Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The secret job growth accpmplishments of Barack Hussein Obama.

In the last three years there has been an explosive growth in new jobs in America all because of the efforts of Barack Hussein Obama II. And these are jobs that he will never brag about. If this sounds contradictory coming from a conservative commentator like myself, let me explain. Others have already pointed out that Obama has done more to reinvigorate the Republican Party than any other Democrat in history. The harder that this leftist scumbag tries to steer our Republic into a Socialist dictatorship the more people wake up and realize the extent of the battle we have on our hands.
But the job growth that I mentioned was a mocking commentary on the number of patriot groups springing up across America to aid in the war ahead. My email box is filled with scores of new groups every day rallying to the cause. My postal mail receives almost as much but there is a wide separation between scavenger programs that harvest email addresses on the Internet and the list gatherings of names and postal mailing addresses.

There is also an increase in telemarketing fund raising phone calls representing elected officials, TEA Party groups and independents. To these callers I respond with one statement: I only make contributions directly to the candidates or groups who send printed material that can be checked out. I never respond to telephone solicitations especially from professional fund raising companies because they extract a large fee to pay for their service that the benefactor is deprived of. In addition to the politically oriented area of job growth, thanks to Obama, the sales of guns and ammo in America have skyrocketed so much that companies manufacturing guns and ammo have been working overtime to keep up with the demand. Certainly, like the famous words of Admiral Yamamoto following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the efforts of Barack Hussein Obama II has "awakened a sleeping giant".

Never-the-less, all of the above represent new jobs that never existed before America got scammed into putting an un-American Marxist-Socialist Muslim camouflaged as a Democrat into the White House. I do hope that last sentence doesn't suggest that other Democrats don't fit the same description. You don't have to be a communist to sympathize with them. If you march in their parades and carry their flags you may as well carry their membership cards.

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