Saturday, May 7, 2011


I suggested a few days ago that as soon as Barack Hussein Obama announced to the world that the U.S. Navy SEAL Team had shot and killed an unarmed Osama bin Laden that Obama was going to seek vengeance for being pushed into this by the military and intelligence officials in the Pentagon. An interesting side note is that Obama took 16-hours to give his final approval to the mission to go after bin Laden. We can only guess why. This is from an email today from Alan Keyes:
Just minutes after his anti-terror campaign appearance at Ground Zero, taking credit for Osama bin Laden's death, Obama curtly admitted to 9/11 victim family leadership that he will not advise Attorney General Eric Holder to halt prosecuting the CIA agents responsible for the harsh interrogation techniques (read waterboarding) they used to elicit intelligence threads that led to Osama bin Laden's hiding place.
Shortly after his grand Ground Zero photo op, Barack Obama apparently decided to take a second victory lap by posing with some of the 9/11 families. Attorney Debra Burlingame, sister of the 9/11 American Airlines Pilot and Naval Academy '71 aviator Chic Burlingame III, took the opportunity to question Obama on the CIA agents' fate. Burlingame first congratulated Obama on the successful mission, then posed her question: would Obama ask Holder to stop pursuing criminal charges against the CIA agents who interrogated Kalid Sheik Mohammed, and gained the critical information necessary to take down Osama bin Laden? Obama rudely answered, "No, I will not," and then turned his back on Burlingame and walked away.
Obama's hubris and hypocrisy are simply unbelievable. The man just finished "spiking the football" with the general American electorate and publicly congratulating himself once again for his "most gutsiest" (sic) call ever in apparently ordering a kill-or-capture operation against the world's most wanted terrorist – yet he apparently plans on appeasing his hard-left base by prosecuting the very people who provided the information that enabled the victory.
The fact is, the CIA agents in question did their duty in time of war. They elicited vital information using governmentally approved interrogation tactics and were already cleared of any wrong doing in two previous official investigations. THE INFORMATION THEIR EFFORTS ELICITED FROM SELF-PROFESSED, CIVILIAN-SLAUGHTERING TERRORISTS LED DIRECTLY TO THE DEMISE OF OSAMA BIN LADEN. Yet Barack Obama and Eric Holder will not release the special investigator assigned to the case.
Will you now stand for these intrepid agents, whose dedicated and necessarily harsh work played a vital role in finding and stopping the world's most wanted terrorist?
To many living our comparatively soft and easy lives, intrusion by the extreme realities of the terror war we are waging seems objectionable, excessive, even way out of line. Our military and our intelligence community indeed have men in the mold once referenced by George Orwell thusly: "We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm."
Thank God for them! We see today a glimpse of the national security fruits of their sacrifice on our behalf. No less a dedicated public servant to liberty than Britain's Winston Churchill so admired and quoted Orwell's truthful statement that it is often attributed to him – but unlike Obama, I find the great statesman Churchill good company, and am unafraid to stand in agreement!
It is the signal responsibility of the Commander in Chief to take accountability for the safety and security of the nation, and for even morally policies executed in time of war to protect our people. When "rough men" must act, the buck stops with the authority of the CinC – particularly when he chooses to politically benefit from the victories their sacrifices render.
Yet, even while he milks his boost in the polls the takedown of Osama is affording him, the military-hating Barack Obama and Eric Holder refuse to dismiss the Special Prosecutor assigned to the case – thereby leaving the threat of indictment looming over not only these agents' heads, but also as a lingering threat to all other CIA investigators. Such actions create an atmosphere of risk aversion where CIA agents are afraid to do their job for fear of political reprisal. This presents a national security crisis and it must stop now. For regardless of what Barack Hussein Obama would like us to think, the Islamo-fascists still hate us and will not stop attacking America until we defeat them once and for all. And to accomplish that great task, we desperately need the full confidence and competence of our intelligence agencies.
I urge you to fax Congress now. Ask them to protect our national security. Ask them to stop Obama & Holder's war on our intelligence community.
Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

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