Monday, May 23, 2011

Have you heard about the exploding watermelons from China?

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Watermelons in China exploding in mass made headlines recently ( ).  It makes a funny headline, although our media missed key points.  First, they caught that it was a “fertilizer”, but it was actually a highly concentrated steroid which is quite dangerous for people.  Second, what are the farmers doing with the pieces of toxic watermelons after they explode?  Feeding it to farm animals and fish, though it will damage their digestive systems AND much of it will still be there when people eat products from those animals and fish, such as eggs, milk, and meat!
Though it is unlikely we will see Chinese watermelons exploding on our grocer’s shelves (it happens too fast), it is very likely food products tainted with these powerful steroids are already here.
This is very similar to the widespread intentional use of the plastics chemical Melamine used in Chinese dairy products to make the protein content appear higher.  Think that did not hit here?  That was what was in the whey imported from China used in pet food that caused kidney failure in many thousands of American pets.
In spite of these issues and others, like the 83 million toys being recalled in 2008 (all foreign, 80% Chinese) due to lead paint, our government does nothing.  No cargo containers are opened at the border or ports to test for these and many other dangerous chemicals.  Why not?  I can only conclude that Washington is more concerned about the hundreds of billions of dollars they borrow from China to fund their spending than our health.
One more reason why Americans should avoid buying anything Made in China. They sell a lot of cheap pet food in our stores as well so you run the risk of hurting or killing the family dog or cat, as well.


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