Monday, October 15, 2012

Obama campaign is engaging in illegal "active foreign solicitation" for campaign funds aided by Communists and Muslims.


Why is the mainstream news media ignoring this crime?

Who is Robert Roche and why has he visited Barack Hussein Obama at The White House 11 times? Robert Roche lives in Shanghai, China, and owns a company called Acorn International and works in close relationships with officials of the Communist Chinese government. Robert Roche also happens to be a major fundraiser for Barack Hussein Obama and has raised millions of illegal foreign campaign contributions for the Democratic Party. These are some of the findings of the Government Accountability Institute who released their 109-page report on September 26, 2012. According to web site, 

The Government Accountability Institute (GAI) on Wednesday called out the Obama campaign for refusing to address the ownership of the domain by a campaign bundler who lives and has business interests in China. GAI also alleged that the Obama campaign has not fully addressed its weak online security measures to prevent fraudulent or foreign campaign donations.  

GAI President Peter Schweizer said GAI was “troubled by the fact that the Obama campaign has nothing to say about one of the main concerns we detailed in our report: the mysterious redirect website anonymously owned by China-based campaign bundler Robert Roche.” 
“Robert Roche has an unusually close relationship with the Chinese government, to whom he is dependent for the operation of his Chinese-based company, Acorn International,” Schweizer said. “At the same time, he owns this redirect website which sends international web traffic to a contribution page of the president’s campaign.”
The independent organization, Government Accountability Institute investigated both the Republican Party and Democratic Party campaigns and found that only the Democrats were purposely using lax security measures that did not check or verify the country codes or credit card security codes (CVV) of the donors and were allowing millions of dollars of illegal contributions to pour into their campaign coffers from foreign sources. Interestingly, the official Obama For America web site also sells campaign merchandise such as t-shirts, hats and bumper stickers and does require the credit card security codes for these purchases.

No political candidate in American history can match the technological sophistication, reach, or capability of the Obama campaign.104 Indeed, the Obama campaign is universally recognized as the gold standard of technological campaign sophistication. In 2008, the Obama campaign’s online machine raised $335 million, a little over half its total individual contributions, in donations under the $200 threshold for full disclosure. 105
The Curious Case of
The security vulnerabilities of the Obama campaign are well-illustrated by the privately held, a redirect website which sends its largely foreign visitors to a donation page on and loads a unique affiliate number (affiliate number 634930), allowing the campaign to identify the traffic that reaches it through
The fact that is not owned or managed by the Obama campaign is a mystery. Obama for America owns 392 different domain names bearing either the President’s name or the name of campaign initiatives.139 It seems logical that would be sought after by the campaign. In 2008 an Obama bundler with considerable business ties in China purchased the site. It is currently registered anonymously.
138 An affiliate number is an identifier that is widely used for tracking web traffic.
139, Registration Required Traffic
According to Markosweb, which uses data from Google Analytics, approximately 68% of Internet traffic going to comes from foreign locations.140 An examination of the backlinks going to reveals that a strong majority is from foreign language or foreign-based websites. These websites do not appear to be catering to American expatriates.
During June and July of 2012, web traffic to the site increased, again with the majority of the traffic coming from overseas. An examination of the traffic generated indicates that most visitors are not coming to the website through search engines but are arriving there by typing in “” or by clicking a link to
140 “Donate: You Power This Movement,”; last accessed September 4, 2012.
141 Alexa: The Web Information Company,; click the “search analytics” tab to see data.
142 DomainTools,, registration required.
143 lbid.
The Washington Examiner reported this in the Washington Secrets section of its Politics page:
The independently owned website, which steers users to the president's campaign donation website, gets most of its traffic from foreign countries, raising questions about the legality of tens of millions of small dollar donations to the campaign, according to a new report.
The Government Accountability Institute today released details of an eight-month probe into fundraising by the presidential candidates and all House and Senate candidates that also shows that the president's outreach and fundraising have targeted websites in Chinese, Arabic, Thai, and Korean. Generally, donations from foreign nations are illegal.
The 108-page analysis from the group that made news in an earlier report that suggested President Obama skips many of his national security briefings studied security flaws in credit card fundraising conducted by Obama, Mitt Romney, and congressional candidates. Many have security flaws, said the report.
Similar stories appeared on The Daily Caller and The Daily Beast web sites, both respectable sites for political news coverage but so far, nothing has appeared on any of the mainstream newspaper pages or television broadcast news. This adds additional fuel to the bias charges that the mainstream news media is covering up every illegal activity that Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic Party are engaged in. At this junction in American history we stand less than one month away from the most consequential election in the 236-years since The Declaration of Independence was signed. How did we get into this mess to begin with? Who is this Muslim communist who occupies the White House and how did he get to be what he is today. That all leads to a short 10-minute video on how Barack Hussein Obama came to be a communist. This is a very educational video that condenses a lot of history.

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