Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wayne LaPierre continues to complain about the monster the NRA helped create.

The December issue of the NRA magazine American Rifleman has a column by Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice-president of the NRA and once again he is complaining about all the nasty things that Barack Hussein Obama is doing to try to deprive Americans of their right to own guns. In his column entitled, Surrendering Our Sovereignty, LaPierre lays out a litany of charges that ought to result in impeachment of both Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for their attempts to destroy the U.S. Constitution and American sovereignty. While he is correct in every charge, the one thing LaPierre does not do is admit to any blame for creating the situation that has allowed these foul deeds to happen.

If the NRA had not endorsed and supported the election of 52 Democrats in the 2008 election there would not have been an absolute majority handed to the Democratic Party. While those 52 Democrats the NRA helped get elected did sign pledges to support the Second Amendment, those same Democrats went on to approve of all of the legislation and political appointments dictated by the left-wing occupant of the White House. 

The NRA must reexamine its single-issue policies and its practice of leaning more favorably toward endorsing incumbents rather than challengers. The NRA must acknowledge their part in the creation of the monster that has worked for the last two years to destroy America. It is the height of hypocrisy to complain about the Obama administration supporting a United Nations gun ban treaty and failing to defend our sovereignty  before the U.N. Human Rights Commission when the NRA helped give the power to the political party that caused this to happen.

If the NRA had endorsed Republican Sharron Angle for Senator against Democrat Harry Reid instead of contributing to Reid's campaign, it is possible the outcome of the race in Nevada would have been different. The same thing goes for every other close race where the NRA withheld their endorsements for conservative Republican candidates. Instead of learning from their lessons in 2008 where 52 of the 53 NRA endorsed Democrats won, the NRA went ahead and endorsed even more Democrats in the 2010 elections. Luckily the influence of the Tea Party reduced the effectiveness of the NRA and less than half of the NRA Democrat candidates managed to get elected.


  1. Great Post Oldironsides. It's time we call for LaPierre to step down based. My belief is the NRA has no place endorsing ANY candidates as this just plays into the political machine, which as you stated, is too large and powerful to merely "endorse" based on one belief.

    I'd also be interested to hear your take on the following idea, and perhaps blog on it for feedback to gain traction. The Gov't allows many senior officials to bypass airport security, claiming they have been subject to background checks, FBI clearance, etc. If this is so, then it seems more than reasonable that those of us who carry our conceal permits (having already been subject to background checks, etc) should be given a similiar treatment to those govt officials. If nothing else, we should at least be given a pass on the now famous "pat downs". Look forward to your thoughts.


  2. Chris, I was already in the process of writing my latest post when I read your comments and it seems to address your feelings. My concealed carry permit did have a full background check on me and it would not have been issued if there was anything questionable. The federal government, Homeland Security and the TSA should acknowledge that.


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