Monday, April 25, 2011

Huge Muslim prison populations in non-Muslim countries.

Great story from Bare Naked Islam. Let the documented facts speak for themselves.

NOT A SURPRISE – Huge MUSLIM prison populations in non-Muslim countries

The percentage of Muslims in prisons throughout Europe and the U.S. far exceeds their numbers in the general population of each country.

Shouldn’t this beg the question, why are Europe and the US continuing to allow so many Muslim immigrants (both legal and illegal) into their countries?

Islam in Europe -(H/T Rene) Estimating the percentages of Muslims in prisons across Europe is not simple. In some cases, such as Sweden, collecting such data is illegal (Prior stories at BNI indicate that about 40% of all crimes in Sweden are perpetrated by Muslims).  These are stunning numbers considering that the largest Muslim population in Europe is in France, with about 10% of population being Muslim.

BELGIUM – 16% (12.8% Moroccans, 3.1% Turks) (EUMAP), 35% (NEWS)





ITALY – 13% Muslims (NEWS)


NORWAY – Over 30% (NEWS)

SPAIN – 70% (NEWS)

SWITZERLAND – 57.8% in Champ-Dollon prison (Champ-Dollon PDF

UNITED STATES – 9 – 15%  Estimate (200,000 – 350,000) Far higher than the 2% Muslim population (2.6 million according the 2010 census) in the U.S. (Islam in Prison) There is a high rate of conversions to Islam in US prisons.


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