Monday, April 18, 2011

How often has America snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Democrats, Liberals and RINOs know all about how to start wars but know very little about how to finish them. I have often made fun of this mentality as coming from the Hollywood film industry influence in politics: “Never kill off all the bad guys if you can make a profit from a sequel.”

In an Opinion piece on Fox News, Jim Rasenberger relates the question uttered by John F. Kennedy following the defeat of the Cuban exiles at the Bay of Pigs on April 17, 1961. The Bay of Pigs, 50 Years Later: "How Could We Have Been So Stupid?  While right on target in his opening paragraphs, Rasenberger flunks his history test on the Bay of Pigs.

“Long before the intervention in Libya -- before Afghanistan or Iraq, or even Vietnam -- the United States found itself involved in a peculiar operation on the southern coast of Cuba, at a place called the Bay of Pigs.”

”Starting in the early hours of April 17, 1961, approximately 1,400 Cuban exiles, supplied and backed by the CIA and Pentagon, attempted to invade their homeland and overthrow Fidel Castro. The exile force was routed within days and sent fleeing to the swamps. Castro crowed with victory, while the new administration of John F. Kennedy wallowed in humiliation. “How could we have been so stupid?” President Kennedy muttered to his aides.”
Unfortunately, Mr.Rasenberger failed to note that it was JFK’s brother, Robert who was responsible for canceling the air support they had promised to the Cuban exiles before they launched their invasion. The air support that would have changed the outcome forever and toppled the early regime of Fidel Castro could have possibly prevented another communist, Hugo Ch├ívez, from taking over Venezuela.

Thus began a long history of the tacit support our government has given to communist dictatorships and other enemies of America through weak and indecisive leadership. Following the first ever war we did not win in Korea, partly because we surrendered the operational authority to the United Nations, America’s liberal leadership has always been good at risking the lives of our servicemen by tying their hands when they go into battle with rules of engagement that only raise the casualty count.

We fought North Korea but were prohibited from invading them, Gen. Douglas MacArthur wanted to use the Atomic Bomb and lay waste to the 38th parallel but was fired for his persistence. For 60+ years since then America has stationed a small army to guard the so-called De-Militarized Zone. We fought the North Vietnamese but could not invade them and when a few bombs were dropped on Haiphong Harbor damaged some foreign ships supplying our enemy, we offered our apology. Democrats sent troops into Boznia and Kosovo to help save the oppressed Muslim population (and a lot of good that has done us since), Democrats let troops fail in Somalia. The second worse president of the United States, that Georgia asshole Jimmy Carter and his human rights efforts helped topple our pro-American ally the Shah of Iran and install the demonic Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.
In recent years, American soldiers paid the ultimate price in Afghanistan when they became victims to a military arsenal in the hands of the Afghan Taliban that had been sent to the "rebels" in Afghanistan by Democrat Charlie Wilson to fight the Soviet occupation. That blunder had been committed during the years Democrat Bill Clinton was president. Matter of fact, Hollywood was so proud of that moment they even made a movie about it starring Tom Hanks called Charlie Wilson's War. Now we have a repeat of this same mistake going on in Libya. Barack Hussein Obama wants to supply military weapons to the "rebels" fight Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi in spite of the fact that the terrorist group al Qaida has already infiltrated the rebels.
There seems to be a distinctly measurable quality in the way true conservatives have led our nations battles, such as Ronald Regan’s decisive handling of Grenada, and George H. W. Bush’s handling of Panama but as the conservative quotient diminishes the more wimpish the results as evidenced by the elder RINO Bush having surrounded the city of Baghdad with 500,000 allied troops in the Persian Gulf War in 1991, decided not to attack Saddam Hussein. So the Hollywood rules about killing off the bad guy prevailed and we now have an unending sequel.


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