Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ahh, shucks, we hurt their feelings.


Muslims outraged (When are they not?) over Sheriff's 'Muslim' joke

barenakedislam | December 5, 2009 at 4:06 AM | Categories: Islam in America

Larimer County, Colorafo Sheriff Jim Alderden joked about a bumper sticker which read, “U.S. Marines: Travel agents to Allah.”

(Hey, that’s not a joke, that’s the truth!)

A volunteer for the nonprofit Muslims Against Hunger group is not upset Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden plans to hold a Christmas tree-trimming party – an event Alderden proudly calls politically incorrect. (This IS a Christian country, you fool)
But the woman, a Muslim who lives in Northern Colorado, is concerned about a comment Alderden made while giving a speech at a Marine Corps Ball last month. The sheriff briefly posted a transcript of the speech on his Web site. In the speech, Alderden joked about bumper stickers and highlighted one which read, “U.S. Marines: Travel agents to Allah.”
The speech has been removed from the sheriff’s Web site, and he declined to comment about the speech. 9NEWS also asked a dozen former Marines who heard his speech for their thoughts. None of them wanted to be quoted. (Heh)
The woman, whose name is not being published because she has received threats, said an elected official jesting about the killing of Muslims goes beyond politically incorrect. ”Anytime you put someone down, whether it’s for religion or race or anything, it doesn’t just hurt the individual, it actually hurts the community where we live, and it’s really not time to start doing things like this,” she said. (Don’ let the door hit you in the ass, bitch)
The Muslim-American community contributes much to society, she said. (NO they don’t) Cases like that of Nidal Malik Hasan, the man accused of shooting fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, are the exception rather than the rule, she said.”We can’t let our religion be hijacked by extremists,” she said. (It wasn’t hijacked, this is what Islam is). COLORADOAN
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