Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nation of Islam offshoot celebrates Seattle cop killer

Seattle cop killer Maurice Clemmons had joined the Nation of Islam while serving time in the Cummins Prison in Arkansas before being pardoned by then Gov. Mike Huckabee. (Huckabee's chances for another presidential run in 2012 have suddenly evaporated just like the 1988 campaign of Democratic nominee from Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, after giving Willie Horton a prison furlough). Now it is learned that Clemmons has been "honored" for his heroic deed in killing four Seattle police officers by a group calling itself the National Black Foot Soldiers Network.
Update, December 4, 2009. Just learned that Wordpress, the web site that hosted the vile garbage blog Male Black Felon has suspended this account for violating terms of service. Thank God for that.
On a web site called Black Male Felon they have posted a story praising Maurice Clemmons, “For Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen.” BOW [Black On White] Martyr Against White Terrorist & Racist Police Regime (Maurice Clemmons) Adorned With Virgins, Jewelry & Crowned; “When the Battle is Over, We Shall Wear a Crown.” – Seattle Black Foot Soldiers
If this were not enough racism the same group posted another story titled “Who’s Your Favorite Officer Down: Mark Renninger, Tina Griswold, Greg Richards or Ronald Owens;” Seattle Black Foot Soldiers: Shootings a Preemptive Strike on Terrorists with the accompanying photos and caption:
Caption and photos from Seattle Black Foot Soldiers web site "Members of Racist Regime of Lakewood Police Terrorists Greg Richards, Tina Griswold, Ronald Owens & Sgt. Mark Renninger witnessed to in preemptive strike by BOW Civil Rights martyr Maurice Clemmons."
Louis Farrakhan leader of the racist Black Muslim group Nation of Islam, has been a friend and supporter of our sometimes Muslim, occupier of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama since the time he was in the Illinois Senate.

Pamela Geller writes on Atlas Shrugs: "That the president would be deeply involved with groups that espouse this treasonous, ugly, violent hate is more frightening than anything else. Senator Barack Obama’s close ties with the Nation of Islam (NOI), headed by black racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan have been well documented. The Nation of Islam is a radical, racist hate group headed by the greatest of hater of all things good, Louis Farrakhan. Farrakahn and Obama have a relationship that goes way back. Obama employed several Farrakhan followers in senior positions on his Illinois and U.S. Senate campaigns and office staffs. Obama’s relationship with Tony Rezko (who helped buy Obama's house and purchased the lot next to it for Obama) is linked to the Nation of Islam as well. Rezko is a Syrian Arab was in partnership with NOI founder Elijah Muhummad’s son, Jabir."
It appears that in our Politically Correct society, while it is OK for Black racist Muslim groups to preach hate and heap accolades on cop killers, anyone who tries to connect Barack Hussein Obama to these people is labeled a racist. Maybe president Zero will invite a few of the cop killer's fans  from the Black Foot Soldiers group to come to the White House and have a beer with the slain police officer's families?

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