Friday, May 6, 2011

Here's Molotov Mitchell, a talented guy who makes really good videos with the right opinions.

Molotov Mitchell runs a company called Illuminati TV, writes a column on WorldNet Daily News and makes really cool videos about the same things I am concerned about, namely liberals, Democrats, Islam and radical Muslims. You can subscribe to his videos on his web site on YouTube here. Here is a selection of three videos to give you a small sample.
"What would the world look like if Jesus had never been born?"

"What would the world look like if Mohammed had never been born?"

For The Record : Honor Killing is Peaceful
This one's just too good. If you believe that Islam is a religion of peace, listen to Molotov as he shares the shocking rise and demise of Islamic defenders Buffalo Bridges TV.

These videos are part of Molotov Mitchell's series called "For The Record".


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