Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This is how illegal aliens view America.

On August 4, 2010 a small group of protesters who opposed Arizona's new illegal alien law desecrated an American flag in front of the state capitol. The demonstration against SB-1070 brought people to Phoenix from across the country, including immigrant-rights activists bused in from California. Arizona Capitol Police and Homeland Security prevented anyone from interfering with the desecration, in spite of it being against the law. One soldier who had just returned from Iraq tried to grab the flag and was thrown to the ground by the Capitol Police and Homeland Security. People were spitting on the flag, stomping on it and burning it with cigarettes. Here is a video of what took place. The story was confirmed on the Phoenix web site of KOLD-TV.
The protesters used spray paint to write, "deport Arpaio" and "impeach Brewer." a reference to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has been harassed by our own Department of Justice for his diligent enforcement of immigration laws.

This disgraceful behavior in Arizona is nothing new with these illegal immigrants, many of whom attend our schools and receive a free education along with Food Stamps and health care. On March 27, 2006, Hispanic students attending Montebello High School participated in tearing down an American flag in front of the school and hoisting a Mexican flag above it. Students protest in Whittier, California. Area students from Pioneer, California and Whittier high schools walked out of classes to protest the proposed federal immigration bill March 27, 2006.

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Urban Legends confirms this actually happened. The occasion was a protest involving approximately 1,000 Hispanic students who walked out of their classes in the El Rancho Unified and Whittier Union High School Districts and marched through the town of Pico Rivera to nearby Montebello High School, where they demonstrated against proposed federal legislation calling for harsher measures against illegal immigration. As these photos and others taken that day show, Mexican flags were common currency at the event. The standard waving got out of hand, however, when a small group of protesters hoisted the flag of Mexico up the school flagpole with the Stars and Stripes underneath it, upside-down.
District administrators say that despite appearances, few if any Montebello High School students participated in the demonstration. The campus was "on lockdown" for the duration of the protest, which means Montebello students were kept in their classrooms until the gathering dispersed.
Barack Hussein Obama has openly resisted the enforcement of any immigration laws by Arizona while other Democrats, seeking to benefit from proposed amnesty changes, have been hoping those 12-million illegal aliens already in America could receive some blanket form of citizenship in time to vote in the mid-term elections next month. The time for any new voters to register to vote this year has already expired so it looks like the makeup of next year's Congress will be decidedly Republican.

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