Friday, October 8, 2010

Campbell Soup company changes products to meet Islamic needs - sparks protest.

The email came to me a few days ago, and I added some background research on ISNA and passed it on to my list. Now many conservative web sites are talking about it:

Boycott Campbell's products.

From the Campbell's website:

In the coming months, all our Halal-certified products will have the ISNA logo directly on their labels, so you can easily identify them at your grocery store

Good in the Muslim Brotherhood.  

Campbell's Soup goes halal with approval from Hamas-linked ISNA

"These products are certified by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the largest non-profit, religious, educational, and non-political Islamic organization in North America. ISNA's Halal Certification Program was established in conjunction with professionals in the field of Islamic foods and nutrition, and with Islamic scholars. The program includes the review of ingredients, formulas, manufacturing and sanitation processes."
What is ISNA? This is what Campbell's didn't tell you.
ISNA was one of a number of Muslim groups investigated by US law enforcement for possible terrorist connections. Its tax records were requested in December 2003 by the Senate Finance Committee. However, the committee's investigation concluded in November 2005 with no action taken. Committee chairman Charles Grassley said, "We did not find anything alarming enough that required additional follow-up beyond what law enforcement is already doing." 
In the 2007 Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing case, the United States Department of Justice named ISNA, along with Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the North American Islamic Trust, as an unindicted co-conspirator and one of a number of "entities who are and/or were members of the US Muslim Brotherhood." Court documents at the trial indicated that ISNA is "an integral part of the [Muslim] Brotherhood's efforts to wage jihad against America through non-violent means," wrote conservative Dallas Morning News columnist Rod Dreher.
ISNA has been suspended from endorsing Muslim chaplains assigned to federal prisons, pending an FBI investigation into ISNA's activities.

ISNA has admitted ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. So why is Campbell's Soup rushing to do its bidding? "M-M-Muslim Brotherhood Good?," Campbell's Soup Canada is about to go halal. 

No biggie, right? Wrong. It is doing so under the auspices of the Islamic Society of North America, a Wahhabi-funded racket that is said to have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood....

Send it around

Today, WorldNet Daily News reports on the comments spreading across the Internet:

The move has triggered a Facebook-based boycott plan and the outrage of a multitude of online forum participants, including Kenny Solomon who cryptically wrote: "Stock … Sold as of the opening bell tomorrow. Letter .. Mailed about ten minutes ago. Items in my kitchen … In the garbage. I won't even donate it." 

Added "Left Coast Conservative," on Robert Spencer's JihadWatch website, "Will not buy their products any more. Can't imagine eating halal slaughtered food that has been offered to or 'blessed by' a foreign God – makes my stomach turn. This is wrong on so many levels." 

On the CreepingSharia blog, the commentary also noted that company employees had been "proselytized."  
"To ensure that Campbell Canada employees know about the new products, the company undertook a number of initiatives including a one-day 'information fair' featuring taste tests, guest speakers, and background presentations on … Islamic practices," the report said. 

At JihadWatch was the notation that Campbell confirmed it would have the ISNA logo on its labels soon, so consumers easily can identify the "approved" products. "It goes without saying there will be no more of their products in my Christian Home!" said one forum participant on the page. 
"Down with Campbell's. Up with the forces of freedom that fight tyranny and dhimmihood," added "Wellington." "Would particularly relish some fine matzo ball soup made in the free and democratic Jewish state which multitudes of Muslims and leftists in the West despise so much." 

One person, identified only as "JJ," contributed his or her own plot to discourage stores from carrying halal products. "I still shop at the local grocery store, every time I shop there I take several pork products and accidently put them back in the cooler on top of the halal meat. Perhaps … the grocery store will decide it isn't worth the hassle to carry halal." 

On the Facebook campaign page, a contributor posted a note that there have been 16,067 deadly terror attacks by Islamic terrorists since 9/11, according to the The Religion of Peace website.
At Creeping Sharia came this: "Doesn't surprise me and I wouldn't be surprised if it's already in the states, as well as other products. Lord only knows what's next, but I'm sure we all have a good idea. For sure I'm building up excess supplies, especially my pork!!"


  1. Racist bigots....would you protest a kosher soup?

  2. Refresh my memory and tell me the last time some devout Jews committed any acts of terrorism in America? While Halal may simple be a method used to slaughter livestock and Kosher is a standard of cleanliness and content - the acknowledgment Campbell Soups gave to the terrorist funding front group ISNA was the entire reason for posting this boycott. And, by the way, Halal has nothing to do with cleanliness. Check my earlier post a few days ago that has the video of the camel being slaughtered for food right out in the street.

  3. So you're siding with someone who puts pork on Halal meats just because this person disagrees with acceptance of other religious practices. Whether or not you agree with the particular organization, if someone were doing this to certified Kosher foods, you'd be in an uproar about liberal Israel-haters. This is absolutely disgusting.

  4. Anonymous: Where did you read anywhere in my post that I agreed with the person who put pork on top of the halal approved food? Do you also think that a newspaper agrees with everything said by people they write about? According to your comments anyone who writes disapproving stuff about Muslims is a bigot. Do you also believe that someone is a racist when they criticize Barack Hussein Obama just because he is black?

  5. You know, these are only available in Canada. But that doesn't matter, because obviously, Canadian soups are a threat to America! One sip of this soup will turn you Muslim! Soon, we'll have screaming hordes of quiet, polite Muslims rampaging through the streets of Vancouver! The price of back-bacon will plummet!

    Dick Cheney's former company, Halliburton, is headquartered in Dubai! Are you saying that Cheney is a closet Muslim? That explains everything!

    Just because Campbell's has offered kosher soups since 2003 doesn't mean anything! And who cares that there are almost a million Muslims in Canada? That doesn't mean that any company should tap that market, does it?

  6. Nameless Cynic: The issue isn't about Campbells' offering halal processed food, the issue is about the endorsement they are using from ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America who has been identified by the U.S. Justice Dept. as an un-indicted co-conspirator and terrorist funding front group for Hamas in the Holy Land Foundation trials. Maybe Campbell's picked the wrong group to recognize for their product. And, does it make any difference in Canada if this group was pointed out in America? Do any Canadian interests in the Middle East suffer from Hamas? I have always believed that the enemy of my friend is my enemy, too. Maybe Canadians should believe the same.

  7. Wow. They're being investigated. Funny how nothing's been found in 8 years. But that's OK, because you've already tried them and found them guilty, right?

    "I have always believed that the enemy of my friend is my enemy, too."

    Pretty damned naive of you, Irony. That kind of thinking is why Reagan and Bush I gave Saddam arms, and eventually the chemical weapons he used against Iran.

  8. Nameless Cynic: Every American citizen is probably being "investigated" at one time or another by the government, but very few of us every get to be called "un-indicted co-conspirators" in a Federal Court House during a terrorist funding trial.

  9. Yeah, funny how you like to emphasize the words "co-conspirator" and try to ignore that "unindicted" part, huh? Maybe because of the rest of that quote, which talks about them and their "efforts to wage jihad against America through non-violent means."

    Here's a hint, by the way, before you go up in flames: "jihad" just means "the struggle" - it doesn't mean "holy war," or "crusade," or "efforts to wipe out the West." Because, despite what you'd like to claim, not all Muslims are extremists.

    Note the last part of that: "through non-violent means." You know, winessing, doing good works, charity, praying. Like being a Baptist, without getting wet.

  10. Nameless, (I hope you don't object with me calling you by your first name) I am well aware of ALL the definitions of "Jihad". I am equally familiar with the Islamic use of Taqiyya to spread misinformation. While you are stuck on the non-violent nature of the charitable works of ISNA, I rely on the opinions of experts.

    In his testimony before the US Senate in October 2003, foreign propaganda expert Dr. Michael Waller told Senators:

    “The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) refers Muslim clerics to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. The Islamic Society of North America is an influential front for the promotion of the Wahhabi political, ideological and theological infrastructure in the United States and Canada."

    Similarly, Muslim convert and terrorism expert Stephen Schwartz described ISNA in Senate hearing testimony as one of the chief conduits through which the radical Saudi form of Islam passes through to the US. Professor Ali Assani of Harvard University has made the same assertions.

    ISNA was still identified by the U.S. government as being a front group for Hamas by funding them with the fruits of their charities.


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