Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cause and Effect: Obama's war on America.

Barack Hussein Obama learned everything he needed to know from left wing sources all of his life. From his early indoctrination in communism between the ages of 10-18 from his childhood mentor Frank Marshal Davis, himself a card carrying member of the Communist Party,  Obama entered college a full blown Marxist and went on from there to associate only with Black radicals, anti-American movements and close relations with outright terrorists such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, the co-founders of the Weather Underground who helped launch his political career in their Chicago living room. But the most recent lessons Obama learned came from his one time Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, whose favorite expression was, "Never let a crisis go to waste". And if there happened not to be any convenient crises at the moment to take advantage of, then why not create one to fill your needs. Because according to Obama's operating plan the important thing was the cause and effect.

Obama's Muslim heritage and devotion to Islam has motivated him to create a situation to justify one of the primary goals of Islam, to make any criticism of Islam a crime. In the Islamic culture there is Sharia Law, a barbaric set of rules that govern the lives of every Muslim. From chopping off the hands of thieves to stoning to death anyone who commits adultery to handing out death sentences for anyone who blasphemes Mohammad, their prophet. Sharia even considers a woman who has been raped to be guilty of enticing the rapist and is often stoned to death for her crime. But within Sharia Law, the one act that drives all Muslims into homicidal rage is committing blasphemy against Mohammad. And to advance the cause of Obama's war on America, one must first remove the obstacles that stand in the way. And the first obstacle is Freedom of Speech. Our American culture is based upon those acknowledged God-given rights that were set down in our Constitution by our Founding Fathers. Our Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments to that Constitution and Freedom of Speech is the number one right on the list that all Americans hold dear. Freedom of Speech is the right to openly criticize any public official without fear of prosecution or intimidation. So wouldn't it be a handy thing for a left wing politician to criminalize any negative comments especially those found on the Internet? The liberals already own the news media and television entertainment which are the primary supporters of their policies, but they don't own or control the conservative bloggers. 

So using the Muslim's plea to stop people from writing bad things about Islam, Obama and his backers are pushing for restrictions to everyone's Freedom of Speech. To make their argument valid they needed an event of great proportions to explode in front of our eyes and the terrorist attack on our embassy in Libya and the subsequent murder of our U.S. Ambassador was just the thing. As all politicians do they then denied all of the facts and blamed the event on a 15-minute video posted on YouTube. Facts began to come to light that showed how the embassy staff was not provided with enough security which contributed to the loss. But Barack Hussein Obama was able to make his point before the U.N. General Assembly when he called for laws to respect Islam and condemn criticism of its acts. In other words, by outlawing any bad news about Islam, Obama furthered the cause to restrict our Freedom of Speech.

Then we come to the Second Amendment to our Constitution, The Right to Bear Arms, that gives every would-be dictator second thoughts about taking over our country. Our Founding Fathers were not concerned with protecting the rights of hunters, they were creating a force to repel tyranny and placed that force it in the hands of the citizens. So to remove that right the leftists in the Obama regime thought up the idea that with the assistance of the Justice Dept. they would allow guns to be bought in the United States and smuggled into Mexico by the drug cartels and have those guns used to commit horrible crimes. This plan became know as Fast and Furious and it resulted in the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol officer when one of those smuggled guns were found at the scene and traced back to the store that sold it. This was the entire purpose of the plan, it was not designed to track the location of the cartels, it was to create the public furor over easily accessible guns and generate the groundswell to restricting our Second Amendment rights.

Sometimes an event happens that was not the result of a conspiratorial act by government officials that causes a drastic affect. Although some parts of the Muslim attack on 9-11 were aided by some incompetent agencies such as the FAA who ignored the warnings about the Muslims who went to flight schools to learn how to fly the aircraft they were planning to hijack. But immediately after the attack several Democrats along with some Republicans hastily threw together something called The Patriot Act that took advantage of 9-11 to weaken and eliminate a few other sections of The Bill of Rights. So this new law gave the government the right to spy on all Americans in ways that they couldn't do before.

In years since 9-11 we have seen the government authorize the construction of detention camps and at the insistence of Barack Hussein Obama add wording to the National Defense Assistance Act to permit the government to arrest and imprison American citizens without benefit of trial access to lawyers. We have seen Executive Orders issued by this same Muslim communist Democrat to nationalize American Industry and Communications and Transportation in the event of any contrived and undefined emergency. Even the right to declare Martial Law has been acquired by the would-be dictator in the White House, all without even a whimper raised by the establishment Republicans. And those same people have been remarkably quiet when Barack Hussein Obama by-passes Congress to write his own laws.

Everything said here has been ignored by the leftist news media who all work so diligently to support and reelect the present administration and keep the public ignorant of what is going on. I cannot think of a better reason to call for the utter defeat of every Democrat on the ballot in November. America, as we know it, cannot survive another four years.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.

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