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Barack Hussein Obama trips over his own web of lies.

I love that expression about lies and deceit coined by Sir Walter Scott two hundred years ago: "Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!" Too bad Barack Hussein Obama didn't learn it when he was in college. If he had then maybe he wouldn't be getting confused over the facts about his own life story. Now I am reminded that a few short years ago we read that Obama had claimed he was born in two different hospitals in Hawaii and he had listed two different birth dates on his web site. So this web of lies has been tripping him up for quite some time. Today someone just pointed out that Barack Hussein Obama has just changed the story again about his dear mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Here's how the web site Proof Positive explains it.
Within a one week period, Barack Obama went from being "born to a single mom" to being taught to love jazz by a father who apparently was never around …
An email sent from the Obama campaign (asking for donations, of course) offered a "Dinner with Barack," with airfare "on us." It also mentions how Barack Obama's father taught him to love jazz.
But there is a problem with that emotional ask…
BECAUSE according to Obama's official life story, Barack Obama Jr. claims he was with Barack Obama Sr. briefly in the early 1970s and then again for a week or 10 days when he was 9-YEARS-OLD.
That's it.

"How was that enough time to teach 9-year-old Obama to love jazz music? Besides, jazz is uniquely American. Besides, what evidence is there the Kenyan dug Coltrane?" says Joel Gilbert, whose documentary "Dreams from My Real Father" was recently released.
Then, an email from Julianna Smoot, deputy campaign manager of Obama for America pushed the dinner for your dollars fundraiser, spelling out just what the winner will learn about the president:
"You can learn a lot: His dad taught him to love jazz, his girls get crazy-embarrassed when he dances or sings in public, his dream job is starting point guard for the Chicago Bulls – and he really looks forward to sharing these meals with supporters like you."
In the fight for the truth – digging for facts in piles of fiction and fraud and one dead end after another – we've mulled over the issue of whether or not Obama Senior married Barack Obama's mother as a marriage of convenience.
After all, it would have helped her out of a jam while at the same time Obama senior could have gained a substantial benefit of a spousal renewal for his visa.
As you may or may not recall, Barack Obama famously introduced himself at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 as the result of an "improbable love" between a girl from Kansas and a Kenyan goat herder.
At other times Obama has insisted that if only Harvard had offered his father (Obama Senior) enough money to support the family, his father never would have had to leave a wife and a 2-year-old Obama behind to pursue his dreams.

Now, Obama is claiming that his parents were not married at the time of his birth ONE WEEK BEFORE the dinner invite to learn about the president's love of jazz that he learned from his father.
He even tweeted it (above).
So, how do all the different stories – born to a single mom and taught to love jazz by an African father with no record for a love of American jazz and who wasn't around – make sense?
Because it's all likely part of the gigantic fraud and grand cover-up conspiracy that the White House has been pulling on the American people from the get-go.
This version matches evidence that WND has been compiling for years that Ann Dunham never lived with Obama Senior and that, if there ever was a recorded marriage, it was a marriage of convenience for both:
  • Ann Dunham never shared so much as a common address with Barack Obama Sr., either before or after the baby was born.
  • Immigration and Naturalization documents indicated their concerns that Obama Sr. and Dunham were ever married.
  • OFFICIAL RECORDS showing the INS was prepared to prevent any attempt by Obama Sr. to extend his visa on the basis of his claim of being married to Dunham and being the father of a U.S. citizen.
  • No marriage certificate has ever been located for Obama Sr. and Dunham. (Of course, no records documenting Dunham's whereabouts for the six months between her alleged marriage in February 1961 and the baby's in August have ever been located either.)
  • Dunham left Hawaii just weeks after Obama Jr. was born to enroll in University of Washington in Seattle, taking classes on campus beginning in late September 1961. Obama Sr. remained at the University of Hawaii.
But if Barack Obama Sr. did not teach Jr. to love jazz and is not Junior's real father, then who did? Who is Barack Hussein Obama talking about?
What does this mean for the American people? What is the truth that all these lies are concealing?

As reported by WND, Gilbert's first reaction was to assume the Obama campaign was conceding that Frank Marshall Davis – the Communist Part USA propagandist and Marxist who is widely recognized as a lover and published commentator of JAZZ – was his true biological FATHER!
Frank Marshall Davis was coincidentally born in Kansas like Obama's mother and MARRIED to another woman, lending even more credibility that the Obama-Dunham marriage – if it even legally existed – was a sham, a cover-up to protect those involved.
"It appears the Obama campaign is finally admitting I'm right, that Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist Party USA propagandist and Marxist, was his real father. So there you have it, Obama is a red diaper baby," said Gilbert.
How do we know Davis loved jazz?
Because communist Frank Marshall Davis was friends with jazz musicians in Chicago, worked as a DJ on a jazz radio station, had a large collection of jazz records AND wrote a regular column in the communist-run Honolulu Record newspaper that was often about jazz, as this typical newsclipping illustrates .
That's not to mention there are nude photos of Obama's mother taken at what Gilbert determined was Davis' house with a record player and jazz records clearly visible.
There is also this family photo (see right) showing a young Obama about 12 years-old along with his mother, grandfather and half-sister that was discovered on Obama's Facebook page.
Upon closer look at the unenhanced photo, there are several anomalies –
"All suspected alterations to the photo seem to point to the cutting, pasting and airbrushing of Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, into the photo to cover up someone of African-American origin," wrote Robert Nikolakakis, an expert professional graphic artist and illustrator with 21 years-experience.
Here are just a few of the problems:
  • The black hand under Obama's right armpit doesn't match Ann Dunham's right arm. The size, color and position is wrong.
  • The chair on the far left next to Dunham doesn't match the others.
  • Dunham's hair shows signs of airbrushing.
  • The lighting on Ann Dunham's face is from the far left whereas Obama Jr. and grand-dad are lit from above.
  • A ghosting effect appears under Obama's arm where a glow emanates suggesting a different underlying image such as a light-colored shirt behind Obama. There is also uneven pixilation, a sign of cloning.
In Obama's book "Dreams of My Father," Obama refers to "Frank" throughout the book without identifying him by his full name although many who knew and researched the Obama family allege Obama Jr. had developed a father-son relationship with the Davis and got career advice.
Curiously, all mentions of "Frank" were scrubbed from the audio version of Obama's book.
Perhaps Obama knew it would be smarter to hold this father-like figure at arm's length considering several anti-communist congressional committees accused Davis of involvement in several communist-front organizations – something most voters don't take lightly.
Some critics of Obama are even grappling with the disturbing idea that Davis recruited Obama –
So, is this all part of the grand birth certificate cover-up of Obama's biological and ideological roots or is it nothing?
We don't know and, America, we won't know unless Congress takes ACTION!



  1. Obama has released his official birth certificate from Hawaii twice–the short form and the long form–and the facts on them have been repeatedly confirmed by the officials in Hawaii (Republicans and Democrats) and by the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers, and by the Index Data (a public file showing the birth certificates that are on file that shows one for Obama under 1961). Here is the Index Data:

    Here is the latest of many confirmations:

    Only self-described “experts”–who have not proven their expertise, and who certainly have not shown that they are fair an impartial–have made claims about Obama’s birth certificate being “forged.”. Those are reasons—the lack of proven expertise and impartiality—why Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and the National Review do not believe these “experts.”

  2. The state of Hawaii does not "release" birth certificates; it sends them to people who request them. Obama requested his short-form birth certificate, and Hawaii sent it to him and the officials in Hawaii of both parties confirmed the facts on it. The short-form is actually the official birth certificate, the one that is used by thousands of people every year to get their US passports.

    Hawaii no longer normally issues the long form birth certificate, but Obama asked for a copy as a special favor, and Hawaii granted it and gave a copy to Obama's lawyer. It then repeatedly confirmed that it had sent the long-form birth certificate to Obama and that ALL the facts on it were correct. One of the more recent of the confirmations was made to the CONSERVATIVE secretary of state of Arizona, who asked Hawaii to confirm that it had Obama's long form birth certificate on file and to confirm specified facts on it. Hawaii did both of those things, and in addition added that it had checked ALL of the facts on Obama's published birth certificate against the facts on the birth certificate in the files and that the facts MATCHED (that was the word that it used). And then the CONSERVATIVE secretary of state of Arizona accepted that confirmation as proof that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii and ruled that Obama will be on the ballot in Arizona in November.

    In addition to the birth certificate itself and the confirmation of the facts on it by the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii, there is also the Index Data and the fact that the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 sent birth notices to the newspapers for Obama, and ONLY the DOH of Hawaii in those days could send notices to the "Health Bureau Statistics" section of the newspapers, and the DOH only sent them to the papers for births that it had registered, and in 1961 the DOH was not allowed to register a birth that was not in Hawaii.

  3. Re the allegation that Obama's mother and father were not married. Answer, when two people get a divorce, as the divorce papers show that Obama's mother and father did, it indicates that they were married before they were divorced.

    Re the allegation that Davis is Obama's "real" father. Answer: Haven't you noticed how much Mitt Romney looks like Harpo Marx? It turns out that Harpo is Mitt's real father? Don't believe it? Well, there is certainly just as much evidence that Harpo is Mitt's real father as there is that Davis is Obama's real father---in both cases precisely NONE. Oh, and Communism cannot be inherited through DNA---nor can Presbyterianism.

  4. Obama, who really was born in Hawaii, as the officials of both parties in Hawaii and the Index Data file and the birth notices sent to the newspapers of Hawaii by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 all show, was re-elected President of the United States last night. He won both a majority of the popular vote and a clear majority of the votes of the Electoral College.

  5. smrstrauss: Has the state of Hawaii ever certified that the long form birth certificate shown on the White House web site is identical to the one they have on file? I don't think so. You can play with words by saying Hawaii says there is a copy of Obama's birth certificate on file but that does not mean it is the same as what we have been shown.


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