Sunday, November 14, 2010

Everyone knows the value of product placement and free publicity.

We have seen it a thousand times on television shows and in the movies. The camera slowly sweeps across a room and certain products seem to be positioned just right to catch the eye with their labels all facing the camera. This is called product placement and the producers of TV shows and films count on the added revenue the makers of these products are willing to pay because they know how valuable it is.

That is the marketing power of placing the right image in the right place for the right audience. And so is the spoken word.

The news/entertainment industry, often considered to be the same thing, is virtually controlled by liberal Democrats and their RINO followers. They all know how to make some people look good and some people look bad. When they do interviews with the ones they admire they ask the soft questions with the easy answers. When they interview people whom they disagree with, and that is probably everyone to the right of the political center, they ask the tricky questions that are intended to trip up someone and embarrass them. One such typical interview that was widely discussed was ABC News’ Charlie Gibson interviewing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin when she was the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate. Gibson asked Gov. Palin if she agreed with George W. Bush’s foreign policy. Sounds simply like a question with a Yes or No answer but it caused Gov. Palin to act uninformed and confused when she couldn’t answer it. And why not? Because George W. Bush had several different foreign policies and Charlie Gibson didn’t ask about any one in particular.

When Barack Hussein Obama visits an entertainment show such as David Letterman, the banter usually is created to appeal to the younger audience and nothing serious is discussed. Oh, maybe a little joke about Obama smoking marijuana during his college years but certainly nothing about his PR work for Islam or his new Rules of Engagement for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. When Obama is interviewed by Charlie Gibson and he blurts out something about “My Muslim faith” Charlie Gibson was quick to correct him so there wouldn't be any lasting controversy. When liberals appear on the entertainment show The View they are fawned over and idolized by a bunch of overaged Democrat groopies. Same thing occurred when Barack appeared before some female reporters wearing blujeans during a campaign trip. The girl reporters acted like teenage girls and went swooning.

So is there any difference between a so-called news commentator like MSNBC’s  Keith Olbermann donating $7200 to the campaigns of three Democrats or giving them all free publicity on his TV show? I seem to think the free publicity is worth a lot more. Just check what they charge for commercials. At least the free publicity would be worth more if there was a larger audience so MSNBC may be an exception.

Everyone knows the value of product placement and free publicity. Just do a story about Susie’s lemonade stand on the TV news and people will drive across town to buy some.

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