Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Throwing fuel on the fire will never put it out. Substitute Islam for both the fuel and the fire.

Throwing a bucket of gasoline on a fire never helped to extinguish the fire, it only made things worse. Ronald Reagan never encouraged socialism and communism at home or abroad to fight the ‘Evil Empire’ of the Soviet Union. Reagan promoted the best qualities of America, free enterprise and capitalism, just the opposite, and he was successful in seeing that 'Evil Empire' fall apart. But it seems that the ass-backwards policies of our ultra-leftist Marxist Democrats like Barack Hussein Obama and Jimmy Carter, our despicable #1 and #2 worst leaders of all time, have some idea that giving aid and comfort to the sworn enemy of America will somehow make them like us more. Well, this is only my humble opinion but some very knowledgeable and experienced people now agree with it. Read the following from Jihad Watch, today:
Obama's envoy to the OIC calls for more Islam to cure violence caused by...Islam. An excellent IBD editorial about this story. "Beheading Ourselves Over Islam," from Investor's Business Daily, April 5:
Beheading ourselves over Islam
War On Terror: What can the U.S. do to quell the violent spasms of Islam? Promote Islam, naturally. At least that's the thinking of this administration. It's now official foreign policy. President Obama's top Muslim envoy has been overseas encouraging devotion to Islam, including in terror hot spots like Afghanistan. In fact, Rashad Hussain, U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, just returned from Afghanistan, where he told locals the antidote to Islamic violence "is Islam itself."
"I am of the opinion that one of the strongest tools that you can use to counter radicalization and violent extremism is Islam itself, because Islam rejects violent extremism," Hussain said during a speech in Kabul.
Afghans responded to his message by slaughtering a dozen innocent United Nations workers in the name of Islam.
Stirred by mosque sermons, a mob of thousands overran a U.N. compound in northern Afghanistan following Friday prayers. They sawed off the heads of two guards before killing the others, including Norwegian and Swedish nationals, inside. It was Afghanistan's deadliest attack on U.N. personnel.
The worshippers also burned American flags and effigies of Obama — all to defend the honor of a single, paperback copy of a Quran torched by a quack U.S. preacher thousands of miles away in Florida. So far, more than 20 have died in the rioting.
Islamic law calls for vengeance against anybody who insults Islam, its prophet or its holy book. Islamic law is enshrined in the post-Taliban Afghan constitution. Yet Rashad, a devout Muslim, says the Muslim faith is "key" to the administration's strategy to turn Muslims away from violence....
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