Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Obama on world tour as mysterious missile is launched off Los Angeles.

America is in the deepest trouble today than at any time within our 234-year history. The banking industry is on the verge of collapse, the economy is in shambles, the government is on the brink of bankruptcy and the leader of our once great nation, who is also the head of the political party most responsible for our economic problems, is trying to impress the world with a billion-dollar extravaganza touring India, Indonesia and South Korea by bringing along a thousand or so bureaucrats and business leaders and a flotilla of 34 naval warships for protection. Apparently unconcerned with the problems at home, Barack Hussein Obama, onetime Muslim student who grew up in Indonesia is doing PR work for the religion of his youth by carrying the message on his trip that “Islam is a great religion”.

Our military, once considered the peacekeepers of the world, is strained to the breaking point involved with two conflicts in two countries. Our soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are waging a battle that is being fueled with arms and weapons supplied by Syria and Iran. And Iran, the most militaristic Islamic country on earth, which is working at a fever pitch to produce a nuclear weapon of its own, has been the source of some of most toxic commentary toward western governments.

Compounding our problems at home are the increase in Islamic terrorist attacks encouraged by Muslim Clerics overseas. Not the least of our worries are the numerous planned attacks, some that came dangerously close to succeeding, that have been prevented by our local and federal law enforcement. Admitted testimony by some of these captured terrorists state their training and support had come from Islamic governments in Pakistan.
Meanwhile, China, the country that holds the largest chunk of American debt is worried about their investments. The Chinese government, which has vastly enriched its treasury with the billions of dollars gained from the flood of products sold in every store in America, has used that windfall to expand its fleet of warships and submarines and military technology.

To add greater concern to our problems is the evidence that some of our old enemies, the Soviet Union in particular, are acting more belligerent in their military buildup. Following the breakup of the Communist bloc the Russians found themselves embroiled with a war with Muslim extremists as well. Now a video has surfaced describing a new weapon that has been developed that could wreck havoc upon any nation. It is called the Club-K Container Missile System. Here is an English language press release by the Russian manufacturer followed by a video depicting the uses and application of this system.

Now, on this scene comes an event that has caused more worry at home than the news media is willing to speculate. A mysterious missile launch some 35-miles off the coast of Los Angeles that was caught on video by a CBS-TV television station’s helicopter crew. This was not some amateur rocket launch, it was “a large missile” as some experts have said after watching the video tape. It was a missile that was launched from sea, either from a ship or a submarine. It was not aimed at America, it was seen on the video soaring away from our shores, almost as if as a warning sign.

As the web site Canada Free Press writes
“There was an air of deep concern among the officials”

According to one source within the Pentagon, many of the top brass were in unscheduled, high level meetings throughout the day. Although he was not privy to the information imparted during these meetings, he told me that “there was an air of deep concern among the officials,” and all participants had a DAWT policy (don’t ask because I won’t tell) policy. Surreal was just one of the adjectives amply used by my Pentagon source.

At the very least, according to this source, it was a missile. As to whether it was ours or theirs, he does not know. But he said “they do,” a reference to the brass. The rumors circulating “within the [Pentagon] rings” suggest that it was a deliberate launch of a missile from “Chinese property at sea” intended as a warning to the U.S. Although it was odd that he would not clarify the nature of the “Chinese property,” I can only assume that it did not originate from Catalina Island or U.S. military ships in the area, as we still own those, at least to my knowledge.
Missing from this scenario is the expected curiosity of our own American investigative journalists who manage to delve into the minutest details when it suits their own purposes. Certainly there is enough technology available today to pinpoint the place where this missile originated and to study the exhaust gases to be analyzed for propellant content and to vector the coordinates to determine the point of impact. Yet the news media, that has seemingly dedicated itself to soothing away the implications of the pending disaster facing our country, has yet to put pressure on our government officials for an answer.

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