Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Voting for Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars' may backfire on her mother Sarah

I don’t like causing embarrassment for any good person so for that reason I have not made any comments about Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol on the popular television show 'Dancing With the Stars'. This show puts a professional dancer teamed with an amateur together and follows their full time practice sessions and public performances. The program uses a panel of judges to score the weekly results of the dance teams but the final score is determined by the viewer phone calls. After last night’s win Bristol Palin appears headed into the final round of competition and the blogs and news services are beginning to suggest the same uncomfortable thought I have had. Bristol Palin isn’t winning because of her talent, she is winning because of the popularity of her mother and because of this, she could become the winner of the final competition.

Here is the uncomfortable thought I have about this. If Bristol Palin does become the winner of the competition in spite of being not the most talented dancer, someone will later on draw a comparison to Bristol's win with Sarah Palin’s political endorsements. They are going to say Bristol didn’t win because she was the best, she won because of her mother’s popularity and the candidates her mother endorses don’t deserve to be elected because of Sarah’s popularity, either.
Voting for Bristol Palin may backfire on her mother Sarah's effectiveness in getting future conservative and/or Tea Party candidates elected.

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