Sunday, March 31, 2013

What the liberal news media doesn't want you to think about Black people.

The leftist, mainstream news media is virtually 100% Democrat (at least those who are not outright Communists) and they all bend over backwards at every opportunity to fawn adoration over Marxist/Socialist, Communist-mentored Barack Hussein Obama. So much to the effect they come across as a propaganda machine for a state-run news media. Anyone criticizing their adored and messiah-worshipped great leader gets labeled a racist. I know, read the comment on my previous post. So it is not surprising that the liberal and very much biased media stereotype certain groups to portray mirror images of themselves. According to the liberal media all Black people also love Obama and while that is mostly true it is not 100% true. Here is some surprising proof thanks to Kevin Jackson on The Black Sphere.

Black Conservatives Praise the Constitution, Guns and God

Watch this AMAZING video and enjoy the TRUTH!!!

“Without God, without guns and without the Constitution, America’s end will come with haste!” 

“For when they change our Constitution, they will take our guns. And when they take our guns, they will also seek to take our God. That’s when Americans will fight back.” 

“There is a direct correlation between gun control and black people control.”




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