Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Religious fanatic kills American Airmen in Germany. Police don't identify the religion.

A religious fanatic who yelled "Allahu Akbar", "God is Great" in Arabic, fired at a bus outside the Frankfurt airport today. Two airmen on the bus were killed and two others wounded. To add insult to this attack the police authorities merely referred to the gunman as "a man from Kosovo" even thought he yelled out the Islamic war cry "Allahu Akbar" during his attack. Fox News reported the story:
Two U.S. Airmen Killed in Shooting at Germany's Frankfurt Airport
A gunman shot at U.S. Air Force personnel on a bus outside Frankfurt airport Wednesday, killing two airmen and wounding two others before being taken into custody, authorities said.
Kosovo's interior minister told The Associated Press that German police have identified the shooter as a man from Kosovo.
The attack came as the bus sat outside Terminal 2 at the airport, according to Frankfurt police spokesman Manfred Fuellhardt. The bus driver and a passenger were killed, and one person suffered serious wounds and another light injuries, he said.
A source tells Fox News that the shooter yelled "Allah Akbar" when opening fire on the U.S. military personnel. He then dropped his gun at the scene, ran into the terminal and was subdued.
Another news source, ALLVOICES  had a few more details on the shooting and they reported that Kosovo was predominantly Muslim. Good for them, someone finally tells the whole truth for a change.
An attack Wednesday on a bus carrying US air force personnel about to fly home from Germany left two airmen dead and two seriously injured, local authorities and the US military said.
"Two airmen have been killed and two were wounded during a shooting incident today at Frankfurt International Airport," the US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) said in a statement.
"The names of the deceased are being withheld until 24 hours after notification of next of kin. German authorities have the shooter in custody. The incident is currently under investigation."
Authorities in Germany said that the alleged gunman was a 21-year-old originally from Muslim-majority Kosovo in southeastern Europe who was living in Frankfurt. Police said it was so far unclear what his motives were.One of the victims was killed inside the bus and one outside the vehicle, Boris Rhein, interior minister of the western German state of Hesse, told reporters at the scene.
According to one police spokesman, Jürgen Linker, the attack occurred outside Terminal 2 at the airport, one of Europe’s busiest. In the aftermath, the area was rapidly cordoned off, but the terminal continued operations.

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  1. Another man-made disaster according to the idiot-in-chief.

    Let's call it what it is...terrorism.

    I wish the German police had shot and killed that SOB. Our military saved Kosovo from destruction and this is how that ungrateful bastard repays them.

    God bless those soldiers and their families.


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