Thursday, March 3, 2011

UPDATE on US Airmen killed by fanatical Muslim in Germany.

Hours after posting my comments yesterday on the shooting by a religious fanatic (who happened to be a Muslim) in Frankfurt, Germany that left two US Airmen dead and two others wounded,  ABC News was the only news media to reveal that the killer was, in fact, a Muslim and that he shouted the Islamic war chant "Allahu Akbar" as he gunned down the unarmed servicemen. When the original story first appeared the German police refused to identify the shooter's religion or the fact that he was a German born son of a Muslim cleric from Kosovo or that he was a devout Muslim. To their credit, ABC News did report these facts. 

In an interesting sidelight to this incident, another web site, The Winds of Jihad, is saying that German Muslims are fearing there will be a backlash to these murders. As well there should be since German Chancellor Angela Merkel has gone on record as saying that the entire population of  Muslim immigrants in Germany have not attempted to adopt the German culture of their new homeland. Instead, Muslims in Germany (and other European countries, as well) cling together as a group following their 7th Century code of violence against all non-Muslims because their holy books tell them to do so.

ABC News has earned a few other credits lately that I would like to praise them about and will comment later about them.

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