Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nashville newspaper The Tennessean makes excuses for Muslim's call for death to homosexuals.

This came in an email today from ACT! for America. For the past several months a major confrontation has been brewing in Nashville, Tennessee over a large mosque being planned there. The major newspaper, The Tennessean, has covered the mosque controversy with some typical one-sided reporting. A perfect example was the way the newspaper made excuses for a Muslim Chaplain who admitted that Islamic Sharia law calls for the death sentence for all homosexuals.
May 20, 2011

***Action Alert***
The Tennessean Newspaper
Is “Feeling the Heat”
By Kelly Cook, National Field Director

Dear Nelson,

Apparently, the thousands of calls our members from across America have made this week (regarding the recent release of the documentary video produced by Americans for Peace and Tolerance) to the Tennessean Newspaper have struck a raw nerve.

Click Here for the paper’s editorial released yesterday in an effort that can only be described as a bizarre attempt to “double down” in order to assert they are right regardless of the facts involved.

For example, in the paper’s editorial they make the following statement regarding Awadh Binhazim, (Vanderbilt University’s Adjunct Muslim Chaplain), “For Binhazim to explain to his listeners that many Muslims worldwide are draw (sic) to Shariah law is not to say he endorses Shariah law.”

It’s clear they’re giving Binhazim a major pass here. Such a statement insults the intelligence of not only Tennesseans, but all Americans who are learning more and more about the dangers of Sharia Law and many who follow it.

Now compare the Tennessean’s position to Binhazim’s actual dialog with a questioner at Vanderbilt University as captured in the documentary video:

Question: “Under Islamic Law, is it punishable by death if you’re a homosexual?”

Binhazim: “Yes. It is punishable by death.”

Question: “As a practicing Muslim, do you accept or reject this particular teaching of Islam?”

Binhazim: “Well, the question of accepting and rejecting teachings of Islam really I don’t have a choice as a Muslim to accept or reject teachings. I go with what Islam teaches.”

Only in America! Any other group openly espousing the death of homosexuals would be summarily run out on a rail at Vanderbilt University! And yet Binhazim is still there spreading his hatred while Vanderbilt and the Tennessean faithfully stand by his side. This is clearly not acceptable.

We have a very simple request for the local paper in Nashville: Post the link to the documentary video!!

Or do they fear that by doing so, the public will be able to cut through the Tennessean’s rhetoric and make up their own minds? So far, the answer has been yes.

Click Here to view this fully documented video for yourself.

Why would the Tennessean go to such great lengths to demonize the facts in this documentary video?

Could it be that it simply doesn’t “fit their narrative”?


The Tennessean seems to be on the verge of desperation. The level of vitriol and misinformation in their editorial yesterday reached significant heights even by the Tennessean’s standards. They have been exposed spreading falsehoods and instead of coming clean, they are doubling down.

ACT! for America intends to hold the Tennessean newspaper accountable. Will you help us?

Please call and email the Publisher’s office of the Tennessean:

Carol Hudler, Publisher


Phone:    615-259-8303

Politely ask her to simply post the link for the documentary video in question and let the public decide for themselves where the truth lies.

Tell her the public really can handle the truth, if they see all of the evidence!

Let the Tennessean know you intend to carefully watch their actions on this important debate. Your call and email will make a difference. Newspapers rarely get this kind of scrutiny, so their reactions can sometimes be beyond interesting. Please be respectful.

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