Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The difference between a conservative capitalist and a corrupt socialist: Leadership.

Who can be a better leader? 
Romney's Bain Capital invested private money in:
· AMC Entertainment
· Burger King
· Burlington Coat Factory
· Clear Channel Communication
· Dominos Pizza
· Dunkin Donuts
· Guitar Center
· The Sports Authority
· Staples
· Toys*R*Us
· Warner Music Group

All are now profitable, growing companies, employing hundreds of thousands of people.
Obama's Administration invested taxpayer money in:
· Solyndra - Bankrupt
· Ener 1- Bankrupt
· Beacon Power - Bankrupt
· Abound Solar - Bankrupt
· Amonix Solar - Bankrupt
· Spectra Watt - Bankrupt
· Eastern Energy – Bankrupt
All of these bankrupt companies were Obama Campaign contributors. Stupidity and corruption.


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