Monday, June 6, 2022

Democrats continue to invent more dirty tricks to win elections

Michigan Democrats perfecting the art of stealing elections have found a way to remove top Republican candidates from the ballot. This is dirty politics at its worst, hire fake campaign workers to supposedly gather petition signatures to get candidates on the ballot. Then submit petitions with fake signatures and the candidate is removed from the ballot if he or she fails to submit the required minimum.

Some states will only strike off invalid signatures on ballot petitions line-by-line but other states, like Michigan, will invalidate the entire page of all signatures if just one is faked. Because of this it is imperative for candidates to use only loyal, certified workers to gather signatures.

The first rule of politics is always party affiliation.

The first rule of politics is party affiliation. It doesn't really matter what the politician stands for because when they get into Congress the first thing that happens is they count the number of "D"s and "R"s and then elect who is the Majority Leader or Speaker of the House based on the numbers. To make the point easy to understand consider the problem caused by the NRA, the largest gun lobby. In 2008 they endorsed 54 Democrats who claimed to support the 2nd Amendment and helped 52 of them get elected. With the NRA endorsements the Democrats gained the House majority and made Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House who proceeded to push thru anti-gun legislation. When it comes to election day I fear a three person race because it almost always splits the conservative vote and helps the Democrats win. Politics is such a dirty game that in Virginia a few years ago the Democrats paid for most of the campaign costs of a third party Libertarian candidate and took away enough votes from the Republican to enable the liberal Democrat to become governor.The Republicans

I am still waiting to see the Republicans begin to understand they cannot win trying to be nice. The Democrats control the news media so they can cover up all of their dirty tricks just like they did in 2020. The Republicans must start playing a smarter game.