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Islamic Terrorist Attacks in America

Think Fort Hood was just the second attack by ISLAMIC TERRORISTS on Americans since 1993? Think again. 1993 and 9/11 were neither the first nor the last time that Muslims have killed Americans on U.S. soil in terrorist attacks.

In fact, since that day, Muslims have killed at least 52 people in 31 separate acts of terrorism in the United States (by the standards that Muslim-American groups set for hate crimes). Perhaps more importantly, there have been quite a few planned mass murders of Americans by Islamic terrorists that were thwarted by the FBI, law enforcement and overseas intelligence operations both before and after 9/11.

By contrast, Muslim-Americans do not appear to be in any special danger from murderous (non-Muslim) religious fanatics, even in a nation awash in firearms. Identity groups, such as CAIR, whine incessantly about ‘backlash against Muslims’ while turning a blind eye to the horrible violence that is meted out daily in the name of their religion. This distasteful petulance offers insight not only into the character of Islam, but also the impressive religious tolerance that Americans manage to maintain.

For anyone wondering about the history of deadly Islamic terror on American soil in the last 35 years, here’s what The Religion of Peace was able to find:


6/5/1968 USA California 1 SEN. ROBERT F. KENNEDY murdered by Palestinian immigrant, SIRHAN SIRHAN

4/14/1972 USA New York, NY 1/3 Ten members of a local mosque phone in a false alarm and then ambush responding officers, killing one.

1/19/1973 USA Brooklyn, NY 1/ 1 Muslim extremists rob a sporting goods store for weapons, gunning down a police officer who responds to the alarm.

7/18/1973 USA Washington, DC 8/2 Nation of Islam members shoot seven members of a family to death in cold blood, including four children. A defendant in the case is later murdered in prison on orders from Elijah Muhammad.

10/19/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1/ 1 Nation of Islam terrorists kidnap a couple and nearly decapitate the man, while raping and leaving the woman for dead.

10/29/1973 USA Berkeley, CA 1/0 A woman is shot repeatedly in the face by Nation of Islam terrorists.

11/25/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1/0 A grocer is killed in his store by Nation of Islam terrorists.

12/11/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1/0 A man is killed by Nation of Islam terrorists while using a phone booth.

12/13/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1/0 A woman is shot to deah on the sidewalk by Nation of Islam terrorists.

12/20/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1/0 Nation of Islam terrorists gun down an 81-year-old janitor.

12/22/1973 USA Oakland, CA 2/0 Nation of Islam terrorist kills two people in separate attacks on the same day.

12/24/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1/0 A man is kidnapped, tortured and decapitated by Nation of Islam terrorists.

1/24/1974 USA Oakland, CA 4/1 Five vicious shooting attacks by Nation of Islam terrorists leave three people dead and one paralyzed for life. Three of the victims were women.

4/1/1974 USA Oakland, CA 1/1 A Nation of Islam terrorist shoots at two Salvation Army members, killing a man and injuring a woman.

4/16/1974 USA Ingleside, CA 1/0 A man is killed while helping a friend move by Nation of Islam terrorists.

3/9/1977 USA Washington, DC 1/1 Hanifi Muslims storm three buildings including a B’nai B’rith to hold 134 people hostage. At least two innocents were shot and one died.

7/22/1980 USA Bethesda, MD 1/0 A political dissident is shot and killed in front of his home by an Iranian agent who was an American convert to Islam.

8/31/1980 USA Savou, IL 2/0 An Iranian student guns down his next-door neighbors, a husband and wife.

1/31/1990 USA Tuscon, AZ 1/0 A Sunni cleric is assassinated in front of a Tuscon mosque after declaring that two verses of the Qur’an were invalid.

11/5/1990 USA New York City, NY 1/0 An Israeli rabbi is shot to death by a Muslim attacker at a hotel.

1/25/1993 USA Langley, VA 2/3 A Pakistani with Mujahideen ties guns down two CIA agents outside of the headquarters.

2/26/1993 USA New York, NY 6/1000 1040 Islamic terrorists detonate a massive truck bomb under the World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring over 1,000 in an effort to collapse the towers.

3/1/1994 USA Brooklyn, NY 1/0 A Muslim fires on a vanload of Jewish boys, killing one.

3/23/1997 USA New York, NY 1/6 A Palestinian leaves an anti-Jewish suicide note behind and travels to the top of the Empire State building where he shoot seven people in a Fedayeen attack.

4/3/1997 USA Lompoc, CA 1/0 A prison guard is stabbed to death by a radical Muslim.

10/31/1999 USA Near Nantucket 217/0 An Egyptian airline pilot runs a planeload of 217 passengers into the water after uttering a Qur’anic prayer.

3/17/2000 USA Atlanta, GA 1/1 A local imam and Muslim spiritual leader guns down a deputy sheriff and injures his partner.

9/11/2001 USA Washington, DC 184/53 Nearly 200 people are killed when Islamic hijackers steer a plane full of people into the Pentagon.

9/11/2001 USA Shanksville, PA 40/0 Forty passengers are killed after Islamic radicals hijack the plane in an attempt to steer it into the U.S. Capitol building.

9/11/2001 USA New York, NY  Islamic hijackers steer two planes packed with fuel and passengers into the World Trade Center, killing hundreds on impact and eventually killing thousands when the towers collapsed. At least 200 are seriously injured.

3/19/2002 USA Tuscon, AZ 1/0 A 60-year-old man is gunned down by Muslim snipers on a golf course.

5/27/2002 USA Denton, TX 1/0 Muslim snipers kill a man as he works in his yard.

7/4/2002 USA Los Angeles, CA 2/0 Muslim man pulls out a gun at the counter of an Israeli airline and kills two people.

9/5/2002 USA Clinton, MD 1/0 A 55-year-old pizzaria owner is shot six times in the back by Muslims at close range.

9/21/2002 USA Montgomery, AL 1/1 Muslim snipers shoot two women, killing one.

9/23/2002 USA Baton Rouge, LA 1/0 A Korean mother is shot in the back by Muslim snipers.

10/2/2002 USA Wheaton, MD 1/0 Muslim snipers gun down a program analyst in a store parking lot.

10/3/2002 USA Montgomery County, MD 5/0 Muslim snipers kill three men and two women in separate attacks over a 15-hour period.

10/9/2002 USA Manassas, VA 1/1 A man is killed by Muslim snipers while pumping gas two days after a 13-year-old is wounded by the same team.

10/11/2002 USA Fredericksburg, VA 1/0 Another man is killed by Muslim snipers while pumping gas.

10/14/2002 USA Arlington, VA 1/0 A woman is killed by Muslim snipers in a Home Depot parking lot.

10/22/2002 USA Aspen Hill, MD 1/0 A bus driver is killed by Muslim snipers.

8/6/2003 USA Houston, TX 1/0 After undergoing a religious revival, a Saudi college student slashes the throat of a Jewish student with a 4″ butterfly knife, nearly decapitating the young man.

12/2/2003 USA Chicago, IL 1/0 A Muslim doctor deliberately allows a Jewish patient to die from an easily treatable condition.

4/13/2004 USA Raleigh, NC 1/4 A Muslim man runs down five strangers with a car.

4/15/2004 USA Scottsville, NY 1/2 In an honor killing, a Muslim father kills his wife and attacks his two daughters with a knife and hammer because he feared that they had been sexually molested.

6/16/2006 USA Baltimore, MD 1/0 A 62-year-old Jewish moviegoer is shot to death by a Muslim gunman in an unprovoked terror attack.

6/25/2006 USA Denver, CO 1/5 Saying that it was ‘Allah’s choice’, a Muslim shoots four of his co-workers and a police officer.

7/28/2006 USA Seattle, WA 1/5 An ‘angry’ Muslim-American uses a young girl as hostage to enter a local Jewish center, where he shoots six women, one of whom dies.

10/6/2006 USA Louisville, KY 4/1 In an ‘honor’ attack, a Muslim man rapes and beats his estranged wife, leaving her for dead, then savagely murders their four children.

2/13/2007 USA Salt Lake City, UT 5/4 A Muslim immigrant goes on a shooting rampage at a mall, targeting people buying Valentine’s Day cards at a gift shop and killing five.

1/1/2008 USA Irving, TX 2/0 A Muslim immigrant shoots his two daughters to death on concerns about their ‘Western’ lifestyle.

7/6/2008 USA Jonesboro, GA 1/0 A devout Muslim strangles his 25-year-old daughter in an honor killing.

2/12/2009 USA Buffalo, NY 1/0 The founder of a Muslim TV station beheads his wife in the hallway for seeking a divorce.

6/1/2009 USA Little Rock, AR 1/1 A Muslim with ‘religious motives’ shoots a local soldier to death inside a recruiting center.

11/2/2009 USA Glendale, AZ 1/1 A woman dies from injuries suffered when her father runs her down with a car for being too ‘Westernized.’ (10-20-09)

11/5/2009 USA Ft. Hood, TX 13/31 A Muslim psychiatrist guns down thirteen unarmed soldiers while yelling praises to Allah.
Thanks to Bare Naked Islam for the research.

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