi had eighteen visiting professorships in all continents. Tibi was visiting senior fellow at Yale University when he retired in 2009. The same year, he published his life's work, a book entitled, Islam's Predicament with Cultural Modernity.

Is Khaled Abu Toameh a racist? Toameh was born in the West Bank in 1963 to an Israeli Arab father and a Palestinian Arab mother. He received his BA in English Literature from the Hebrew University and lives in Jerusalem with his wife and three children.
Toameh was formerly a senior reporter for The Jerusalem Report, and a correspondent for Al-Fajr, which he describes as a mouthpiece for the PLO. He has produced several documentaries on the Palestinians for the BBC, Channel 4, Australian, Danish and Swedish TV, including ones that exposed the connection between Arafat and payments to the armed wing of Fatah, as well as the financial corruption within the Palestinian Authority.
He was the first journalist to report about the sex scandal that rocked the Palestinian Authority in early 2010 and which led to the firing of Rafiq Husseini, Chief of Staff for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The scandal was revealed by former Palestinian intelligence official Fahmi Shabaneh in an exclusive interview with Toameh in The Jerusalem Post. One of Toameh's more famous articles is, Where Are the Voices of "Moderate" Muslims?

Is Tawfik Hamid a racist? He was born in Egypt and became a member of the militant Islamic organization, al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya. After a change of heart, Hamid started to preach in mosques to promote a message of peace, which made him a target of Islamic militants who threatened his life. Hamid then migrated to the West where he has lectured at UCLA, Stanford University, University of Miami and Georgetown University against Islamic fundamentalism.
In a 2009 Wall Street Journal article, Hamid said that Islam should prove it's a religion of peace, and called Islamic scholars and clerics, "to produce a Shariah book that will be accepted in the Islamic world and that teaches that Jews are not pigs and monkeys, that declaring war to spread Islam is unacceptable, and that killing apostates is a crime."
Hamid has written opinion pieces for The Wall Street Journal, including Islam Needs To Prove It's A Religion Of Peace, How to End Islamophobia and The Trouble with Islam.
This list of prominent criticizers of Islam could go on indefinitely. If you think criticizing Islam is racist, can you tell me exactly what race they are all criticizing? Of course not. Calling criticism of Islam "racist" is a manipulative, underhanded slander. The accurate name is "critic." All the people above are engaged in religious criticism, criticism of an ideology, and political commentary, all of which are desirable, necessary, vital components of a free society.
Some people who criticize Islam are racists. That does not mean criticizing Islam is racism. It's also true that some people who criticize Islam are socialists, but it would be foolish to say criticizing Islam is socialism.

Islam is not a race. There are Muslims of every race. The largest Muslim country is Indonesia. There are more non-Arab Muslims than Arab Muslims.
Criticism of Islam is not racism.

Most people trying to silence criticism of Islam know full well Islam is not a race. But the slander is effective in the free world. The mere implication can ruin a political career or get someone fired. So while it's not true — and most people saying it know it's not true — it is an effective weapon of censorship nontheless.
I hope this list, once and for all, will make anyone who says "criticizing Islam is racist" look ridiculous. I hope this removes that absurd slur from public conversation forevermore. Am I hoping for too much? Every time you read or hear anyone using "racism" to silence criticism of Islam, respond with this list and see what happens.


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Obama springs his trap on the Birthers, but has it already backfired?

The BIG news yesterday was the live press conference carried on all the TV stations that Barack Hussein Obama II gave from the White House where he finally revealed his long form Certificate of Live Birth. The news media loved it and made it the lead story on the 6 o'clock news. Now that Obama has "proven" beyond reasonable doubt that he was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961, the Birthers hot air balloon has been deflated and their primary argument has been nullified.
But wait, did Obama's trap suddenly backfire? The REALLY BIG NEWS yesterday is that WorldNet Daily News, which has been leading the charge against Obama's hidden documents for the last three years, has found a hole in Obama's argument big enough to float a battleship.

I have always been suspicious of crafty politicians. While I totally agree that Barack Hussein Obama II is not eligible to be president because he is not a "Natural Born" citizen of the United States because his father Barack Hussein Obama was a citizen of Kenya, and a  British subject, I suspected our one-time Muslim occupant of the White House had created this entire mystery to set a trap for his adversaries. I wrote a letter to Joseph Farah, editor of WorldNet Daily News about these suspicions on August 10, 2010.
Dear Mr. Farah,
So, according to your story, Obama is "enjoying" the eligibility dispute. I am more worried that he has a reason to be enjoying it and so should you. Obama is a crafty politician who is slipperier than greased Teflon. If Obama played chess he would be a Grand Master. While I am torn between wishing he would be convicted of treason and sentenced to life in a military prison run by returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans or deported back to Kenya, I am also very concerned that he has a trump card up his sleeve. He may well have foreseen mass disapproval for his Marxist/Socialist agenda that would sink him and his majority Democrats and planned ahead by creating his own controversy over his birth certificate. What better way to scuttle the entire right wing effort to retake Congress than for him to pull his October surprise and release all of those hidden documents and say to the voters, "See, I am a citizen. I told you so."
Nelson Abdullah
Wasn't it interesting that I happened to mention that Obama had a "trump card up his sleeve" and now because of the publicity that Donald Trump has given to this issue, Obama was forced to release his birth certificate? OK, it was an unintended pun.
The question that remains is why did he choose today, of all days, to do this. Obama is the consummate political animal and every part of him, from his nose to his brain to his rectum is political, so everything he does is political. His popularity is sinking as fast as the gas prices are climbing so he needed a big boost. Donald Trump's popularity is rising every time he brings up the subject of Obama's birth certificate. Jerome Corsi's new book, Where's the Birth Certificate, is #1 in advance sales on Amazon and the release date is only two weeks away. WorldNet seemed to have devoted way too much time on this apart from the excellent research they uncovered on all the other hidden documents plus the confusing issue of Obama's Connecticut-issued Social Security number. But when Obama released his birth certificate he must have thought it would destroy everyone's credibility once and for all and Trump and all of the other birthers would be silenced forever. But it appears that Obama's conspirators made a crucial mistake and WorldNet Daily News had the evidence.

The problem with Obama's Certificate of Live Birth is it has the wrong file number. Jerome Corsi wrote in WorldNet Daily News yesterday that they had done extensive research in Hawaii and uncovered the names of twin girls who were born at the same hospital that Obama claims he was born at and he has their birth certificates to prove it. Susan and Gretchen Nordyke were born the day after Barack Hussein Obama II's Certificate of Live Birth says he was born yet the File Numbers rubber stamped on their birth certificates have a lower sequence number than the File Number stamped on Obama's. Jerome Corsi showed the Nordyke twins birth certificates in his article and I have combined them side by side in a photo of Obama's birth certificate. I took the White House issued copy of Obama's certificate and reversed the positive image to a negative image just as the Nordykes certificate. Here is the picture. Click the image for a larger view.
For those puritans who only appreciate the original untouched version of the evidence here also are the original images of the White House birth certificate and the Nordyke twins birth certificates. Click them also for a larger view.

As Dr. Corsi pointed out in his excellent article:
What is it about twin girls born day after Obama?
  • As WND reported, the long-form birth certificates issued by Kapi'olani to the Nordyke twins have certificate numbers lower than the number given Obama, even though the president purportedly was born at the same hospital a day earlier than the Nordykes.  
  • Note, Susan Nordyke, the first twin, was born at 2:12 p.m. Hawaii time Aug. 5, 1961, and was given certificate No. 151 – 61 – 10637, which was filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.
  • Gretchen Nordyke, the second twin, was born at 2:17 p.m. Hawaii time Aug. 5, 1961, and was given certificate No. 151 – 61 – 10638, which was also filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.
In 1961, the birth certificate numbers were not assigned by the hospitals.

Instead, the numbers were stamped to the birth record by the Hawaii Department of Health at the main office in Honolulu.

This is the only place birth certificate numbers were assigned.

At the last step of the process, the documents were accepted by the registrar general, with the date of registration inserted in box No. 22 on the lower right hand corner of the long-form birth certificate.

The date the birth document was accepted by the registrar general was the date the birth certificate number was stamped on the birth record.

The birth certificate number was stamped on the form by a rubber stamp that automatically increased by one each time a birth certificate was stamped.

The question, therefore, is how was it possible that the Nordyke twins had their birth certificates accepted by the registrar general in Hawaii three days later than the registrar general accepted Obama's birth certificate, when the twins' numbers are lower than Obama's number?
Before Barack Hussein Obama II personally vouched for the accuracy of his birth certificate there was only speculation about the factual details. Now that Barack Hussein Obama II has made this claim on public television, in front of every American, he can be charged with perpetrating the greatest fraud every in the history of the united States of America. Obama's co-conspirators in the Democrat-controlled state of Hawaii made a crucial error when they provided him with his Certificate of Live Birth with the wrong file number. Now this issue must be tried in a court of law. The perpetrators must be charged and when found guilty must be sent to prison.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A letter from We The People. Are you listening Obama?

There is not much available on the background behind this video except that it was produced by a group called Nos Populus and they have a web site. This was posted on YouTube and has received 9,710,173 hits as of 4-27-2011 and still counting. I think it is the best video I've seen in a long time.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Mideast Devoid Of Christians

From the web site Maggie's Notebook

A Mideast Devoid Of Christians

April 21, 2011
By findalis 
This is the goal of the Muslim world.  In every Muslim nation there is an official systematic policy to destroy every Christian church, community, life in order to free themselves of the blight they see within their midst.  This isn’t a new phenomena in these countries, they rid themselves of Jews decades ago.
This is the saddest Easter in the long epic of Arab Christianity: The cross is near extinction in the lands of it origin. The much-vaunted diversity of the Middle East is going to be reduced to the flat monotony of a single religion, Islam, and to a handful of languages.
In 1919, the Egyptian revolution adopted a green flag with the crescent and the cross. Both Muslims and Christians participated in the nationalist revolution against British colonialism. Now, according to the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights, more than 70 Christians a week are asking to leave the country due to Islamist threats.
The numbers are telling. Today there is only one Middle Eastern country where the number of Christians has grown: Israel. As documented in the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, the Christian community that numbered 34,000 people in 1949 is now 163,000-strong, and will reach 187,000 in 2020.
In the rest of the Middle East, the drive for Islamic purity is going to banish all traces of pre-Islamic pasts. This has affected not only Christians, but other non-Islamic communities too, such as the Zoroastrians and Baha’is in Iran (the late also found refuge in Israel, in Haifa.)
The silence of the global forums, the flawed conscience of human rights groups, the self-denial of the media and the Vatican’s appeasement is helping facilitate this Islamist campaign. According to a report on religious freedom compiled by the US Department of State, the number of Christians in Turkey declined from two million to 85,000; in Lebanon they have gone from 55% to 35% of the population; in Syria, from half the population they have been reduced to 4%; in Jordan, from 18% to 2%. In Iraq, they will be exterminated.
Should the exodus of Christians from Bethlehem continue in the next two or three decades, there may be no clergy left to conduct religious services in Jesus’ birthplace. In Iran, Christians have become virtually non-existent since 1979, when Khomeini ordered the immediate closure of all Christian schools. In Gaza, the 3,000 who remain are subjected to persecution. In Sudan, Christians in the South are forced into slavery.
Israel’s flag a symbol of hope
In Lebanon, the Maronites, the only Christians to have held political power in the modern Arab world, have been reduced to a minority because of Muslim violence and Hezbollah’s rise. In Saudi Arabia, Christians have been beaten or tortured by religious police. Benjamin Sleiman, archbishop of Baghdad, is talking about “the extinction of Christianity in the Middle East.”
The Christian Egypt was symbolically represented by former United Nations Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, a Christian married to a Jewish woman whose sister was the wife of Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban. In 1977, Boutros-Ghali, who was then Egypt’s foreign minister, accompanied President Anwar Sadat to Jerusalem.
Sadat, who as a child had attended a Christian school, was killed because the treaty his signed with the “Zionists,” among other reasons, and his cold peace is now under attack from the new rulers in Cairo.
In 1948, the Middle East was cleansed of its ancient Jews. Today is the Christians’ turn. Just as Islamist totalitarians have ruthlessly persecuted Christians in the Middle East, they have been waging war for the past 63 years to destroy the Jewish state in their midst. That’s why the fate of Israel is intertwined with the fate of the non-Muslim minorities.
Should the Islamists prevail, the Middle East will be completely green, the colour of Islam. Under atomic and Islamist existential threats, the remnant of the Jewish people risks being liquidated before Israel’s centennial in 2048. It’s time for Christians to recognize that Israel’s survival is also critical and vital for them. During the Holocaust, when most Christians were bystanders or collaborators, the Yellow Star was a symbol of death for the Jews. Today, the white flag with the beautiful six pointed star is a symbol of survival and hope for both Jews and Christians.
Giulio Meotti, a journalist with Il Foglio, is the author of the book A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism
Full Story
I wrote in 2008 that the PA is planning to turn the Church of the Nativity into a Mosque.  It is only a matter of time until there are almost no Christians in Bethlehem. Then the PA can evict the Nuns, Priests and Brother who reside at the church (Their usefulness as mouth pieces will be done.), and then loot the place and rework it into a Mosque.

It is not as if Muslims have any respect for the Holy sites of other people.  The desecration of Joseph’s Tomb or the Statues of Buddha is the best example of what will happen to every Christian holy site that falls under the sway of these madmen.

Joseph's Tomb

Why is it the Christian churches for the most part, are silent on this? Only a few will cry out for their persecuted brethren. What is scaring them into silence?

The silence of the Christian world is deafening. Especially to those communities who are being erased from the lands they lived in since way before Mohammad was born.

Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?

Representative Sue Myrick (NC-9) came to Congress in 1995 after building a successful advertising and public relations business, and serving two terms as mayor of Charlotte, NC, the state’s largest city and commercial hub.  She is currently in her eighth term representing North Carolina's 9th district, which covers portions of Union, Mecklenburg, and Gaston Counties.

Sue serves as the Vice Chairman of the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee, which is the oldest legislative committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. It enjoys the broadest legislative responsibility of any House committee, including public health, telecommunications, energy, consumer protection, food and drug safety, air quality, environmental health, and interstate and foreign commerce. In addition, the jurisdiction extends over five Cabinet-level departments and seven independent agencies. Sue is a member of the Health subcommittee.

In 2009, Sue was selected by House Leadership to serve on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The Intelligence Committee has jurisdiction over the Intelligence community, including intelligence-related activities of the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Security Agency, and other agencies of the Department of Defense (DOD), and the Departments of State, Justice, and Treasury.

Who is the Muslim Brotherhood? is a three-part video series presented by Republican Rep. Sue Myrick from the 9th CD in North Carolina.
Part 1: Unrest in Egypt: Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?
Egyptians are marching in the streets protesting their government. They feel it is corrupt and hasn't addressed their concerns over the poor economy and lack of jobs.

As the Egyptians protest, there is an underground movement by groups in Egypt who want to see the government crumble so that they can take power. One of these groups is the Muslim Brotherhood.

If the Muslim Brotherhood gains control in Egypt, it creates major foreign policy and security problems for American and our allies. Americans must be aware of this and begin to educate themselves. Some in the media are helping by asking the right questions - "Who Is The Muslim Brotherhood?"

Part 2: Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?
In the first video feature regarding the unrest in Egypt, Rep. Myrick provided you with basic information about the Muslim Brotherhood -- its founding principles, ideology and stated goals. Click the image below for the second video in the series that asks "Who Is the Muslim Brotherhood?" This feature examines the danger the Muslim Brotherhood poses to the United States based on evidence presented by the United States Department of Justice during the largest terrorism fundraising trial in United States history.
Part 3: Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?
In previous features, we covered the Muslim Brotherhood; their founders, structures, ideology and publicly stated goals. We also showed evidence provided by the US Department of Justice in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terrorism fundraising trial, which documented the Muslim Brotherhood's use of nonprofit front organizations in the United States to advance their Islamist goals. In this feature we examine one of those groups - the Council on American Islamic Relations - CAIR.
America is indebted to patriots like Sue Myrick who have courageously challenged the public misconception of our sworn enemies and dared to tell the truth about the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood and the worldwide expansion of Islam. Read my previous posts on her excellent work.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

DOJ confirms status of CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator of HAMAS


Martyrdom - The single largest contribution Muslims have given the world.

This is not a play on words, but to die for your faith in the Christian religions (Catholic and Protestant) makes you an instant Martyr. In the Islamic cult (or culture) a Muslim who dies for their beliefs is also said to make them a martyr but not for the same reasons. In the Christian faith a person who suffers persecution and death for refusing to renounce their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who would die rather than be forcefully converted to Islam goes to Heaven as a Martyr. In the world of Islam, a Muslim who commits suicide in order to kill innocent non-believers is said to be a martyr but this seems only to be a promise used to get some uneducated Muslim to give up his life to kill the enemy. The proof of this is that you don't hear about any educated clerics blowing themselves up.

So the answer to the question, "What single contribution have Muslims given the world?" is, they have done more to create Christian Martyrs than anyone else in history. They have slaughtered more Christians than the Roman Empire.

Other major religions in the world have similar beliefs. Martyrdom in Judaism is one of the main examples of Kiddush Hashem. 1 Maccabees and 2 Maccabees recount numerous martyrdom's suffered by Jews resisting ideas or customs of pagan overlords, being executed for such crimes as observing the Sabbath.

Hindus and Buddhists have not escaped the persecution at the hands of Islamic invaders or Muslim governments. A Hindu web site Satyaneva Jayate lists the following slaughter in just the last century.
Genocide committed in the name of Allah: 3,000,000 Bangladeshi Hindus Killed during the Pakistan-Bangladesh war in 1971. From 1894 to 1896 Abdul Hamid, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, killed 150,000 Armenian Christians. In India, Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur along with his disciples was burned to death by the Moghul ruler Aurangzeb in 1675. Another Sikh, Bhai Mati Das was sawn into right and left halves while he was still alive. In July 1974, 4,000 Christians living in Cyprus were killed by Fahri Koroturk, president of Turkey and his Islamic army. From 1843 to 1846 10,000 Assyrian Christians including women and children were massacred by the Muslims. From 1915 to 1918 750,000 Assyrians were killed in the name of Islamic Jihad. In 1933 thousands of Assyrian villagers were murdered by the Iraqi soldiers in Northern Iraq. Since 1990 more than 10,000 Kashmiri Hindus have been brutally murdered by Islamic fundamentalists. Over 280,000 Ugandans killed during the reign of Idi Amin from 1971 to 1979. Over 30,000 Mauritanians have been killed by the Islamic dictators since 1960. In 1980, 20,000 Syrians were murdered under the rule of Hafez Al-Assad, President of Syria. Since 1992 120,000 Algerians have been murdered by the Islamic fundamentalist army.
The worldwide historical count of people slaughtered by Muslims in the 1400 years this cult has existed is an astounding 270-million people.  This list was compiled by several sources and posted on Bare Naked Islam.
Thomas Sowell [Thomas Sowell, Race and Culture, BasicBooks, 1994, p. 188] estimates that 11 million slaves were shipped across the Atlantic and 14 million were sent to the Islamic nations of North Africa and the Middle East. For every slave captured many others died. Estimates of this collateral damage vary. The renowned missionary David Livingstone estimated that for every slave who reached a plantation, five others were killed in the initial raid or died of illness and privation on the forced march.[Woman’s Presbyterian Board of Missions, David Livingstone, p. 62, 1888] Those who were left behind were the very young, the weak, the sick and the old. These soon died since the main providers had been killed or enslaved. So, for 25 million slaves delivered to the market, we have an estimated death of about 120 million people. Islam ran the wholesale slave trade in Africa.
The number of Christians martyred by Islam is 9 million [David B. Barrett, Todd M. Johnson,World Christian Trends AD 30-AD 2200, William Carey Library, 2001, p. 230, table 4-10] . A rough estimate by Raphael Moore in History of Asia Minor is that another 50 million died in wars by jihad. So counting the million African Christians killed in the 20th century we have:
Koenard Elst in Negationism in India gives an estimate of 80 million Hindus killed in the total jihad against India. [Koenard Elst, Negationism in India, Voice of India, New Delhi, 2002, pg. 34.] The country of India today is only half the size of ancient India, due to jihad. The mountains near India are called the Hindu Kush, meaning the “funeral pyre of the Hindus.”
Buddhists do not keep up with the history of war. Keep in mind that in jihad only Christians and Jews were allowed to survive as dhimmis (servants to Islam); everyone else had to convert or die. Jihad killed the Buddhists in Turkey, Afghanistan, along the Silk Route, and in India. The total is roughly 10 million. [David B. Barrett, Todd M. Johnson, World Christian Trends AD 30-AD 2200, William Carey Library, 2001, p. 230, table 4-1.]
Here are a single years worth of news stories and links from around the world showing the extent of persecution of Christians in Muslim countries on the web site Voice of the Martyrs. Other stories have appeared on a daily basis on Jihad Watch and Worldnet Daily News and TROP, The Religion of Peace.
Iraq (MNN) ― Nearly 100,000 believers flee Iraq in a matter of months
Published on 25 March, 2011
Pakistan (MNN) ― Persecution heats up in Pakistan with two more murders
Published on 21 March, 2011
Ivory Coast (MNN) ― War-like election violence targets Christians
Published on 18 March, 2011
Pakistan (MNN) ― Many fear Christian prisoner's death was murder
Published on 7 March, 2011
Ethiopia (MNN) ― Extremist mob attacks college students on mission trip
Published on 28 February, 2011
Afghanistan (MNN) ― Imprisoned Afghan Christian released from prison while another Christian convert still behind bars
Published on 22 December, 2010
Iraq (MNN) ― Christmas hopes dimmed by terror threats in Iraq
Published on 16 November, 2010
Iran (MNN) ― Iran's Supreme Leader openly names enemies of Islam, including the Church
Published on 12 November, 2010
Pakistan (MNN) ― Pakistan sentences woman to death for 'blasphemy' for the first time in history
Published on 4 November, 2010
Eritrea (MNN) ― The government orders another crackdown on Christians
Published on 27 October, 2010
Uzbekistan (MNN) ― Believers face prison and fines for possession of illegal Christian movies
Published on 7 October, 2010
Somalia (MNN) ― Somalia pursues Christians into Kenya
Published on 7 September, 2010
Indonesia (MNN) ― Threats and opposition against Christians mounting in Bekasi, Indonesia
Published on 19 August, 2010
Turkey (MNN) ― The government relaxes its ban a little, Christians hold historic service
Published on 13 August, 2010
International (MNN) ― High potential for persecution to increase in Muslim countries during holy month
Published on 30 July, 2010
Lebanon (MNN) ― Government efforts to protect Christians will not end persecution
Published on 28 July, 2010
Pakistan (MNN) ― Christian nursing student raped -- nearly killed in Pakistan
Published on 23 July, 2010
Pakistan (MNN) ― A pastor and his brother murdered after being framed for blasphemy
Published on 19 July, 2010
Uzbekistan (MNN) ― Government wrongfully views Christianity as a threat
Published on 14 July, 2010
Indonesia (MNN) ― Death threats on the rise against Christians in Indonesia
Published on 12 July, 2010
Pakistan (MNN) ― Local authorities refuse to press charges in murder of Christian's family
Published on 30 June, 2010
Morocco (MNN) ― Morocco expels yet another foreign Christian
Published on 25 June, 2010
Uzbekistan (MNN) ― Uzbek government cracks down on Christians
Published on 14 June, 2010
Afghanistan (MNN) ― Devastating reports could provoke persecution against Afghanistan's Christians
Published on 7 June, 2010
Afghanistan (MNN) ― Christians face oppression as anti-Christian rhetoric increases
Published on 27 May, 2010
Indonesia (MNN) ― Militant Muslims use intimidation against Christians
Published on 21 May, 2010
Morocco (MNN) ― Moroccan government continues crackdown against Christians
Published on 12 May, 2010
Somalia (MNN) ― Christian schoolteacher shot down by Islamic militants
Published on 27 April, 2010
Burma (MNN) ― Genocide has finally received some international attention
Published on 2 April, 2010
Eritrea (MNN) ― More Christians thrown in jail--this time, from the military