Sunday, October 31, 2010

The masquerade party is over. Halloween becomes a fitting wake for Democrats.

It is fitting to look back, on this All Hallows Eve commonly referred to as Halloween, the day after the Democrats and their Marxist/Socialist, Communist, Environmental Extremists, Animal Rights activists, Marijuana advocates, Gay single-sex marriage supporters all joined hands at the Jon Stewart – Stephen Colbert non-political funfest in Washington, D.C. called "Restore Sanity and Keep Fear Alive". We all remember how the leadership of the Democratic Party invited Stephen Colbert to participate in an official committee meeting a few weeks ago, thus turning one small part of the Federal government into one big joke. On Sep 24, 2010 ... Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert testified before Congress about immigration during a hearing called "Protecting America's Harvest”. Colbert appeared with United Farm Workers (UFW) President Arturo S. Rodriguez before the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law.
Best headline that described the Rally to Restore Sanity: Stewart's Rally for 'Sanity' Draws Insane Crowd By Joseph Bland, Published October 30, 2010 on

Even Barack Hussein Obama’s old friend and the ghost-writer of his biography, the one time self-admitted Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers came out with an endorsement of the Stewart/Colbert rally. Cliff Kincaid  reported on October 26, 2010 on the web site Accuracy in MEDIA
The October 30 Stewart/Colbert rallies, dubbed “Restore Sanity” and “Keep Fear Alive,” are “worth attending,” Ayers said.

Ayers’ wife, Bernardine Dohrn, once labeled a “violent maniac” by a former gang member in congressional testimony, turned deadly serious at the Green Fest in declaring that the U.S. was no longer a “hegemonic power” because of its economic decline but that its military strength was still a major problem in the world.

Sounding as anti-American as ever, Dohrn and Ayers complained about U.S. military aid to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Israel, and U.S. backing for “repressive” regimes.
The handwriting is on the wall, this last masquerade party has brought together all of the Orwellian Animal Farm cohabitants to the place where their crimes were committed.  The Democrats are in a panic because their ship is sinking after their demented narcissist ‘captain’ drove it into an iceberg.  Think of the ‘Mad King’ in England who precipitated the original Boston Tea Party and you will better understand what has fueled this second American Revolution.
As a reader commented on the web site Flopping Aces

“This is the President whose administration no longer says “radical Islam” but insists Republicans are “domestic terrorists.” What did you expect when the Democrats call returning soldiers potential terrorists along with people who put bumper stickers on their cars that proclaim themselves as Pro-Life and Support the Second Amendment.

In spite of the fact that the last two years of the Bush administration saw control of Congress swing toward the Democrats and it was the Democrats themselves who perpetrated the housing mortgage crisis which resulted in the downfall of the banking industry. Democrats and mainstream leftists journalists continue to blame our current recession of the Republicans.

Even some Democrats are beginning to admit that Barack Hussein Obama is totally out of touch with reality. In less than two short years he has unleashed the true libido of his Democrat controlled Congress. Once the smoke and mirrors were removed and the truth became known that “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” the Democrats journey over the slippery slope began.
Think the Democrats haven't lost control? Here are a few headlines from around the world. Of course the mainstream news media in America that conspired to create this monster would never dare to admit the enormity of their mistake. But at least we can rely on what some foreigners say about it. Thank God they still have a free press in England.
The Telegraph, London, England:
US midterm elections: Barack Obama's world turned upside down as Democrats face electoral disaster 
The Daily Mail in London, England:
Barack loses his cool: Angry Obama yells BACK at hecklers... as new poll shows his own party isn't sure he should be President in 2012
The pressure is on Barack Obama - and it is starting to show.

The famously-cool President lost his temper in Connecticut yesterday after hecklers interrupted a speech he was giving at a rally.

Astonished attendees watched as Mr Obama interrupted his own speech as the hecklers - believed to be activists seeking more global Aids funding - began chanting at him.
And the hecklers at that rally in Connecticut caused Obama to lose his cool more than once. At home, at least one American news source, Fox News, is willing to write the truth.
Clinton Gets Heckled at Ohio Rally
Around election day some die-hard Democrats have been known to scan the obituary columns to pick up the names of those who have deceased so that can visit their friendly polling places and cast a vote in their names. Well, this year, the obituary columns will be carrying another death notice those die-hards won't be too thrilled to read. We all know what that notice will say.
Yes, Thank You, Mr. Obama, you have done more to help the Republican Party than any other Democrat in history. When you went to Las Vegas to raise money for incumbent Senator Harry Reid you helped to raise MORE money for Republican Sharron Angle than you did for the Democrat.

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