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See-No-Islam, Hear-No-Islam, Speak-No-Islam Dhimmitude in Ohio

The most informative web sites Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs have reported on a court case in Columbus, Ohio that shows the limitless extent of politically correct stupidity. Seems that back in 2003 a caseworker named Amber Spires who worked for the Franklin County Children Services was assigned to look into some child abuse issues with a strict Muslim family. The children, three teenage girls had complained their brother was beaten because he "was a bad Muslim" and the caseworker had the children taken from their home for their protection. The end result was the caseworker was sued for reporting that the family's strict religious beliefs were the cause behind the abuse.

It is fairly common with strict Muslim families who refuse to adopt the culture of their new countries to strongly disapprove of their children acting or dressing in ways that bring dishonor to their families. Muslim children have been threatened for such little things as possessing a cell phone or associating with non-Muslims. In all too numerous extreme cases such strictness often leads to "honor killing" where family members will murder their children to restore their family honor within the Muslim community. And it must be noted that the Columbus, Ohio area is the home of a very large population of over 15,000 Muslims and a mosque that was once attended by Rifqa Bary the young Muslim girl who's father threatened to kill her after she converted to Christianity. And that same mosque, the American Islamic Waqf Noor Islamic Cultural Center mosque in Dublin, Ohio has been the location for numerous radical Muslim affairs. See the details in Central Ohioans Against Terrorism web site. See my post Thursday, January 21, 2010,  Another update on Rifqa Bary, teenage girl who converted from Islam to Christianity.

Now, the newspaper The Columbus Dispatch has written a story about that caseworker's lawsuit.  Amber Spires only fault was to write in her case file that "They are strict, and they are Islamic.".
Ohio: Kids brutally beaten for being bad Muslims, caseworker on trial for mentioning Islam in their file

Amber Spires was supposed not to notice the role that Islam was playing in Hadiya AbdulSalaam's behavior -- even though it was her explicit motivation for beating her children.

See-No-Islam, Hear-No-Islam, Speak-No-Islam Dhimmitude in Ohio -- after all, everyone knows it's a Religion of Peace™: "Kids beaten for being bad Muslims, caseworker says: Boy was beaten for not following Islam closely enough, girls say," by Rita Price for the Columbus Dispatch, March 2 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

Kids beaten for being bad Muslims, caseworker says. Boy was beaten for not following Islam closely enough, girls say
Wednesday, March 2, 2011  02:53 AM
By Rita Price

    A Franklin County Children Services worker who is accused of violating the rights of a Muslim family said agency files contain references to their religion because it was a source of conflict between the parents and children.

    Amber Spires told jurors in U.S. District Court that Naim and Hadiya AbdulSalaam's strict practices were an issue with their children, especially their 16-year-old son, Mandela, who was the first to be placed in foster care, in 2003.

    "That was part of the argument between Mandela and the family," Spires testified yesterday in the trial of a lawsuit against her. "They are strict, and they are Islamic."

    Mrs. AbdulSalaam's attorney, Michael Moore, asked Spires whether she would have noted that a family was "strict Christians."

    "I might have, yes," Spires said.

    The caseworker testified that the three teenage daughters told her that their mother and stepfather had stripped Mandela and beaten him until he lost control of his bowels.

    "His sisters specifically told me that he had been disciplined for being a bad Muslim," Spires testified.

    She also said that, during her first meeting with the girls in May 2003, one asked whether she could remove her headscarf. Spires said she asked whether their mother allowed that, and she explained that she would be truthful if Mrs. AbdulSalaam asked about it.

    After the agency accused the parents of not providing proper education and medical care and forcing the girls to work long hours in the home and family store, the three girls also went into foster care, in July 2003. Spires said Mandela told her the girls also were beaten.

    Mrs. AbdulSalaam, 55, of Grandview Heights, complained to the agency numerous times about the handling of her case. She said the agency refused to find a Muslim foster home, allowed a foster family to take the girls to church, and placed the children in predominately white schools, where they were uncomfortable.

    Spires testified that, even though she was a new caseworker handling a difficult case, she did not worry that she was being unfair. "That did not cause me concern, because I knew I did not do anything discriminatory towards her," Spires said of Mrs. AbdulSalaam....

    Officials have said that the children were raised Christian until Mrs. AbdulSalaam married Mr. AbdulSalaam....

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  1. This issue is absurd. As an American I have a right to NOT be offended (the libs claim that it is in the Constitution somewhere). Muslim traditions and culture offend me. It is therefore demanded that Muslims that do not assimimilate and adopt American culture and traditions MUST return to the craphole of a country from which they originated and change it into their vision of utopia.


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