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Obama's father 'A slippery character', proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Thanks to Winds of Jihad for posting the lead to this informative story from the British newspaper, Daily Mail. Reading these stories convinces me how urgent it was for Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers to rewrite Obama's book Dreams of My Father.
UPDATE: Atlas Shrugs has two more stories with additional details on Obama Sr.  See them below.
'A slippery character': President Obama's father was a serial womaniser who had to be warned to stop his 'playboy ways'

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 10:38 PM on 28th April 2011
  • Obama raised by his grandparents and single mother
  • Documents relating to his father paint a picture of a serial womaniser who officials were trying to force out of the country
With a father like this, it is little wonder President Obama did not want to release his full birth certificate.
Though the proof that he was actually born in Hawaii may silence some critics, a new, rather more interesting side of his life has emerged - that his father Barack Obama senior was a serial womaniser and polygamist who government and university officials were trying to force out of the country.
Obama senior married Stanley Ann Dunham, a white student from Kansas, not only when he was said to have already been married to a woman in Kenya, but at a time when interracial marriages were still illegal in many parts of the U.S.
Documents obtained from the U.S. immigration service paint a picture of a man who 'had an eye for the ladies' and, according to his file, had to be warned several times to stay away from girls at the university.
Family portrait: A rare snapshot of President Obama with his father Barack Obama senior who, new documents reveal was a serial womaniser and polygamist
Family portrait: A rare snapshot of President Obama with his father Barack Obama senior who, new documents reveal was a serial womaniser and polygamist
Happier times: Barack Obama senior stands with the President's mother Stanley Ann Dunham at an airport in Hawaii
Happier times: Barack Obama senior stands with the President's mother Stanley Ann Dunham at an airport in Hawaii
Heather Smathers, a investigative journalist with the Arizona Independent, obtained the files through a Freedom of Information request.
A memo from a University of Hawaii foreign student advisor said that Obama senior had 'been running around with several girls since he first arrived here and last summer she cautioned him about his playboy ways. Subject replied that he would "try" to stay away from the girls.'
It also considered his earlier Kenya marriage as a grounds to deny him a visa extension but concluded that 'polygamy was not an excludable or deportation charge'.
He is further described as 'a slippery character', and his relationships with 'several women' are discussed and investigated, while questions about his 'marital problems' are repeatedly raised.
Another immigration memo, from June 1964, records that Harvard officials were trying 'to get rid of him' and 'couldn't seem to figure out how many wives he had'.

The documents also specify that he had a child - Barack Obama junior - while he was at the university on August 4, 1961.
The memo also notes that he be 'closely questioned before another extension is granted - and denial be considered'.
Other notes make reference to some kind of campaign to drive Obama senior out of the country and back to Kenya. The memo advised officials to withdraw his funding.
President Obama's mother met his father at a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii in 1960. At the time he was the first and only African student at the university.
When they married, she did not realise that he had a wife and child in Kenya. The couple divorced in 1963 and Ann Dunham struggled as a single mother to bring up her child, just as her estranged husband was at studying at Harvard and reportedly carousing after women. 
The last time President Obama saw his father was in 1971 when he was ten years old. Obama Sr was killed 11 years later in a car accident in 1982.
Atlas Shrugs:

Barack Hussein Obama Senior: Nightmares of my Father

The Arizona Independent newspaper published the Immigration and Naturalization Service file on Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. 
It is astonishing. Barack Hussein Obama's father's immigration file was just released under a F.O.I.A request, and what a ugly picture is paints. The BHO fairy tale narrative, made up out of whole cloth and sold to the American people, is blown to bits. BHO's impossible philandering, multiple wives and rampant bad behavior led to his removal from Harvard and the country. His polygamy is attributable to BHO Senior's Muslim faith. But at a time when America enforced her laws and immigration policy, Barack Hussein Obama Senior would be forced to leave Harvard, his visa not renewed.
He was a terrible man -- immoral and irresponsible. His treatment of women was incredibly callous and cruel -- not to mention the abandoment of his children and his multiple wives.

 Also Atlas Shrugs

UPDATE: Interesting factoid by Jack Cashill at the Thinker:
The Obama Lie That Drove the Birther Movement

Newly released documents from Barack Obama Sr.'s immigration file,  obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, justify "birther" doubts about the nativity story on which Barack Obama based his presidential campaign.

The problems, of course, go deeper. According to divorce papers filed in 1964, Barack Sr. and Ann Dunham married in Wailuku, Maui, on February 2, 1961.  One has to wonder, however, whether it was a marriage in anything but name or whether there was a marriage at all. 

The immigration authorities certainly wondered.  An April 1961 memo notes, "If his USC [United States Citizen] wife tries to petition for [Obama Sr.] make sure an investigation is conducted as to the bona-fide of the marriage."

The facts get more problematic still.  After the birth of baby Barry in August 1961, Ann left for Seattle as soon as the doctors cleared her to travel. Once there, she enrolled at the University of Washington, not Washington Sate.  Barack Sr. stayed behind in Hawaii.

... based on these documents, the union, if there was one, ended before Obama was born.
Here is the 55-page file from the Immigration and Naturalization Service on Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. thanks to Atlas Shrugs for providing the link.
Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Immigration File

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