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Is America following Great Britain's dismal example?

When does the rule of law take precedence over religious custom? For the sake of legal proceedings when identification is an important factor, covering one's face from public view serves no legitimate purpose. When you are called to testify in court or appear in court as a defendant, identification is more important than any ethic custom. When you go into a bank to withdraw money from an account you must provide photo identification to prove who you are. When you go into a polling place to cast a vote you must also prove who you are. The most common form of photo ID is a Driver's License. So how has the state of New Jersey handled this matter? Take a look.

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When the argument began years ago over establishing English as the official language in America many people with lots of air between their ears opposed this. Then a new concept of Political Correctness entered our society and we were told we had to accept everyone as they were. On the thought of diversity and Political Correctness, we need only to remember the tragic terrorist attack at Fort Hood, Texas by a radical Muslim Army officer named Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan to see how those who refuse to acknowledge the danger of not confronting ethnic behavior can have such consequences. Maybe it is time to take a step back and look at this once again. 
I came across this story about the extent of influence Muslims in Great Britain are having on government affairs and British culture. It has already been pointed out that Muslims are increasing in numbers by an alarming rate, much faster than non-Muslims and already several cities in America have Muslim populations in excess of 25%. Regardless of the numbers, there is no reason why common sense law should be changed to accommodate a special ethnic or cultural group.   

British Magistrate in Trouble For Not Accepting Muslim Veil

As terrorists lay siege to the remnants of Great Britain, the moonbats who have reduced this great country to such a vulnerable state continue to chip away from within, working in more or less open alliance with the West's jihadist enemies. The situation is so bad now that Manchester magistrate Ian Murray faces disciplinary action because he refused to deal with a defendant who would not show her face in court. Zoobia Hussain is of course "shocked and distressed" that anyone would expect her to take off her Muslim veil for the sake of legal proceedings, just so people can see who she is, as if the UK were its own country with its own legal traditions that should take precedence over Islamic ways.

Given a choice between rule of law and pandering obsequiously to Muslims, the authorities choose the latter with ever-increasing regularity. Murray is already groveling and apologizing, so he may be permitted to keep his position, so long as he never again questions the confines of the shameful dhimmitude Britain has voluntarily chosen to adopt in the name of political correctness.
The future of womanhood in what was once Great Britain.

It is time to wake up America, before it is too late.

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  1. Upside-Down, Inside-Out

    Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you–if you’re na├»ve and stupid.

    Those may not be all the original words of Sinatra’s “Young at Heart,” but they’re more realistic than Frankie’s.

    Maybe it’s the age–or just my age–but I’ve been getting uneasy, queasy feelings, vibes in the current vernacular, that believing our nation will always be the great nation in which we grew up is wishful thinking, a fairy tale if you will.

    Do forgive the purplish prose but I also firmly believe that we collectively stand at a precipice, a hazardous cliff overhanging an unforgiving plunge into chaotic change, into changes that threaten to forever alter who Americans are and what America is.

    We were warned of this by candidate Obama, of change we could believe in, and it’s in progress although it may not be the warm and fuzzy change we were misled to anticipate.

    As Harry Reid dishes out unprecedented bribes to win senatorial votes, as China gives fair warning that the world’s financial well is running dry, as the president’s new bff’s abuse and ridicule him, Obama blithely keeps marching on with his permutation campaign.

    The essence of Obama’s change is that we now seem to be living in a world not merely turned upside-down but inside out.

    Previous absolutes are given a relativistic spin, traditional values and understandings are reduced to the level of antiquated absurdities, America is gradually being transmogrified into just one more nation in the United Nations’ mob rather than Ronald Reagan’s shining city on the hill.

    It’s worthwhile to read and consider Reagan’s words in his Farewell Address: “In my mind it was a tall, proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, windswept, God-blessed, . . .

    (


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