Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Past, Present and Future.

Most of the visitors to this blog do not know me so it is not surprising that while the blog has been inactive for 2 1/2 years no one asked why.

I think I still owe you an explanation.

For almost as long as this blog has existed I have been the sole caregiver to my wife who has Alzheimer's. This past year has been an extremely difficult time for both of us.

As her terminal disease has slowly progressed she has now entered in home hospice and is even more difficult to care for.

To make matters worse, my own health has been going downhill. Last October I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Prostate Cancer and underwent 3-months of daily radiation treatment.

With the cancer now gone I have graduated to more problems. I have undergone heart surgery in August and am now being treated for Congestive Heart Failure and Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure). A year ago I had one doctor, now I have seven.

Call me a wounded warrior but what has happened to our once-great nation in the past 8-years is enough to call every soldier
able to stand back to the battlefield for one last fight.

In less than 2 months America will either live or die. If Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt and unethical politician in our history, manages to get elected, our once-great Republic will perish. Much has been said about this but it all comes down to that fragile piece of paper called The United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat in the White House next year will alter the makeup of the Supreme Court of the United States by making ultra-left-wing appointments. That will proceed to reverse many of our rights that now protect us from becoming a tyrannical dictatorship. It will abolish free speech and our 2nd Amendment. It will likely lead to civil war.
One thing is certain, the same godless Democratic Party that tried to remove the name of God from their national platform in 2012 will try to banish any religion that believes in the Ten Commandments. 
I am supporting the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, for president, 100%.

It is imperative that Mr.Trump wins in November. A vote for anyone else will help Hillary get elected.


Nelson Abdullah