Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obama's DOJ may cause 9-11 mastermind to go free.

Terrorism expert, Steve Emerson, says there’s a good chance Khalid Sheik Mohammed could go free

A decision by Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder to put the mastermind behind the September 11, 2001 attack on trial in a civilian courtroom may actually result in Khalid Sheik Mohammed to be acquitted. This radical Muslim terrorist who was college educated in the United States is being represented by lawyers from the ACLU in his upcoming trial. Previous trials for terrorists in U.S. courts have seen Justice Department prosecutors faced with the possibility of revealing secrets about undercover operations that were used to obtain evidence of the terrorist activities. With so many undercover operations still taking place, revealing the details of these would undermine the future ability to gather information that could prevent future attacks.

Security expert Steve Emerson told MSNBC also that the courts could decide that any information obtained from Khalid Sheik Mohammed by means of waterboarding could be ruled inadmissible because civilian courts have a different standard applied to torture than military tribunals. 

Considering the anti-American statements made in the past by Barack Hussein Obama, along with his long-time associations with terrorist Bill Ayers and the Weatherunderground and radical preacher Jeremiah Wright,  his political affiliations with the Marxist New Party in Chicago and Obama's self-professed Muslim background and his obvious demonstration of subservience when he openly bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, it is within the realm of reason to believe this decision to hold a civilian trial for Khalid Sheik Mohammed was not an accident or a matter of poor judgment.

Mohammed's military tribunal was already under way when Obama came into office. Obama stopped the proceedings and, eight months later, announced that Mohammed would be tried in a federal court in New York. Sounds like he was saved by the bell.

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