Saturday, October 20, 2012

Is Barack Hussein Obama looking to make a deal with anyone until after the elections?

Counting the days until we have the opportunity to throw the Muslim communist out of The White House, the whole world is seemingly watching and waiting to see what Barack Hussein Obama will do for his October Surprise to turn the voters back to his side. And I wouldn't be surprised if he uses the moment during his third debate with Mitt Romney on Monday night when most Americans will be watching.
And certainly, Obama has his pick of choices since the whole world is in a big pot of trouble. Europe is in a financial meltdown partly due to its own social welfare programs and the unexpected rise in foreign immigrants pouring in from the Middle East and sucking up the public welfare.
China is causing great concern flexing its muscles due to the staggering trillions of dollars Obama has borrowed to pay for his Socialist takeover of America and that is on top of the additional trillions of dollars it rakes in from cheap labor and cheap quality Made in China merchandise sold in every store in the USA. China is so flushed with money it has begun its own man in space program and vastly increased the size of its military might. They even considered naming a new billion-dollar aircraft carrier after Wal-Mart out of gratitude.
The American Armed Forces fighting Islamic inspired terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan are in a turmoil dealing with Obama's new Rules of Engagement orders that essentially makes them easier targets for Taliban/al Qaida/Muslim fighters. Obama is so concerned over the backlash from our military that his Democratic Party has actively worked to deny our fighting troops on the battlefield access to early voting ballots.
Many American Jews have begun to realize that their blinded support for Obama has jeopardized their dual citizenship status with Israel. Since Obama has withdrawn support from Israel and placed them in the cross-hairs of a homicidal maniac running the government of Iran who has been hell-bent on building a few atomic bombs and has threatened to annihilate it.
Obama has even asked Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to tone down his sabre-rattling rhetoric until after the elections so he will have more flexibility to work with him. The choices go on and on.

But the one big surprise that Obama is counting on to turn the tide away from his defeat in November is to make a really big announcement that he has solved the entire Middle East conflict and finally earned the Nobel Peace Prize that he was given for doing nothing. 
 "WND has also reported the Obama administration has cut a last-minute deal with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Iran in which it will work to ease economic sanctions on Tehran in exchange for an agreement to halt uranium enrichment, at least temporarily."

"As reported exclusively by WND Oct. 4, a three-person delegation led by a woman on behalf of the Obama administration traveled to Qatar about Oct. 1 and met with Iranian counterparts, including Ali Akbar Velayati, the former foreign minister of the Islamic regime and a close adviser to Khamenei on international matters."

"In the meeting, according to the source, the U.S. delegation urged an announcement, even if only on a temporary nuclear deal, before the U.S. elections to help Obama get re-elected."
"At least temporarily" but not a permanent solution, just a temporary one until after the elections. So in Obama's eyes the fate of the world, the lives of an entire nation, all become a bargaining chip to be used to get re-elected. And then what happens afterward? Iran finds an excuse to back out of the deal and they continue to build their doomsday bombs? Isn't this all for show? Just a move to boost his ratings in the pols. Truly, the man has absolutely no sense of morals or character. He places himself and his plan to destroy America ahead of everything else. One thing we can be sure of is that the leftist news media will turn the event into a non-stop circus of glad tidings right up until November 6th.
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