Friday, September 7, 2012

"In This God We Trust" the new Democratic Party slogan.

In 1956 Congress adopted the words "In God We Trust" as the official motto of the United States of America. At the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC the delegates first decided that this motto was old fashioned and out of touch with their views and tried to remove the name of God from the party platform. It was only after a third voice vote that was hardly unanimous was the name of God reinserted into the platform. Their reasoning has remained incredulous until now. Democrats today cannot concentrate on more than one thought at a time and having the name of God, the real God, was found to be distracting when they were perceiving more important thoughts about their new god. 
A well know artist named Jon McNaughton has created several pieces of work under the theme One Nation Under Socialism. They depict the current trend of the Democratic Party under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama. In view of the mass opinions expressed by the party delegates in Charlotte, I think they need some new sub text.

The above image of Barack Hussein Obama burning the U. S. Constitution should be captioned: "What do you need this for, you have me."

And because of all the past messiah images of Barack Hussein Obama, found in various newspapers during the 2008 campaign and from the official White House photographers after the election, it has become very clear that the Democratic Party wants to replace our national motto with something else.
Over at the Canada Free Press web site, there is a humorous article written by William Kevin Stoos about a fictitious interview he conducted with the Chairwoman of the National Democratic Party. It make a fitting epilog to this post.
Spotting Debbie Whatshername Schultz, Chairwoman of the National Democrat Party, Hugh thrust a microphone into her face and asked a question that was on the minds of many.

“Why the confusion over one little word? What was the problem with simply acknowledging a divine presence in the universe?” asked Hugh.

“Well, as a politically correct, secular humanist, socialist party who believes in the supremacy of Mankind, it is a little uncomfortable acknowledging there is a ‘God’ so to speak,” said Schultz. “Makes us sound like a bunch of religious zealots, you know.”

“What tipped the scale in favor of mentioning God?” Hugh inquired.

“Well, we decided we were mistaken. There is indeed a God after all,” replied the Chairwoman. “He is speaking to the convention tonight.”

© 2012 William Kevin Stoos
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