Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obama bows again and again and again.


I don't recall the news media bringing this to our attention but on his trip to China this week Obama performed his traditional bow before the Chinese Premier. Of course the conservative blogs got a picture of this historic meeting so this was no big surprise. The surprise came when today's Cincinnati Enquirer carried an editorial cartoon (below) with the caption, "Good Grief now he's curtsying"

Just for the record, here is an actual photo of this greeting where President Zero bows to the almighty Chinese dictator. It has become absolutely sickening to watch this man show such a spineless posture before the heads of state of every country he visits. If there are any Democrats out there who voted for him who don't feel the same embarrassment as I do about how he portrays my country then they must hate America.

The odd thing about these bows to Muslim Kings, Japanese Emperors and Chinese Dictators is that Obama projects an image of a weak country with no strong leadership abroad but back home Obama seems to relish the thought of still being some sort of messiah and savior to the American people. Perhaps if Obama dispensed with his Olympic-sized ego and maybe bowed to Americans once in a while he might convince us that he knows what a public servant is all about, but I doubt that very much.
In case any of Obama's worshipers doubt this, here are a few official White House photos that seem designed to exemplify his deity. You will immediately notice the planned camera angles used to create the images. These pictures are not Photo-Shopped.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. 

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