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Changing times. When bad things always seem to get worse before they get better.

Forty years ago there once was a popular outdoor magazine called Field and Stream. Back then it lived up to its name and contained stories about hunting, shooting and fishing. Then some liberals took it over and turned it into a fishing magazine with ads for BB guns. Their presumed intent was to de-emphasize the popular American gun culture. Around the same time a guy named Zad Rust wrote a very uncomplimentary book called Teddy Bare about Massachusetts Democrat Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy. It documented his involvement in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne on the night of July 18, 1969 at the Dike Bridge on Chappaquiddick Island when an inebriated Ted Kennedy drove his car off the bridge into the water and left Mary Jo Kopechne in the car to drown. Following the publication of Teddy Bare it was reported that Rose Kennedy, patriarch of the Kennedy clan, was so upset with the book she went out and purchased 5,000 copies and had them destroyed to keep anyone from reading them. Such is the illogical logic of liberals, but it goes to illustrate how far they will go to stifle conservatives. 

Jump forward to today when the most anti-gun Democrat in the nation, Barack Hussein Obama, capitalizes on the tragic deaths of school children to force his disarming of America and single-handidly does more to increase the sale of guns and ammo than anyone else in history. The Obama movement in American culture has bordered on blasphemy with his followers calling him the new Messiah and comparing him to Jesus Christ. But his big money backers are doing their own work to de-emphasize our favorite passion with guns, trying to help make our gun culture disappear and pave the way for an unopposed totalitarian government. The same way the liberal educators destroyed American History in our schools by not teaching it anymore. The web site Daily Caller has reported that a wealthy Obama contributor is buying up several outdoor sports media companies related to hunting and shooting magazines and cable television production companies that create programs on the Outdoor Channel, and is shutting them down.
Employees: Obama donor in process of buying up and ‘destroying’ America’s top pro-gun media outlets
Employees of Obama donor Leo Hindery Jr.’s media conglomerate Intermedia Partners, which now owns most of the top gun-culture media outlets in the country, believe that Hindery plans to gut and destroy all of them as part of a business plan that has already led to numerous layoffs and the virtual shuttering of prominent television production facilities in Minnesota and Montana.

Hindery, who was in consideration to be President Barack Obama’s secretary of commerce, is managing partner of Intermedia Partners. The New York-based media private equity fund owns Intermedia Outdoor Holdings, which publishes 17 hunting, fishing, and shooting magazines, including Guns & Ammo, Handguns, Gun Dog, Rifle Shooter and Shooting Times.

InterMedia Outdoor Holdings purchased the pro-gun hunting and fishing network the Sportsman Channel in 2007, and is now in the process of acquiring the Outdoor Channel, pending the federal government’s approval of last month’s merger between InterMedia Outdoors and Outdoor Channel Holdings.

InterMedia employees believe that Hindery, a Huffington Post blogger who has contributed to numerous Democratic politicians including Andrew Cuomo and Elizabeth Warren, is in the process of consolidating all of America’s leading gun-culture media outlets and stripping them down to virtual destruction.

Prior to its acquisition by InterMedia, the media brand Petersen’s Hunting, the television arm of which is broadcast by the Sportsman Channel, was housed in a “beautiful” facility in Baxter, Minnesota, overlooking the Mississippi River. The facility had approximately 60 employees, a massive studio, at least nine editing bays and fully-wired machine rooms and was conducting about four studio shoots per year with a full production crew.

That facility now mostly consists of about 12 employees — “basic administrative types,” who “think every day they go into work is going to be their layoff day,” according to an InterMedia employee who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“They have people working out of rental strip malls doing all of their TV production,” the source said.
Employees of the Baxter facility were offered the chance to move to Peoria, Ill., which offers a tax credit to companies who “create” jobs in town, in order to keep their employment.

“That studio in Brainerd was a real staple in that community for years. We used to joke that it was the Microsoft of Brainerd County. Everyone was impressed if you worked there. You made money, you did well, you had this dream life. Then Leo Hindery Jr. bought it and just completely gutted it,” said the employee. “It’s sad. I know a lot of good people in Brainerd who lost their jobs and had their houses foreclosed on.”

Petersen’s Hunting now “has its entire TV production staff working out of call centers” in Peoria, according to the employee.

InterMedia also purchased a company called Barrett Productions in Missoula, Mont., which was previously a thriving and well-respected television production company. The Barrett facility is now “gutted.”

“There’s nothing there but one intern slash production assistant and one administrative type. All the production people are gone. It’s a shell,” according to the employee.

“Now that Hindery has the Outdoor Channel, he’s in a position to consolidate all of the major pro- media titles in this country, strip them down, and destroy them, like venture capitalists do sometimes,” the employee said.

Many Outdoor Channel producers are “scared shitless,” realizing that the careers they built are now in the hands of an Obama donor who is in the process of breaking apart pro-gun media companies.

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To set the record straight, comes an eloquent speech written and delivered by Bill Whittle in a video enacted to represent his Virtual State of the Union address as a Virtual President before a captive audience of Congress. Published on YouTube on Feb 21, 2013,  in this segment of his Virtual State of the Union, the Virtual President talks about why politicians want to talk about gun control rather than crime control, and delivers the factual evidence and historical truths that make the case for the Second Amendment self-evident. It is well worth the time to view it.

But in all honesty, it is impossible to change a liberal mindset by using logic and common sense or even with facts. That is because liberals are basically dishonest liars and hypocrites typified by the likes of Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein who carried her own concealed weapon for protection while demanding everyone else to give up theirs.  While others have demonstrated beyond doubt there is no difference in the firing capabilities between 10-round magazines and 30-round magazines, or the real technical differences between a fully automatic machine gun and a semi-automatic rifle, liberals still prefer to confuse the issue of so-called assault weapons, a term that only applies to the military. So as the gun issue continues to rage across the nightly news media and throughout the halls of government, both state and federal, the leftist mainstream news media refuses to acknowledge the true purpose of the Second Amendment. And the ultimate fact that when the government fears the people we have liberty but when the people fear the government we have tyranny. Or that gun registration is the first step to gun confiscation and that is the way civil war begins. The government knows this and has stockpiled 2-billion rounds of ammo to be prepared. The problem (for them) is, so have we.

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  1. Nelson:
    Great site. I agree with you on every point you've made. Michael Savage has written a book titled "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder". I truly is.
    Have you been to (David Horowitz Freedom Center site)? If not, you may want to check out a Pamphlet that they offer titled Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future". I bought a 20 pack of them for $25, you can buy one for $3. I'm sure you will appreciate the insights that Horowitz and Robert Spencer (co-author) share about the attack on freedom of speech that is at the root of this term Islamophobia. Liberals are easily co-opted into promoting this ideological Trojan Horse.

    1. Thanks, Peter. I happen to be a supporter of David Horowitz's Freedom Center. If you notice in the left margin of this blog I also have a free plug for another book called The Liberal Mind, The psychological causes of political madness. And I am a big fan of Robert Spencer and his Jihad Watch.


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