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Democrats’ Suicide Strategy – Do They Know Something We Don’t?

Monday, December 21, 2009 Truth and Cons web site.

Democrats’ Suicide Strategy – Do They Know Something We Don’t?

Much has been made about how Democrats are committing political suicide with the healthcare bill and all the other onerous legislation they have proposed and/or passed this year. There is no mistaking that these actions are extremely unpopular. The widespread uncertainty they have fostered in the business community by coupling job-killing legislation and talk of big tax increases with unprecedented, reckless deficit spending has kept our economy at a virtual standstill. And their insulting, arrogant, dishonest and blatantly corrupt behavior has brought citizen concern and anger to a fever pitch, while Democrat poll numbers plummet.

But those who believe in this "Democrat suicide" model implicitly assume next November's elections will be free and fair. Given ACORN’s antics, Democrat Secretaries of State literally stealing elections, shocking abuses of power by Democrats in Congress and the administration, the blatant thuggery of SEIU and other union activists, while the media covers for them, such an assumption is fairy tale fantasy. It would be funny to think some people actually have that much faith in Democrats, if the implications weren't so disastrous. As it is, one can only cry.

Some of us believe this "Democrat suicide" to be a reason for greater concern rather than less. Since FDR, Democrat politicians have demonstrated themselves to be selfish in the extreme, throwing friends under the bus, lying in public, buying voters with vast spending programs that commit government to ever growing expenditures, while the programs themselves prove unfettered disasters; whatever is necessary to accomplish their goals. It is difficult to square this observed behavior with the notion that they would suddenly be running off the cliff like a bunch of lemmings just to pass healthcare in time for Christmas.

It is therefore much more likely that their corruption, their despicable, insulting tactics and breathtaking dishonesty comes of an ominous foreknowledge. We know, for example, that much of the "Stimulus" money is only stimulating Democrats. Despite the supposed focus on “shovel-ready” projects, only 7 percent of the $787 billion in the first Stimulus bill actually was slated for such projects. But when fellow Democrat Peter DeFazio pointed this out, Obama’s answer was, “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother.” One can assume a similar attitude drives the auto and banking industry "bailouts," and just about every other piece of legislation. Post bailout, for example, UAW workers pay nothing for a Cadillac healthcare plan now that GM is underwritten by We the People.

We have never before witnessed such brazen corruption. Consider the award of almost $6 million in “Stimulus” monies to companies run by former Hillary Clinton pollster Mark Penn, supposedly to save three jobs. According to The Hill, Clinton still owes Penn $1 million for her 2008 campaign. Looks like we taxpayers are covering that now.

The Obamacare health travesty bill voted on in the wee hours Monday night contains a laundry list of Senate buyoffs, of which Senator Ben Nelson’s (D-NB) $100 million Medicare exclusion for the state of Nebraska is only one. Chris Dodd, facing a daunting re-election battle in Connecticut, got a similar amount for his state, presumably to improve his chances. There are many others. Lindsay Graham, the usually collegial Senator from South Carolina calls the bill “…one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in the history of Washington.” And as if the Democrats couldn’t do more, we now learn this version of the bill allows for covering illegals.

The largest three kickbacks in the Senate bill total $1.2 billion. Sounds like a lot of money with which to bribe voters. But what will it mean when the trillions of dollars in “Stimulus I” and “Stimulus II” (just passed in the House of Representatives) are applied to election contests? Are Democrats overconfident? One can only hope. But if past is prologue, it is a dim hope, at best.

And it gets even worse. After all the secrecy, after blatantly violating sacrosanct Senate rules, after buying off Senators to get their support, Senator Harry Reid’s bill includes a section that will require a super-majority (i.e. two-thirds) of Senators to change any rules relevant to decisions made by the “Independent Medicare Advisory Boards,” aka “Death Panels.” As Redstate reports, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) objected that any language requiring a super-majority vote must be approved by a two-thirds majority. For the second time, the Senate presiding officer brushed aside standing Senate rules and said they didn’t apply. This happened today.

Even a former mobster is comparing Obama and Democrats to the Mafia. A post at Anti-Idiotarian Rotweiller contained the following quote, which seems to sum up the issue quite well:

The Left has no intention of giving up power. But they act consistently and almost unanimously in ways that leaving [sic] me biting my tongue to find ways of describing it in this forum, and actively infuriating huge swathes of the American people. If there are honest elections a whole bunch of them are going to lose power, quite possibly enough to take them out of control of the government.

Politicians in a group when they act consistently and anomalously against what would seem to be their own interests, are usually operating on information not available to anyone else. One also has to add to the mix the question why the Republicans as a party are only offering token opposition to the Democrats, when standing up would rally support to them? What do they know?

When you rule out the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, has to be considered. The only thing that remains, that I can see, is that no matter what they do, they no longer have any fear of facing the voters in an honest election. The specific mechanisms and basis for that confidence have yet to be determined. If anyone has a convincing alternative explanation that fits the data; I would gladly entertain it. I really would like to be able to accept an alternative that bodes better for our country, our Constitution, and the future of my children.

In mind of this, two more pieces of legislation have come to light which promise more devastation to our country, more government control, and even more promising prospects for Democrats to extort votes in 2010.

The first is Barney Frank's financial overhaul bill. Michelle Bachman (R-MN) claims it is even worse than the healthcare bill. Michelle tends to shoot from the hip, and sometimes opens herself to criticism as a result, but her assessment of the Frank bill appears to be on the money.

The second is a new illegal immigrant amnesty bill that will flood voter rolls with tens of millions of new Democrat voters, if passed. Anyone want to bet on their chances of getting it through?

And we still have eleven months to go… This nonstop blizzard of society-wrecking legislation continues to follow the Manufactured Crisis format, for anyone still in the dark about it.

In order to win next November, Republican candidates will have to win with vast majorities just to overcome Democrat vote fraud. For close races it will be scorched earth tactics like they used in Florida’s 2004 presidential race.

But they will have an added advantage because they have also been busy stacking the deck through the so-called "SOS Project." This George Soros-funded initiative strives to elect sympathetic Secretaries of State all over the country as they did in Minnesota.

Finally, Obama has gotten four sympathetic “technical advisors” appointed to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. One of these, Edwin Smith, VP of Dominion Voting Systems, has been called a “scammer” by the Brad Blog, know for its expertise on e-voting machines. Brad Blog describes Smith thusly: "This isn't just the Fox in the Hen House. This is the Fox who has already devoured every Hen in the House, in the Hen House. With feathers in his mouth and a sub-machine gun in his hands."

Smith is a former VP at Sequoia Voting Systems, a producer of voting machines that failed during New Jersey’s 2008 elections. Sequoia had been owned by Smartmatic, a Venezuela-based company tied to the Chavez government and suspected of rigging the Venezuelan vote for Hugo Chavez. Smartmatic was forced to sell off Sequoia after an investigation by the U.S. Treasury and State Departments in 2006, but Sequoia’s software is still owned by Smartmatic. Smartmatic in turn, got its technology from Dominion, Smiths latest employer.

If all this fails, it is not inconceivable that they would take some more blatant extra-legal step, to shut down, postpone or otherwise nullify election results. If this sounds too extreme, consider: the Democrats are staking their future on a legislative, rhetorical and legal strategy that is alienating the entire country.

Are they really that stupid?

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UPDATE: There appears to be a movement already afoot among some states to nullify any healthcare measure that comes out of this Congress. Nullification is an innovative Constitutional strategy states may use to neutralize onerous federal law the state believes to be unconstitutional. This comes out of the nascent 10th Amendment movement within some states to reassert authority that the federal government has been undermining for a long time. It is nice to be able to offer this positive bit of news as Christmas approaches, given Congressional Democrats' apparent determination to play the Grinch and wreak as much havoc as possible in this Christmas season.

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