Saturday, November 14, 2009

France says no burqas allowed. So why can't we?

Putting aside the fact that we have made a joke about the way France handled themselves during WWII they seem to have a good idea everyone should follow about dealing with religious customs. If you want to live in France you must live by French customs. Only in America must we be politically correct at the expense of American values. There is no rational explanation why Muslims should be allowed to conceal their identities on a drivers license. And how do you verify the identity of someone who goes to vote?

How can anyone use such a driver's license like this from New Jersey for a photo ID?

Afghan women lined up to vote. Can anyone tell who's who?

In Iraq, to prevent people from voting more than once they dip a finger into blue dye.  

No Place for Burqas in France

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says there is no place for full face and body veils such as the burqa, or for the debasement of women, in France.

Sarkozy says all beliefs will be respected in France but says "becoming French means adhering to a form of civilization, to values, to morals."

Ken Timmerman writes in his November 13th column in Newsmax, “At the heart of the identity crisis plaguing today’s France is a significant immigrant population that refuses to become French, and a multicultural left that has allowed them to live isolated in ghettoes for decades, where many have fallen prey to Muslim preachers of hate.

About 10 percent of the French population is of Muslim origin. Most French Muslims emigrated from North Africa to France after Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia won their independence in the 1960s.”

Quoting French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Timmerman says, “France does not demand that you give up your history or your culture,” Sarkozy said. “But France demands of those who would link their fates to hers to also share her history and her culture. France is not hodgepodge of communities or individuals. . . Becoming French means accepting a form of civilization, values, and customs.”

“Sarkozy’s definition of those values left no ambiguity from which direction he felt the danger was coming: “France is a country where women are free. France is a country where church is separate from state, and where the beliefs of each person are respected.”

“But France is also a country where there is no room for the burqa, and where there is no room for the subjugation of women under any circumstance or pretext.”

“The French have debated for 25 years whether Muslim women should be allowed to veil themselves in public schools or in public workplaces, as radical Muslim preachers and their supporters on the left have demanded.” 

“In announcing the reform at the time, Sarkozy said he was troubled by the “discriminatory and degrading” Islamist practice of veiling women.”

Sarkozy said in June that burqas would not be welcome in France. Since then a parliamentary panel has been looking into the possibility of banning them in public.

Maybe we could take a lesson from the French. 

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