Saturday, October 16, 2010

Best quotes of the day on journalists and Islam.

You know that you are not being effective when you're being ignored. The flip side of that coin says that if you are experiencing attacks on a constant basis you must be getting your message across. Left wing journalists, which seem to comprise the vast majority of this highly educated group of people, seem to get their britches in a twist whenever anyone disagrees with them. Almost like a religion, journalists have their own sacred cows, and say one bad thing that casts doubt on something they hold so dear and you find them coming out of the woodwork to heap indignations against you.

So it is about Pamela Geller, the creator of the web site Atlas Shrugs, one of the leading sources of factual news about Islam and the world-wide radical Muslim thirst for conquest.

On her web site today, Pamela Geller offers what I think are the two best quotes about the fear of Islamic supremacy. Ms Geller quotes one of her attackers then offers her response.
"The less people know about Islam the more likely they'll take on faith the ravings of Islamaphobes like Pam Geller." So said Wendy Kaminer, The Atlantic.

"The less people know about journalistic bias the more likely they'll take on faith the ravings of Leftist pseudo-journalistic ideologues like Wendy Kaminer." So said Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs.
On the subject of Islam, I'd like to offer my own, humble feelings. And you can quote me on this. "The more people learn about Islam and the true meaning of the Qur'an, the more likely they are to become gravely concerned about the expansion of Islam and the spread of mosques across America."

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