Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kentucky gun owners, contact your state representatives to support this.

Got this email from Kentucky State Representative Thomas Kerr. If you live in Kentucky you should contact your state representatives to support and vote for these bills. To find your representative go to this link:
Dear Nelson,
Thank you for writing to express your support for your Second Amendment rights and your opposition to attempts at the federal and state level to infringe on those rights.
As an avid shooter and gun owner, I completely agree with you. You will be happy to know that I am a co-sponsor of the following bills:
• HB 168 - which states that Kentucky does not recognize federal statutes or regulations which deny or abridge the right to keep and bear arms.
• HB 233 - which nullifies all federal laws and regulations restricting ownership or possession of firearms.
• HB 285 -which provides that firearms, ammunition, and accessories made in Kentucky are exempt from federal law.
• HJR 33 - which nullifies all federal laws in violation of the Second Amendment and directs the General Assembly to enact all measures necessary to prevent enforcement of federal legislation or regulations in violation of the Second Amendment.
I also support and will vote for the following bills:
• SB 129- which would prohibit enforcement of any new federal law, rule, regulation, or order relating to the ownership or registration of firearms, magazines, or accessories.
• SB 150- which would remove the length of residency requirement for applications for permits to carry concealed weapons and decrease the time for the state police to process such applications
• SB 172- which would prohibit boards of health from regulating firearms or ammunition.
I oppose and will vote against bills which attempt to limit Kentuckians’ right to bear arms, including:
• HB 265 - which seeks to enact into state law the provisions of Presidents Obama’s gun control proposals.
• HB 268 - which would require destruction of confiscated guns.
• SB 121- which would also enact into state law the President’s proposals.
Senate Bill 92 has a good intent, which is to prohibit enforcement of federal gun control, but has some objectionable provisions which could adversely affect gun collectors who have automatic weapons. Therefore, I could not support this bill in its present form.
Please feel free to contact me at any time concerning this or any issue of importance to you which may come before the General Assembly, or if I may be of any service.
Tom Kerr
State Representative
Now we need to pass a Sovereignty bill in Kentucky to reaffirm our support of the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


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