Friday, November 27, 2009

What if School Children wanted to be Suicide Bombers


How many know about the depth of evil and the true nature of what the radical Islamic ideology is all about. Like most Americans, I've relied too heavily on the mainstream media for news and there has been a dismal lack of coverage on what Islam really represents. How many know that the radical Muslim terrorists our troops are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan store the weapons and bombs in schools and hospitals and use these places as human shields. The clerics quote the Qur'an as a book of peace but they have no regard for the lives of children, women and all other religions. The following has been picked up from the most excellent web site:  Save Our Civilization.

What if School Children wanted to be Suicide Bombers

What if 80% of the elementary school children in America wanted to grow up to be suicide bombers?
This is the case among Palestinian school children.
What if Jerry Falwell and Billy Graham and T.D. Jakes and hundreds of other preachers regularly appeared on TV begging for volunteers to explode themselves and others for God’s sake?
Prominent clerics across the Middle East commonly do this.
What if the US government published books and pamphlets claiming that Canadians routinely kill white people to make pastries with human blood in them.
Across the Middle East, university professors, clerics, heads of state, and journalist believe and propagate the belief that Jews use human blood to make Passover matzos.
What if every child in America used text books  that taught that God hates Canadians, that Canadians were descended from apes and pigs, and that anyone who kills a Canadian will be rewarded in heaven.
Throughout the Middle East such state printed text books are in use. They are also being used in Britain and America in Islamic schools.
What if the US government spent hundreds of millions of dollars to send missionaries and build schools to help spread the word across the entire earth that Canadians are pigs and must be destroyed?
Most Islamic countries have branches of their governments which funnel millions of dollars in public funds for the propagation of radical Islam.
What if the US government denied that there was any such country as Canada.
Muslim leaders commonly deny the legitimate claim of Israel to exist. It is also common among the leaders and academics of Islam to deny that the holocaust ever took place.
What if the Bible was filled with verses commanding Christians to go out and kill every non-Christian they could find?
The Quran contains plenty of such verses and most scholars insist that these later, violent verses abrogate the earlier more tempered ones.

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