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British citizens alarmed over spread of Muslim mosques.


Regarding previous posts on the world-wide spread of Islam (see: Will America soon become a nation ruled by Islam? and in particular, the articles previously reported from the UK Daily Mail, the following public announcement has appeared in British newspapers. At last someone is seeing the light. The invasion is being financed by the Saudi Arabian government who has paid for 80% of the mosques in the United States. Meanwhile the FBI has revealed that 10% of these mosques are preaching radical Islamic propaganda.

December 13: Stop the Islamisation of Europe UK Event

Harrow stop mosque building demo 13th December
The Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, publicly read an Islamic poem including the lines: "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and Muslims our soldiers…"

(metaphorical reference to no more mosques).
Square in front of Harrow Civic Centre, Station Road/Milton Road junction.
Date: 13th December 2009
Time: 14.00 – 16.00 (2pm – 4pm)

1. Approved anti-sharia and anti-Islamisation chants, banners and placards will be permitted.
Official chants:-
No sharia here text2

2. English, Welsh, Scottish, N. Irish, national flags, national flags of other countries, certain other national flags will be permitted and encouraged.
Some flags already known to be represented are:-
Let us know which flag you’ll be flying!

3. Certain other flags representing communities struggling against Islamic colonization such as Papua New Guinea and Biafra will be permitted.
4. Certain civil rights flags, banners and placards will be encouraged provided they are displayed within the no-sharia context of the demonstration.
Speakers using hand held megaphones will address the gathering. Names of speakers will be provided to the police prior to the demonstration. Speeches must be approved by the organisers.

Speakers to explain Muslim persecution in Islamic countries.
Copts in Egypt
Hindus in Bangladesh
Hindus in Malayasia
Christians in Indonesia
Christians in Pakistan
Papuans in Indonesia
Jews everywhere


1. As with previous SIOE demonstrations, political parties are banned.
2. Any racist chanting, banners and placards will result in immediate ejection of the perpetrators from the demo as will Nazi salutes.
3. Totalitarian symbols such as Nazi swastikas, communist hammer and sickles, Islamic star and crescent, UNLESS CLEARLY CROSSED OUT OR DEFACED WITH A STOP SIGN.
Banners, placards and speeches will be shown to the police prior to the protest starting if requested.
Stephen Gash’s instructions:
The event will start at 14.00 in an area in the square opposite the mosque allotted to SIOE by the police. A muster point has been allotted and people should not gather there before 13.30, in other words people should start assembling the gathering between 13.30 and 14.00 . Details will be given later of where this will be.
People are requested not to bring banners attached to either metal or wood. Plastic plumbing-piping or plastic frames are acceptable, or just hand-held banners. It would be helpful if people could send us images of proposed banners for approval. This will save time on the day. In any case banners will be shown to the police before the demo starts, if requested.
This demo will be carried out in a respectful, dignified manner, but will be robust in its message.
Protestors are requested to bring cameras and camcorders and to make images available to SIOE afterwards for publication. Also, if participants could bring dictaphones to record press interviews so that we can compare what is actually said with what is broadcast, it would be helpful. These interviews will be published by SIOE.
When the event ends the protestors will leave together from the scene according to how the police wish it to happen.
This second demonstration was only made necessary because of Muslims and a small number of UAF intimidating and disrupting the first attempt on 11th September. We refuse to be cowed by threats and intimidation from fulfilling our democratic rights to free speech. Europe is not yet Muslim dominated so non-Muslims do not have to yield to Muslim demands, nor to the demands of a motley band of self-styled Antifascists who behave like Hitler’s Brownshirts.

1. There will be local Muslims who attend the mosque who will be close by the mosque. It is not anticipated that these will be large in number, but will in any case be under the control of the mosque leaders.
2. Muslims from outside the area have been asked to stay away by Harrow mosque leaders, so if any show up, it is anticipated they will be small in number.
Islam4UK is highly unlikely to appear, nor is Al-Muhajiroun, as they failed to demonstrate earlier in November and have ceased their disgusting protests against the troops at homecoming parades. Fortunately, they seem to have got the message that they have no support, but do have fierce opposition from the majority of the population.
British Muslims for Secular Democracy will be in opposition, but not in large numbers, as most Muslims indisputably do not believe in secular democracy. The fact that BMSD are counter-protesting is also another reason for Islam4UK not attending as the latter will more than likely be giving out a whining press release the day after the demonstration, as they did earlier in November when facing opposition.
SIOE suspects that BMSD and Islam4UK have a "good guy, bad guy" arrangement as, what SIOE calls, "Mecca Muslims" (BMSD) and "Medina Muslims" (Islam4UK). The Caliphate has more than one way to achieve domination.
3. A few misguided United Against Fascism (UAF) opposed SIOE on 11th September, but nearly all their banners were given to Muslims who came in from outside.
UAF have appeared in larger numbers against the English Defence League, probably only because it has "English" in its title, not because it is in any way fascist.
However, the UAF has certainly recognised that SIOE is in no way a fascist or nazi organisation and that SIOE also unswervingly opposes racism. Indeed UAF has seen that SIOE is the one organisation that speaks up for persecuted minorities in Islamic countries, such as the Copts in Egypt and Christians in Pakistan and Indonesia. So UAF would look sincerely stupid counter-protesting against SIOE which opposes anti-Semiticism and fascism more robustly than UAF. Indeed SIOE is not selective in the kind of anti-Semiticism it denounces. Unlike UAF, SIOE despises and opposes the flagrant anti-Semiticism exhibited by Muslims, not only in Muslim countries, but also in Europe, and indeed across the world. The kind of anti-Semiticism preached in every mosque in the world.
Yes UAF will look as stupid as the few ill-informed Antifa members who show up against SIOE in other European countries. Having seen that SIOE is the most anti-fascist organisation in Europe, the more serious and knowledgable anti-fascists no longer counter-protest SIOE. We have observed it is generally a few unruly, ignorant youths who arrive shouting their heads off.
Sarah Cox, Harrow’s UAF spokesperson, has said in the Harrow Times that she does not want to take on SIOE, so we anticipate she will be persuading her more boisterous and foolish companions to do the same. So, if UAF unwisely do appear, we are confident that they will heed Sarah’s demands for self-control and will therefore behave just as SIOE supporters do at all of their demonstrations, that is, peacefully.
So, SIOE considers that this will be an altogether different demonstration to that held on 11th September, now that our opponents have come to their senses and decided to behave in a civilised manner.
Therefore, we urge SIOE supporters to come to Harrow on 13th December and bring as many friends as possible for what will certainly be a peaceful, useful and successful demonstration. The plug has been pulled on Islamisation and sharia is pouring down the plughole where it belongs.
Stephen Gash

The following commentary is from Atlas Shrugs:

Atlas readers in the UK, take your flip videos, camcorders, photos -- send all.



SIOE supports Israel’s right to defend itself against Islamist attempts to annihilate Jews

This is a serious appeal to Jews living in London or within travelling distance of London.

If you do not attend this demonstration then you are prepared to see Israel wiped off the map.

If you do not attend this demonstration then you are prepared to see Jews removed from the world.

Vile anti-Semitism is being preached in mosques across the world and almost certainly the one in your neighbourhood.

Are you going to honour those who have lost their lives for the Jewish people?

Are you going to demur to being called “apes and pigs” instead of the people you are?

Or are you going to dishonour those who made the ultimate sacrifice to provide the Jewish people with a HOMELAND and thereby dishonour yourselves?

Non-Jews are demonstrating on 13th December against the anti-Semitism being taught in mosques which goes unchallenged by politicians, the media and so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims.

Jews cannot, in all conscience, leave it to non-Jews to protest on the behalf of Jews who are once again the world’s whipping boy.

If Islam takes over Europe and the West where will Jews run to? Support your friends now!

Calling Jews, especially ex-IDF who are concerned about the rise in anti-Semitic attacks in Europe particularly by Muslims and the flagrant anti-Israel bias in the Western media

Please come to the demonstration on 13th December in Harrow to protest against further mosque building until hatred is finally stopped being preached in existing mosques and to stop the Islamisation of Europe

BRING ONE THOUSAND ISRAELI FLAGS – There are 295,000 Jews in the UK so surely 1,000 can give 2 hours on a Sunday and bring a flag each!

Here are some reasons why Jews must come to this demonstration

Anti-Semitic attacks have increased alarmingly in Europe especially by the hands of Muslims and Robert Spencer, eloquently as always, explains why . Of course the media would have it that Israel and the bombing of Gaza are the reasons.

France has seen the most noticeable increase in anti-Semitic attacks by Muslims which has caused an exodus of Jews from France. Indeed it was suggested that emigration of Jews to Israel was the best answer to anti-Semitism in France.

Around 850,000 Jews have been ousted from Arab countries (no sanctions for genocide though) and reportedly one Jew is left in Afghanistan

So where are Jews to go?

Arguably, (some say undoubtedly) the media enflame the situation.

The anti-Israel bias is barely disguised. Recently Peter Oborne reported on Channel4’s ‘Dispatches’ about the strength of the Israeli lobby in the press and government in the UK suggesting that it was far too strong and the media were afraid.

The trouble with this programme is that it never even attempted to find a cause and effect. Rather like we are led to believe that everything was peaceful and calm before the first Crusade, we are led to believe that reports about Israel were always impartial and the Israeli lobby happened for no reason. Jews know that was far from the case.

The Palestine v Israel conflict has never been reported impartially. Indeed downright lies have been broadcast deliberately to put Israel in a bad light.

For example, the alleged shooting of the 12 year-old Mohammed Al-Dura whilst sheltering behind his father was exposed as fake in a French court.
This is just one video of several showing the untruth.

Similarly, videos of children being “rescued” from bombed buildings were reportedly faked. We know about doctored photos.

Often the internet is the only recourse to reverse the chicanery of the Taqiyya TV companies, but even there such sites as Honest Reporting are targetted by TV channels.

The largest United Nations voting bloc is comprised of the 57 Muslim countries which have tried to isolate Israel several times, most notably in the two Durban Conferences .

However, at least somebody speaks up for Israel in the United Nations, refreshingly.

Thanks to UN Watch

So please come to the Harrow demonstration to support those who support Jews, Israel and the truth.

Link to post with embedded videos here

Stephen Gash
Stop Islamisation Of Europe
SIOE England

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