Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan calls Barack Hussein Obama "his brother"

Louis Farrakhan is the rabid anti-white Muslim leader of The Nation of Islam group who happens to be a good friend of Barack Hussein Obama. After reading all about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright it seems that all of Obama's friends think the same way. Like all good patriots Farrakhan happens to live in the same Chicago neighborhood as Weather Underground terrorist, and another good friend of Barack Hussein Obama, William Ayers. Responding to recent attacks on his friend, Louis Farrakhan called Obama "his brother" and conservative columnist Cal Thomas has asked the pertinent question:
Cal Thomas responded to Louis Farrakhan’s attacks this weekend on his brother Obama:
“And I want to know why he’s calling President Obama his brother. Is this a racial brother or is it a religious brother? Now in Evangelical and Christian circles when you call someone a brother it is someone of like faith. What does he mean by that?”
Here is a video from Fox News courtesy of Gateway Pundit:

As another commentator pointed out of the Winds of Jihad web site from Australia:
Nah, we all know that the son of a Muslim is not a Muslim. Even when his grandmother goes to Mecca for the hajj, the enemedia prefers to call her a ‘Christian’, and anyway: all religions are the same, so what if there’s a Muslim in the White House Mosque ten years after 9/11?
So many good questions. They may well be enough to break the camel's back.



  1. O MY GOSH, HE IS SO ANNOYING! This man knows nothing about islam, I just want to know who the Hell crowned him nation of islam leader. He is a shame to the Islam community people like him Aren't true muslims.!!!!!!!!!!! >:()

    1. You have to admit that Muslims aren't making the Muslim religion look good ... It seems that Muslims are killing people all over the world everyday... And I know there is only one version of the Quran and it probably doesn't end well for Christians... So how is this guy wrong about Muslims and since Mohammed teaches that deceiving the infidels is not a sin why should I believe anything you say about it ??

  2. Anonymous, don't you just love the Nation of Islam's fascination with UFO's? Read this on AOL News.

    "It isn't often you hear about entire religious groups seriously interested in unidentified flying objects. But UFOs are what the Nation of Islam, led by the controversial Minister Louis Farrakhan, considers among its core beliefs."

    Kinda grabs you, don't it?

  3. When dealing with Islam the number one thing to remember and NEVER forget ... Deceiving the Infidels is NOT A SIN ... If you are not a Muslim you are a Infidel ...


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