Friday, March 11, 2011

Best news headline of the day: "Muslims enraged at King's hearings show that Islam is a Religion of Peace by threatening his life"

Couldn't resist passing this along in its entirety because the headline alone is the best one of the day. Apologies to Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch.
Muslims enraged at King's hearings show that Islam is a Religion of Peace by threatening his life

And despite the propaganda offensive by Hamas-linked CAIR and other Islamic supremacist groups, most Americans support the hearings. I certainly hope they do some good, and that King no longer allows himself to be cowed by his opponents. Certainly their fury and mendacity as the hearings begin indicate that he is getting close to areas that Islamic supremacists in the U.S. don't want examined.

More on this story. "King Draws Fire for Hearings on Radicalization of Muslims in U.S., But Most Americans Support Discussion," from, March 10 (thanks to all who sent this in):

    WASHINGTON -- Rep. Peter King has had around-the-clock security as he pushes forward with a hearing Thursday on the radicalization of Muslims in America, but a new Gallup poll shows a majority of Americans support King's plans.

    The New York Republican who is hosting the first in a series of hearings on homegrown terror, will have extra security from Capitol Police who will be securing the congressional hearing room and surrounding areas, as well as his office, as the House Homeland Security Committee takes testimony.

    That's on top of a larger security detail provided by the New York Police Department and the Nassau County, N.Y., police, who have been guarding King for the past few months.

    But a new Gallup poll shows that 52 percent of Americans say these hearings are appropriate, though support is split among party lines.

    Sixty-nine percent of Republicans say the hearings are the right thing, while only 40 percent say they are appropriate. Independents' views track closely to the national average at 51 percent supporting the hearings. Overall, 49 percent of Democrats polled on Tuesday say the hearings are not appropriate, compared to 42 percent of independents and 23 percent of Republicans....

    In his opening statement, King says he is "well aware" that the hearings have generated "considerable controversy and opposition" but he's not talking about anything different than the Obama administration is considering.

    "Congressional investigation of Muslim American radicalization is the logical response to the repeated and urgent warnings which the Obama administration has been making in recent months."

    The Obama administration has tried to frame the discussion around radicalization in general, without singling out Muslims. King has said that's just political correctness since Al Qaeda is the main threat to the U.S.

    Despite the protests, there's nothing in the prepared testimony that indiscriminately labels Muslims as terrorists, as critics had feared....

Critics didn't "fear" that. They knew that would never happen. Critics tried to whip up fears of that happening in order to try to make sure the King hearings would be toothless or even scrapped altogether.

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  1. Why doesn’t this Peter T. King investigate the “Home Grown” radicalization of Irish Americans, who support the tradition wing of the IRA (Irish Republican Army), or Noraid (The Irish Northern Aid Committee), and being recruited by “Enemy Overseas” or worse “Enemy Overseas” the “Catholic Church ”, where they radicalize the priests into raping our young American boys, what about that you hypocrite scumbag.

    Peter King is a hypocrite, he supported the terrorist group IRA, who killed innocent British people, but hey I guess that was OK, right? Killing innocent people is OK, as long as they are not born is the United States, yup that sounds about right. I guess Jesus Christ would give all you extra points for that, NOT!

    No, there are no dancing in the street when Catholics hear about a pedophile priest, but there has been a concerted effort to Deny, Deflect, Defend this “Enemy Overseas” the “Catholic Church ”, I don’t even think you could deny that fact. What would Jesus Christ, say about this so called Church, I have a few thoughts myself.

    47 seconds in;

  2. Nelson,
    A good post as always. I added your blog to my blog roll.

    It's amazing on how stuck on stupid the left really is.

  3. Montana, I don't approve of anyone who supported the IRA but am now aware of Peter King being one of them. I did learn years ago that Sen. Ted Kennedy attended an IRA fund raising affair in Boston along with many Irish Catholics. Never-the-less, the IRA never killed or planned to kill any Americans and their 700 year long war with the British is ancient history. I do agree with your comments on the pedophile priests who destroyed the Catholic Church and my faith. I wrote about them a few days ago.


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